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O.K. San Francisco it is then?

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Summary: First book in the Charmed: Next Generation series. Read to find out. There is no more violence then there is in Buffy and Charmed

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Chapter seven: How did you know?

Declaimer: I do not own any thing you recognize.
A/N: Thank you to all my readers. If I did not know people would read this I would make it. I take ideas for what to do next and constructive criticism, but any rude comment will be deleted. This takes place when Peria went to talk to Dan about the restaurant the next morning. Thank you and enjoy!
Chapter seven: How did you know?

Peria was outside the closed down restaurant that used to be Quake and is now Halliwells.

“Hello? Dan are you in here?” Peria asked.

“Yes I’m back here.” Peria heard Dan say from the kitchen.

“Hey.” Peria said entering the kitchen. “Here is a list of stuff I order for here and will get here in two weeks.” Peria said handing a piece of paper to Dan.

“OK awesome I will look over it later. I should be done the floors and walls by next week.” Dan said putting the list into his pocket, “By the way how are you keeping this away from Piper? She drives by here every day and once I put up the sign she is going to see it.”

“Just keep the white sheet over it please. Thank you I have to go.” Peria said, “Bye Dan.”

“Bye Peria.”

Peria left and headed for to Paige’s house. (She and Henry bought Dan’s old house.)


Paige was waiting for her twin sister to come over. Paige has been sick for the last two weeks and thinks something is wrong so Paige and Peria are going to the doctors. ‘Come on Peria we are going to be late’ Paige thought to herself. There was a knock at the door. Paige answered it.

“Hey, sorry I am late.” Peria said standing in the doorway.

“It’s OK. I’ll get my coat.” Paige said.

“I don’t know why you want to go I already know what I up with you.” Peria said as they walked to Paige’s car.

“Let’s just go.” Paige said as she started her lime green car. “Where were you that caused you to be late?”

“Can’t tell you,” Peria said making a zipping motion over her lips.

“Come on, why not?” Paige begged.

There was a minute of silence as Peria just kept shaking her head. They arrived at the doctor’s office Paige was nervous. When they got in their; they had to wait for the doctor to be done with his patient.

“Paige Mitchell.” The doctor called out.

“Yes that is me.” Paige said as herself and Peria made their way to the woman who called Paige.

“Hi. How may I help you today Mrs. Mitchell.” The doctor said as Peria sat on the chair and Paige sat on the examination table.

“I haven’t been feeling well for the last two weeks or so, I do think it is the flu so that is why I am here.” Paige explained.

“You two are sisters right?” Dr. Marindaz asked.

“Yes twins actually.” Peria said.

“Alright; Mrs. Mitchell I am going to do some tests on you to determine what is wrong. Though I am pretty sure I know what it is.” Dr. Marindaz said.

“Am I going to be the last to know?” Paige asked frustrated.

“I told you I could have saved you the trip.” Peria said shrugging her solders.

“Hey don’t be so snobby Missy.” Paige said pointing at Peria.

“You’re talking to me like you are older than me. I am the one that is older than you.” Peria said as the doctor just watched the sisters’ argue.

“By two minutes.” Paige said.

“OK girls now calm down.” Dr. Marindaz said, “Peria can you wait in the waiting room so I can do the test on you sister.”

“OK; I’ll be out there. Come out when you are done.” Peria said leaving.


Paige came over to Peria with a smile on her face. “You know I am pregnant don’t you?”

“Yep I told you I could have saved you the trip.” Peria said getting up to leave.

“And how exactly did you know?” Paige asked as they headed for her car.

“I have been through it three times of course I know.” Peria said with a tone that basically said, ‘Duh’.
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