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Xander and... the Missing Scenes

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Xander and the New 'Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: While the story of “Xander and Yet ANOTHER Demon” is going on, there are more people involved and more stories to tell.

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Stargate > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersDianeCastleFR131323,7132932686,8692 Aug 121 Mar 13Yes

Vi and the Alert

A/N: Disclaimer, spoilers, notes on the minor AU issues, and relevant backstory points (from the first story in the series) are listed in chapter 1.

Vi waited impatiently until Xander and the others were all in that SUV across the street.

Her dad said, “Honeybee, those friends of Xander’s sure were helpful.”

Her mom said, “And it’s a good thing they knew about you, because you picked up some of the heavy things and forgot to act like you were straining.”

But they hadn’t known about her. Not before she blew it. Boy, and Buffy complained about being bad at the whole ‘secret identity’ deal. This was so bad. She had to call it in right away.

She said, “Mom, I know I said I would put away all the books in the den, but I have to make a phone call first. And I need some privacy for it.”

Her dad said, “Well, just go in the den and close the door. I’ve got things to put away in the garage, and your mom is going to be putting away kitchen junk for hours.”

“It’s not junk, Mike!” her mom fussed, just like Vi knew she would.

Her dad gave Vi a wink and patted her mom on the butt before moving off to the next task.

She stepped into the den and closed the door. The place looked pretty good already. All the furniture was put in place. Sam had set up the computer on the desk. There were just the boxes of books to put away in the built-in bookcases, and that really wouldn’t take long.

She pulled out her WillowPhone and called in with a Code Yellow. As soon as she got a voice, she said, “This is Vi, and I’ve got a Code Yellow involving Xander and some military types. And I messed up totally!”

The girl, whose voice she didn’t know, probably because she sounded like she was about fifteen so she was one of the baby-Slays, immediately called out, “Andrew!”

That couldn’t be good. Andrew ought to be off-duty by now. Unless she had messed up on the schedule. She checked her scheduling app on the phone, and sure enough, it said last night was an Andrew-and-Emily night. Andrew and Em should have gone off duty at about four their time, two her time as long as she was in Colorado, which was hours and hours ago. And that meant something big was going on, and she wasn’t on duty to help out. She hated feeling like she was letting people down, and she always felt guilty about taking vacation. It was bad enough she hadn’t gone into the Air Force like her dad had really wanted, but she couldn’t tell her folks what she really did because they just wouldn’t believe in the supernatural, even if she had superpowers.

Her dad still thought she was like the Bionic Woman or something, running around the world for a secret government agency, fighting crime and saving the day. Okay, that was really pretty close to what she really did. She’d thought about it a lot, and she figured it was better to have her folks think she was really a secret agent than to have them scared to go out of the house because of vampires and demons and dark mages and all that…

Andrew came on and asked, “Did Xander look okay? What happened?”

She unhappily explained the whole thing, including the ‘catching a falling refrigerator’ bit. And then the bit about her mom and dad walking in and thinking it was okay to tell ‘Vi has superpowers’ stories to the military types.

Andrew checked, “And the military types told stories about them? Real ones?”

Vi thought it over for a second. “I think so. Even the big quiet guy thought it was kind of funny that her dad the general told stories about Colonel Carter to this O’Neill guy, who sounds an awful lot like somebody who wouldn’t do all that well in the military, but they said he was a general now. And dad said Jack O’Neill was famous for being a gigantic smart-aleck but being so good at his job that he never got a dishonorable discharge or anything. But they didn’t exactly talk about him like he was their boss, it was more like the way we talk about Buffy. And I don’t mean the way Rona talks about Buffy, because she teases Buffy all the time, or the way the baby-Slays talk about Buffy, but more like the way the rest of us talk about her. You know, like she’s our boss but also our teammate and our friend and like that.”

He said, “Weird. Hard to imagine military types being like that. Even Riley’s pretty by-the-book and we even trust him.”

