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A Dreamer Caged

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Summary: A spell of Willow's goes awry, landing her in Oxford, 1962 - in another universe. Meanwhile, in the present, Magneto encounters a powerful mutant with ties that go further than he could ever imagine.

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A note on the time line - the business in the present starts during the mutant rally in X-Men 3 (I don't know the comics well enough to place it in there), and will continue throughout the film, and Willow in the '60s takes place just slightly before First Class (although there's a brief interlude during the Buffy episode Pangs, to explain how she got there). There may or may not be any cross-over with the events of that film, I haven't yet decided. Neverthless, I own neither X-men nor Buffy, and this this will continue to be the case throughout the story, so don't sue me.

"I can sense the powers of every mutant in this room - none of them are above Level 3, save for you two." says Callisto, gesturing towards Pyro and Magneto. Then she frowns, sensing another presence of some power. It feels odd, in some way she can't quite explain. "And possibly one other."

"You can sense other mutants? My, that will be useful." Magneto murmurs to his blond companion, who smiles sycophantically. Then he says to Callisto "One other? Could you direct me to him? I can always use powerful mutants in my cause."

"Would you be talking about me?" came a new, enquiring voice, with an upper-class English accent, much like Magneto's own. The owner of the voice is revealed to be a young man, probably in his mid-twenties, with dark brown, shoulder length hair and cold, slate-grey eyes, a faint, well healed scar running beside his left one. Dressed casually, he is, curiously, barefoot. Magneto looks questioningly at Callisto, to affirm if this is indeed the mutant. She nods.

"And what do you do?" Magneto asked him, curiously. He looked no different from the copious amounts of mutants who'd turned up at the rally, yet something about him seemed odd - at least to the sensitive Callisto. A quick glance at her companions seemed to reveal that they felt no such thing.

He didn't answer for moment, just cocked his head on one side, examining Magneto and Pyro - and completely ignoring the others. "If you don't mind, I think I'd like to see what you two can do first." he says, tongue rolling the words as though testing them before they leave his mouth. He seems to be looking for something, some quality, in the two mutants standing before him. Then a smile flickers across his face like lightning "I would like to see what an old man in a cloak can do."

There's the click of a lighter being used, as the ever-fiery Pyro summoned a fireball to his hand, holding it close to the other mutant, menacing him with it. "I think you'd better watch your tongue." Pyro snarled.

The other man looked at the fireball curiously for a moment, seemingly unconcerned by its proximity to him, before letting out another blindingly quick smile and saying "Well well, a pyrokinetic. I haven't seen one of you for a long time." Then he made a gesture and the fireball winked out, Pyro's hand suddenly enveloped in sopping wet mud. "Weren't you ever taught not to play with fire?" he says lightly, clearly taking pleasure in taunting the other man.

Despite Magneto's warning glare, Pyro, feeling humiliated, took a clumsy swing at the other man. The mutant seemed no more concerned by this than by the fireball, as he fell backwards - although it hadn't looked like the blow had even hit him - and fell through the ground beneath him.

Then the man reappeared behind Magneto, seeming to come up through the earth (and cleverly putting the older man between him and the enraged Pyro) and said, quite calmly, "Alright already, don't you think that's enough?"

It was Magneto who answered, with a simple "Yes.". Then he splayed his hand, and a small, silvery disk rose from his pocket, turning slowly in the air before turning into a ball, and once again vanishing into his pocket. "I can control magnetic fields, allowing me to manipulate metal." he says shortly, evidently wanting to get on with his business and ascertain whether this mutant would be of any use to him and his cause.

The other mutant splayed his hand in an exact copy of the gesture Magneto had just used, and a flattened disk of earth rose from the ground, spinning, before forming into a sphere and orbiting around him. "And I can manipulate the earth. So tell me, Magneto" showing he knew more of these two than he had seemed to "do you have a place in your Brotherhood for me?"

Magneto looked at him for a long moment, face impassive as he wondered whether to include the evidently powerful yet clearly abrasive mutant. "Yes." he said, slowly "Yes, I think I do. What are you called?"

An ugly look spasmed across the mutants face at the question, but was gone in a moment. "You can call me Antaeus."


Willow sat in her chalked pentacle, surrounded by candles, hoping that her hastily-made spell would be sufficient to return the spirits of the Chumash tribe to where they belonged. She took a deep, steadying breath. Normally, she'd leave it up to Buffy to deal with the angry spirits, but she couldn't do that, not with Xander slowly dying from syphilis and a host of other diseases the long dead tribesmen had brought with them.

So, with another deep breath, she began to chant.

"May all restless spirits dwelling here
find their place is all too near
and step across time and space
finding themselves in another place."

Her mind barely dwelled on the words she was speaking, so preoccupied was she with the vast amount of energy building inside her like a coiling spring - ready to snap at any moment - and when it did, the ecstasy drove all thought from her head, there was only the joy of all the pent up magic leaving her, giving itself to her spell. Yet, even as she the magic left her, she was aware of something else creeping in, something that felt like nothing she'd ever felt before, yet at the same time felt like it had always been a part of her.

The moment passed - too soon, to her mind - and she opened her eyes. To find herself in an entirely different place. And very cold. She was, after all, suddenly sitting outside on a cold, overcast day, in clothes more suited to the balmy weather of sunny California.

A nearby voice brings her out of her shock at her sudden teleportation. "Well now, isn't that interesting." the voice said - male, with the same accent as Giles, but much younger. He seemed to be talking more to himself - or to someone else - than to her. "How did you get here?" the same voice asked, curiously. Willow finally mustered the nerve to look around, spying a suited man with piercing blue eyes looking at her curiously.

"I-I don't know. I don't know where here is." she stammered, unsurprisingly nervous.

"Come on, then, lets get you inside. We'll talk about it later - you must be freezing. I'm Charles, by the way, Charles Xavier."
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