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Summary: First book in the Charmed: Next Generation series. Read to find out. There is no more violence then there is in Buffy and Charmed

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Chapter six: Power of What?

Declaimer: I don’t own anything! I don’t even claim the plot I made up.
A/N: Thanks for sticking with me my readers and reviewers. Enjoy!
Chapter six: Power of what?

It was a week after the last chapter. Everyone is over for supper.

“So, Phoebe how is it like getting married in one month?” Willow asked.

“Scary, nerve racking and very amazing, I get to marry the man I want and have my sisters as my bride’s maids and have all the people I love and care about there,” Phoebe said, “So it is worth it.”

A large demon shimmered in wearing a black leather vest that is ripped in several places and ripped jeans, standing at about 7ft.

“Oh my, Is that?” Buffy said getting cut off by Willow.

“Yeah, I thought we killed him.” Willow said.

“Chat later girls. Everyone other than my sisters upstairs NOW!” Peria said protectively.

Buffy grabbed her sisters including Dawn. Willow and Xander grabbed Piper’s kids and the men stayed.

“Go!” Piper said, “Look through the book.”

“Wait, bring Buffy she fought it before.” Peria said as her husband nodded and ran up the stairs with her brothers-in-law.

“GRAAAAAHHH!” The ugly demon yelled throwing one of grams’ old vases at them.

“Hey that was grams.” Piper said freezing it and picking it up and carefully placing it beside her on the table, “I can’t afford fixing that thing again.”

“Freeze him not the vase Piper!” Paige said.

Piper froze him as Buffy came rushing down the stairs.

“What took you so long?” Peria asked as the freeze wore of the demon.

“He is a demonem virtutem latentem which means demon of hidden power in Latin. He has the power of extreme strength and one other power.” Buffy explained getting into her famous fighting stance. “Uncle Leo said it only dies from a power of five spell.”

“The power of what,” All of Halliwell sisters said looking at Buffy.

“Power of Five.” Said a voice familiar, a shine of blue light came in behind the girls they looked back forgetting about the extremely strong demon. The figure was Prudence Halliwell a whitelighter and a dead Charmed one.

“But how?” Piper said.

“Just repeat after me, be gone with you from my sight.” Prue said.

“Be gone with you from my sight.” The Charmed ones repeated.

“And take with you this endless night.” Prue said.

The charmed ones repeated.

“The power of five will allow us to survive.”

“The power of five will allow us to survive. The power of five will allow us to survive. The power of five will allow us to survive.” The charmed ones including Prue chanted. The demon exploded knocking everyone to either the living room or the dining room.

Leo, Joshua, Coop and Henry ran down stairs.

“This is when I like being a whitelighter,” Leo stated as he ran to his wife to help her up.

The husbands went to their wives, everyone got up except for Buffy.

“CLAIRA!” Peria said using Buffy’s real name to show worry. Peria kneeled down to heal Buffy.

Buffy slowly sat up, “Aw, that hurt.”

“Are you OK honey?” Peria asked.

“Yeah I think so.” Buffy said with a hand to her head. Peria helped her of the wood floor.

“Is he gone?” Came Mackenzie’s voice from the top of the stairs.

“Yes he is.” Prue said to her niece.

“Aunt Prue!” Mackenzie yelled running down the stairs to her aunt and gave her a big hug.

Peria’s cell phone rang it was Dan Piper’s ex-boyfriend he was fixing up the restaurant for Peria.

“One second I have to take this.” Peria said answering her phone and leaving the parlor. “Hello?”

“Hi Peria, Um I looked over the plans you gave me and I think I can have it done by a week before Christmas.” Dan said.

“Thank you so much Dan, I really appreciate this and so will Piper.” Peria said.

“No problem, so I’ll meet you here tomorrow at 10am.” Dan said.

“Yeah see you then. Bye.” Peria said before hanging up her cell phone and heading back to where everyone else was.

“Who was that?” Piper asked her younger sister.

“Friend wanted to know if we are still on for tomorrow morning.” Peria said looking up at everyone’s staring eyes.

“Oh OK. Sorry about dinner getting ruined I think I have coffee, cookies and stuff.” Piper said going to the kitchen.

“No it’s OK I have to get going any ways. But I have one question for miss blue orbs here. Are you staying this time?” Peria asked her eldest sister.

“Yes.” Prue said causing Piper to stop in her tracks and look at her sister.

“You are for good?” Piper asked.

Prue nodded, “I have some charges to look after.” Prue said looking at Mackenzie who was still hugging her.

“My kids?” Peria asked.

“Yes, Buffy, Mackenzie and Paige are my charges.” Prue said looking up. “They are calling me got to go. I love you all.” With that Prue orbed up to the elders.

The kids came down the stairs. Everyone said good bye and went to their respective houses.

A/N: Yet again I am sorry that it is short. But I posted two in one day so “don’t worry be happy.” Thank you and have a good night.
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