She said, “Well the rest of them weren’t military. The big really quiet guy? I got a weird vibe off him, but he’s not like any soldier I’ve ever met. Dad agrees with me. Maybe he’s some kind of soldier from some African nation.”

Andrew said, “I don’t know. He already lied to Xander about being from Africa. But Xander called him on it, and they just let it slide.”


Andrew asked, “So that vibe you got off him? Demon or vampire?”

Vi said, “Neither. And he can’t be a vamp, he’s walking around in daylight. Even if he’s really strong. For someone who’s not one of the girls. But there was definitely a ‘not quite human’ vibe there. I just don’t know what the heck it was. It didn’t make me want to run over and beat him up and then hack his head off. It just made me not want to let him stand behind me.”

Andrew checked, “And what about Colonel Carter?”

“Human. Definitely all human all the time. No funny vibes at all.”

She could just about hear Andrew frown. “Well, then we have something else to figure out, because Anise told Xander that Carter’s father is a being called ‘Sel-mack’, but how can she be part demon and not ping on anyone’s Slaydar?”

Vi said, “I dunno. She pretty much talked about this General Carter guy as being her dad, and I think she meant it. Could she not know what Anise knows?”

Andrew admitted, “You got me. Anise seems to blab pretty much everything. Or maybe that was the alcohol talking. She did drink a heck of a lot.”

Vi checked, “How much ‘a lot’? Xander level ‘a lot’? Giles level ‘a lot’? Buffy level ‘a lot’? Faith level ‘a lot’?”

Andrew said, “I went over the recordings, and it was definitely Faith level.”

“Wow.” Vi was really impressed, because even other Slayers couldn’t keep up with Faith when it came to drinking.

“If she wasn’t a demon, she wouldn’t have been able to walk to that motel. She would’ve been in a hospital with alcohol poisoning.”

Vi said, “Well, whatever the deal was with her, she didn’t come in, so I didn’t get the chance to see her.”

Andrew said, “It may not matter. Riley made some calls for us last night, and he got stonewalled. They hit him with a whole Need To Know deal. Which is crazy. Because how could the NSAWC not need to know about a demon invasion? But the generals told Riley it was ‘outside the purview of the NSAWC’. So he was stuck.”

Vi wondered, “Outside our purview? What could be outside our purview, except for all-human no-demon Defense Department stuff?”

Andrew muttered, “No idea. But at least Riley promised to send us some new pictures of Sam and Theresa.”

Vi sighed, “She’s so cute. Do you think a Slayer, like maybe me, could have a baby someday?”

Andrew said, “I have no idea. The Council records are pretty much useless on that, because they’re all ‘the one girl in the world’ stuff where the Slayer gets killed in a year or so.”

She asked, “But doesn’t Emily want a baby?”

He said, “Yes. She even went to a fertility clinic, and they said she looked completely healthy, but we don’t know if there’s Slayer magic to keep a Slayer from getting pregnant.”

Vi decided she wasn’t going to talk to Andrew about her mom wanting grandchildren. Her folks still hadn’t admitted to themselves that she did something really dangerous. And it wasn’t like she had a guy in her life, even if there was this really nice guy in her World of Warcraft guild…

Andrew said, “Look, we’re in pretty good shape on this one. You’re in position to lead a reaction force if we need it. And Xander already initiated Plan H, and we’ve got it under way.”

Vi sighed, “Okay. Plan H is… pretty kooky.”

Andrew added, “Just be ready if we call. We know just where he is, and Willow isn’t finding any wards or protective charms at all, so we can magic Xan out of there in no time if we have to.”

“Well… Okay. If you’re sure…”

Andrew insisted, “Sure we’re sure! You don’t think I’m going to let anything bad happen to Xander, do you?”

She said “Okay” even if she wasn’t really ready to agree. But she knew he wanted her to say it. She was still sure it was all her fault that she’d messed up so Xander was going to the evil lair to protect her.

If Xander got hurt, how was she ever going to be able to look Buffy and Willow in the face again?
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