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Summary: First book in the Charmed: Next Generation series. Read to find out. There is no more violence then there is in Buffy and Charmed

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Chapter Three: The Birth of Junior Jacobs.

Declaimer: I do NOT own Buffy or Charmed but I sure wish I did. Anything you DON'T recognize I own. Things are a little different than the T.V. show but small things e.g. birth years it is so they fit more together. You know how I said that I would tell the story of Paige Jr.’s birth well here it is. Thanks and Enjoy!
Chapter three: The birth of junior Jacobs.

*Three Months After Peria Met Her Sisters. The attic of the Halliwell Manor*

Peria is sitting in a chair while Piper is looking through the Book of shadows, Paige is making a potion and Phoebe is trying to write a Power of Three spell.

“Find anything yet?” Peria asked

“No.” Piper said closing to book. “Nothing at all.”

“What kind of potion are you making Paige?” Phoebe asked

“The strongest we have.” Paige answered. “The stronger the better right?”

“Totally.” The other sisters said then giggled.

“Done!” Phoebe said indicating she has a power of three spell.

Piper read over the spell. “Nice.”

“So what’s the plan?” Peria asked.

“The plan my dear sister is for you to get some rest. you are nine months pregnant with my niece you need to relax besides you did help.” Paige said Pointing that out and helping her twin sister up off the chair that she was sitting to head to the manor's spare room.

“Don’t leave me here alone there are legit scary monsters out there and what can an extremely pregnant and extremely powerful witch do all alone?” Peria giggled.

Paige helped her to the bed to lie down and said. “I am just an orb away and Leo will be here in half an hour so relax and take a nap or something.” Paige said while she tried to leave as fast as she could

“HEY!” Peria called out to Paige as Paige turned around “Just wait until this is you.” Paige giggled and continued out of the room. “I wish people quit telling me to relax.”

*Underworld Piper, Phoebe and Paige orb in.*

Right when they orbed in the demons spotted them without saying anything.

“There are only three witches so the one with child is at home without her sisters” One of four demons whispered making sure the sisters did not hear him. “Let’s go.” All four demons shimmered out.

“What was that?” Paige asked coming out from behind the rock.

“Uh oh.” Phoebe said coming out of a premonition.

“What. What is it?” Piper said.

“They are after Peria.” Phoebe said. “Orb, orb, orb.”

The sisters grab each others hands and orbed to the spare room in the manor. When they rematerialized they saw that their very pregnant sister was gone.

“Peria!” Paige called to see if Peria was in a different room.

“We have to find her.” Phoebe said.

“What exactly did you see in your premonition?” Piper asked

“Peria was bleeding on the floor somewhere I think the underworld and the demons we were after were talking to each other. That is all.” Phoebe said.

Leo came into the spare room and said. “What are you all doing?”

“Finding a way to get Peria back.” Phoebe said scratching the back of her neck. “How about you?”

“What. What happened where is she?” Leo said worried for his sister in law.

“Underworld. I think.” Phoebe said.

“Any plan?” Leo asked

“Yes we have potions and a power of three spell on us right now.” Piper said.

“The plan is to attack and retrieve.” Paige said.

“I just hope she is O.K.” Leo said.

“Are the kids still at school?” Piper asked

“Yes. Miss Patrick is watching them in the Daycare room.” Leo said turning around to leave the room. “You’ll find her you always do.”

“I know thanks.” Piper said as her husband left.

“Let’s go.” Paige said holding her hands out for her sisters to grab.

As they did Paige orbed them back to the underworld behind the same rock as before but this time no demons. Paige walked out from behind the rock.

“PAIGE!!” Phoebe whispered.

“Something isn’t right here.” Paige said looking around and found no demons but Peria chained to a wall. “Peria!” Paige ran over to her knocked out sister. Phoebe and Piper ran over to Peria too.

“Watch out I’ll blow the chains.” Piper said as Phoebe and Paige moved out of the way as she blew the chains around Peria’s arms off. “K, lets go.” The four sisters orb out.

*Halliwell Manor Attic.*

Peria was on the couch with Paige sitting beside her trying to heal her but didn’t work. Piper and Phoebe are looking through the book of shadows to find the demons.

“Have anything yet?” Piper asked Paige.

“Her wounds are healed but she is still out.” Paige explained.

Phoebe went out of the attic.

“Phoebe, where are you going?” Piper asked

“I have a plan.” Phoebe said walking down the stairs and walking to Wyatt’s and Chris’s bedroom.

When Phoebe got back up to the attic she had the spirit board. Piper and Paige were with Peria on the couch.

“I was using the spirit board with boys and maybe we can get Peria to contact us using it to see if she has any ideas on what to do.” Phoebe said placing the spirit board on the floor beside the couch.

Peria’s water broke while she was knocked out.

“Oh my God, look.” Paige said gesturing to the wet spot on Peria’s pants.

“What do we do?” Phoebe asked

The spirit it board started to move. Phoebe got a pen and paper.

“ORB HER.” Phoebe read.

“What exactly is that supposed to mean?” Paige asked

“The baby, she can heal maybe she can heal Peria because they have a bigger connection.” Piper said. “One sec.” Piper left and soon came back with two towels and a pink baby blanket. “Here, we have to try.” Piper handed one towel to Paige and one to Phoebe.

“Baby!” Paige orbed the screaming new born baby into the towel in her hands. Phoebe and Piper ran over to help clean and rape her in the pink baby blanket, then placed the new born beside her mother.

A few minutes later the little girl healed Peria and she awoke.

“Oh my God you’re O.K.” Paige said.

Peria sat up holding her new born baby girl. “JOSH!” Joshua orbed down to see his wife and new born daughter sitting there.

“Hey.” Josh said knowing what happened.

“Can I talk to you alone?” Peria asked

Piper, Phoebe and Paige left the room to give the new parents some space.

“So what do we call her?” Peria asked her husband.

I hoped you liked it there is more where this came from. Special thanks to C. Burge and J. Weldon for creating most of these wonderful characters and to Amelia_Halliwell my BFF! Love yeah.
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