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O.K. San Francisco it is then?

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Summary: First book in the Charmed: Next Generation series. Read to find out. There is no more violence then there is in Buffy and Charmed

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Chapter One: What Once Was

Declaimer: I do NOT own Buffy or Charmed but I sure wish I did. Anything you DON'T recognize I own. The beginning of this story is also used in the first story of the Throne written by Amelia_Halli well because I write that part for her. Things are a little different than the T.V. show but small things e.g. birth years it is so they fit more together. PLEASE REVIEW! Thanks and Enjoy!!
Chapter one: What once Was.

*Outside What Once Was the City of Sunnydale. *

“Yeah B, what are we going to do next?” Faith asked.

“Yeah so what are we going to do?” Dawn asked.

“I don’t know about you guys but I am going to San Francisco.” Buffy said.

“O.K.” Dawn said. “But why there any reason?”

“Yes there is a reason.” Buffy said pulling out a birth certificate out of her back pocket. “I never told anyone but I was adopted.” She handed the birth certificate to Giles to read out loud. “Here read it.”

“Birth Name: CLARA JACOBS. Birth Date: JANUARY 19TH 1993.” Giles read.

“I thought you were born in 1989” Xander said.

“So did I, until I read this.” Buffy said pointing at the birth certificate Giles was holding. “Keep reading.”

“Birth Mother: PERIA T. JACOBS. Birth Father: UNKNOWN.” Giles said. “Birth Place: ST. JOSEPH’S HOSPITAL, HAMILTON ONTARIO CANADA.”

“It says Canada so why San Francisco?” Willow asked.

“I did some research and found my Mother moved there last year.” Buffy explained.

“But what if she doesn’t want you back?” Xander asked.

“XANDER!” Willow said jabbing Xander in the side.

“It’s O.K. I’ll have to take that risk.” Buffy said.

“O.K. San Francisco it is then?” Xander said.

*In the Attic of the Halliwell Manor. One Year Ago.*

“What do you mean we have another sister?” Piper said getting extremely frustrated. “Why didn’t you say anything to us.”

“Well, we did it to protect her.” Penny aka Grams tried to explain to three of her grandchildren.

“Just like we did with Paige.” Patty the girl’s mother added. “I am sorry girls.”

“You could have told us at least.” Phoebe snapped. “I mean we dissevered to know we had another sister. What is her name?”

“Her Name is Peria Jacobs. She has a daughter named Mackenzie and she is over half way through another pregnancy.” Penny said shocking the girls.

“So we are aunts?” Phoebe asked with a smile.

“How old is she?” Paige asked.

“What?” Everyone asked Paige.

“How old is she?” Paige repeated.

“She is your twin sweetie.” Patty said with a smile shocking Paige.

Paige slowly sat down and said “My twin. Where is she?”

There was a knock at the door.

“Could it be?” Phoebe asked wondering.

“Only one way to find out.” Paige giggled and ran down stairs to answer the door.

“Bless it be my Children.” Patty said.

Before Penny and Patty left Piper said “You two are not off the hook.”

“Piper, come on.” Phoebe said grabbing Pipers arm then heading out of the attic.

When Phoebe and Piper got down stairs there, there was their long lost baby sister and her daughter standing there.

“Um, Hello my name is Peria. Is this the Halliwell Manor?” Peria asked shyly.

“It sure is.” Paige said with excitement in her voice.

“We know why you’re here Peria.” Piper said gaining both Paige’s and Peria’s attention.

“You do?” Peria asked.

“Do you believe in magic Peria?” Piper asked receiving a look from Paige and an elbow in the gut from Phoebe. “Aww, she is going to have to learn some time the quicker she learns the faster she learns how to use her powers.”

“Yes most defiantly. I do like witches and demons and stuff right.” Peria said.

“Yeah how did you know?” Phoebe asked walking behind her little sisters and shutting the front door.

“Do you know what a vampire slayer is by any chance?” Peria asked as Mackenzie wondered over to Phoebe.

“Yes. I read about them in magic school. Each Generation there is one girl who fights vampires and demons. Why?” Paige asked.

“Hi little one,” Phoebe said picking up the little girl.

“Because I-I-I am one.” Peria said with a stutter “And now I think there is like hundreds due to a spell my watcher told me about.”

“What’s a watcher?” Wyatt asked coming down the stairs because he must have woke up from his nap.

“Um, they are like white lighters but they protect slayers instead of witches and future white lighters.” Peria explained to the little boy.

“Who are you?” Wyatt said shyly.

“It is O.K. honey this is you Aunt Peria.” Piper told her son.

“Hi, what’s your name?” Peria asked her newly met nephew.

“Wyatt Mathew Halliwell.” Wyatt said.

“You’re so cute. This is my daughter and your Cousin Mackenzie.” Peria said as Phoebe put Mackinzie down. “Mackenzie this is Piper’s son and your Cousin Wyatt.”

Wyatt came down the rest of the stairs and stud in front of Mackenzie then waved, “Hi.”

“Hi.” Mackenzie said.

“Why don’t you to go into the living room and play with your toys if it is alright with your mom Mackenzie?” Piper asked.

“I guess so.” Peria said as the two kids walked hand in hand to the living room

“How far along are you.” Paige finally spoke from being so quiet.

“Six Months.” Peria answered.

“Wow. You’re starting the back pains stage.” Piper spoke from experience.

“Yeah it sucks but it is all worth it when she gets here.” Peria said looking at Mackenzie who is playing on the floor with Wyatt and his toys.

“Yeah I can’t wait until Henry and I have one.” Paige said smiling.

“Have you guys talked about it yet?” Phoebe asked.

“Yeah but he wants to wait and.” Paige got interrupted by Phoebe.

“And you want to does he know that?” Phoebe asked.

“No. I don’t want to bug him.” Paige stated with a frown.

Sorry these maybe short but there will be more to the book. If you like read on. If you don’t look for something else to read. Reviews are welcome. And a special thanks to the creators of Buffy and Charmed and to a co-Author and a friend of mine Amelia_Halliwell.
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