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O.K. San Francisco it is then?

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Summary: First book in the Charmed: Next Generation series. Read to find out. There is no more violence then there is in Buffy and Charmed

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Chapter eight: Halloween Part One

Declaimer: I do NOT own ANYTHING!!
A/N: I appreciate all the feedback I have for this story but I wish I have so PLEASE REVIEW and tell me what you think. This takes place on Halloween and everyone knows Paige is pregnant, she is three months pregnant. Thank you for reading and ENJOY!!
Chapter eight: Halloween part one


“Hold still.” Peria said struggling to put a witch costume on Paige junior. “Come on sweet heart, I still have to help your sister.” Paige stopped moving, “Thank you.” Peria put the top witch hat on Paige and placed her on her blanket on the floor for her to play with her toys. “I’ll be back, if any meanie comes orb to me, OK?”

Paige nodded then started playing with her stuffed horse. Peria left to go help Mackenzie with her costume. Peria knocked on Mackenzie’s door.

“Hon, can I come in?” Peria asked.

“Yeah,” Mackenzie said in a cheerful voice.

Peria walked in and over to her daughter and said, “How may I be of assistance?”

Mackenzie is being Cinderella for Halloween, “Can you zip my dress up please mommy?”

“Of course,” Peria said as she zipped up the baby blue dress for her five year old daughter.

“Is Paigey ready?” Mackenzie asked about her sister.

“Yes she is in there playing. Can you go check on her while I get into my costume?” Peria asked.

“Yep,” Mackenzie said skipping to her sister’s room across the hall.

Peria walked to her bedroom and to her closet. She pulled a Tinkerbell costume and got changed into it.


Paige was getting ready while Henry waited for her in the living room. Henry was dressed up like Dracula.

“Come on honey.” Henry said anxiously.

“Relax; I just need to find my halo.” Paige said from the other room. She was being an angel for Halloween.

“It is on the bed honey.” Henry said.

“Thanks I found it I will be out in a minute.” Paige said from the other room.

Paige came out of the room she had started to show about two and a half weeks ago. She was wearing a white knee length dress with white flats, white feather wings and a halo above her head to match.

“You look amazing Paige.” Henry said in ‘Aw’

“Kay lets go.” Paige said walking towards the door. Henry got up and fallowed her.

*REEVES HOUSE* (Coop’s last name is Reeves in this Fic. Phoebe and Coop live in a house on the other side of the manor.)

Phoebe and Coop were getting ready. Coop is a Cupid, (A/N: Not like a baby in a diaper but he is wearing a pink shirt, red paints and has a bow and arrow) and Phoebe is a Genie (like the one in I Dream of Phoebe season six episode fifteen.)

“Come on Phoebe, we are going to be late.” Coop said putting his shoes on.

“You know your costume is lame; right?” Phoebe said coming into the room fixing her hair.

“Well I could just wear normal clothes and say I am a Cupid.” Coop said making Phoebe laugh as they left for the manor.


Everyone is scattered around the house, Buffy and the gang have yet to show up.

PLEASE REVIEW, PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE REVIEW. Your REVIEWS will help determine what happens next. Thank you and have a nice day.
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