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Songs In The Dark

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Summary: The White Witch rules Narnia with an iron fist, fearing only the prophecy which foretells her downfall. But then a Time Lord appears in Narnia. He could be the answer to all her prayers, or he could be the cause of her destruction.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Non-BtVS/Ats Stories > Crossover: OtherShoshiFR151216,0061112,38228 Jul 125 Aug 12Yes

Chapter Two

The Doctor could not see—not with his eyes. But within the ice, he could stretch out his mind and feel something. Hear something. It was a voice—no, a Song. It sounded like the Tardis, that same sweet melody that sang to him in his darkest hours. He had missed feeling the Tardis' song in the back of his mind since he arrived in Narnia. He reached out to the Song, trying to connect with it, but he couldn't find it. It didn't seem to come from any particular direction. Every time he reached to catch it, the Song slid through his fingers. Every time he tried to pinpoint it, the Song seemed to move. It continued to slide away from him, as if trying not to be caught. He reached out with his mind and told the Song that it was okay, he was here to help, but the Song didn't answer. It kept its distance, watching him through the blackness, as if judging his worth.
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