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Xander and... the Missing Scenes

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Xander and the New 'Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: While the story of “Xander and Yet ANOTHER Demon” is going on, there are more people involved and more stories to tell.

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Stargate > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersDianeCastleFR131323,7132932686,9452 Aug 121 Mar 13Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR21 which is above your chosen filter level. You can set your preferred maximum rating using the drop-down list in the top right corner of every page.

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Kennedy and the Inconvenience

A/N: Disclaimer, spoilers, notes on the minor AU issues, and relevant backstory points (from the first story in the series) are listed in chapter 1.
A/N2: This chapter is rated FR21. I was planning on a simple FR7 or FR13 scene, but Kennedy developed a voice of her own, and then Willow made some input, and then things got COMPLETELY out of my control. Sometimes my muse Agatha is an utter bitch.

“Oh! Oh Ken! Oh baby don’t stop! OHH!”

There was no way she was going to stop now. Not when she was so horny she was about to explode, and it wouldn’t be her turn until she got Willow off two more times. This was definitely going to be the LAST time she bet on a sporting event. Because making sex bets with a really smart witch never worked out.

Still, it was HER soccer team! She couldn’t let it go when her Willow Tree said they would lose by at least two goals. That never happened! She had been so sure she was going to win that she had bumped up the penalties even more than Willow suggested. And boy oh boy, was that a bad idea.

“OHH! Kenny! OHH!”

Okay, she loved it when Willow would play in chocolate with her. There was something about the combination of the sensuous chocolate and Willow’s scent and Willow’s musky taste that turned her on like crazy. She could get ridiculously hot and wet just fantasizing about a chocolate-dipped Willow.

But this time, Willow was covered in molten chocolate… and Kennedy was helplessly stuck in rock-solid chocolate. A Willow completely covered in a shiny coating of semisweet chocolate from the top of her head down to her pretty little toes? Total turn-on. And the pool heater Willow designed kept the chocolate they were playing in at a perfect temperature, so Willow kept coating herself in more chocolate no matter how much licking Kennedy did.

When Xander or Buffy came to visit next, she had no idea how they were going to explain the plastic swimming pool in the private room off their bedroom. And the special pool heater. And the two hundred pounds of dipping chocolate. And the high-tech chocolate filter with magical recirculation system that only Willow could have figured out.

“OHHH! Oh baby YES! Like THAT!!”

But this was an exercise in frustration, and it was all her fault. Stupid penalty she insisted on. Stupid sports team that lost 3-1, so she lost the bet. Okay, a solid chocolate dildo and buttplug didn’t sound that bad. It would have been excruciatingly fun to put them sooooo slowly into her Willow and let her beg for release. But who lost the bet? Not Willow. Damn it.

Okay, so the problem was the little tidbit she added to the bet ten minutes into the game when it looked like her team might be going to dominate, even if they hadn’t scored yet. She was completely coated in chocolate too, which was really fun. But then she was covered in a thick layer of solid chocolate too. From her neck down to a couple inches above her knees, she was a solid block of chocolate with a molten Kennedy center. And when the solid chocolate coating was three to five inches thick, with a little magic added to keep it solid and rigid, even a Slayer couldn’t break out of it. So she looked like she was inside a chocolate-coated box with just her head and legs sticking out. Her head even had a stupid chocolate ‘wig’ she had added to the bet when Willow had teased her about the other team getting the first goal, so now she looked like a chocolate Doris Day. And the chocolate dildo and chocolate buttplug were slowly driving her insane.

She licked faster, knowing that after this one, she only had to bring Willow to one more enormous O before she could get out of this giant chocolate bar and get some relief.


Dun dun dun… dum-dee-dum dum-dee-dum… DUN DUN DUN dum-dee-dum dum-dee-dum!

No! Not now! She could have sobbed in sheer frustration. The house phone. The goddamn Star Wars music. Which meant it was Andrew, calling from his office in the call center. The Star Trek music was reserved for Andrew’s cell phone.

Willow opened her eyes and gave Kennedy a wicked smile. “Would you mind getting that, baby?”

Kennedy lay there helplessly for long seconds while the phone kept ringing. “Please Will, can’t we let it go to voicemail?” She wasn’t sobbing. She really wasn’t.

But Willow was enjoying herself way too much. She sensuously purred, “Oh, I think you’d better get it. After all, I’m all… covered… in rich… thick… yummy… chocolate… all over my tummy… and my breasts… and my pussy…”

“Willow!” she all but shrieked. “I’m dying here!”

Willow gave her a wickedly sexy smile. “Are we talking le petit mort by any chance?” Then Will whispered something under her breath…

The chocolate dildo and the chocolate buttplug began wiggling inside her. Not enough to let her get her rocks off, but just enough to make her sexual torment about ten times worse. “Oh please make it stop!”

Willow just said, “I think you’d better get the phone, dear.”

And it began that same stupid ringtone again. Dun dun dun… dum-dee-dum dum-dee-dum… DUN DUN DUN dum-dee-dum dum-dee-dum!

She was never going to be able to look at Darth Vader the same way again.

“Ahh, the Imperial March by John Williams,” Willow teased. “Maybe I’ll get you the whole album for a Chanukah present. Now go answer the phone.”

Andrew’s voice called out from the phone in the other room. “Guys? Guys? Please pick up. I know it’s late and you’re probably asleep, but we’ve got a Code Red, and it’s Xander, and I need some research help. Just research! No magic. Yet.”

“Oh shit.” Kennedy knew there was no way Willow was skipping this phone call now. And here she was, stuck in a hundred pounds of solid chocolate. Plus, Willow was now about as far from that huge orgasm as she was going to get, unless someone unleashed a shower of frogs on her, or made her sing in public.

Willow wiggled her fingers, and Kennedy felt the entire block of chocolate lift into the air so she was floating upright out of the chocolate pool. And then she was floating down onto her feet. But she couldn’t move. She could shuffle an inch or two at a time, and she could turn her head, but that was about it.

Andrew had completely explained the whole deal – starting with Xander and the demon, and going all the way to the idiot Air Force officers letting demons into their dimension through the astria porta – before she managed to shuffle her way to the wall where the speakerphone was mounted. There was a phone set-up and a computer screen in almost every room in the house. And thank God Andrew hadn’t called on the computer so he could see her like this. She was humiliated enough as it was.

She leaned forward… and the block of chocolate hit the wall. “Shit!” She craned her neck and stuck out her tongue as far as it would go, and she just barely managed to press the speakerphone button. She tried not to sound weird while she said, “Okay Andrew, we got all that. We’re on now.”

Willow casually said from the chocolate pool, “Sorry for the delay. Kennedy’s up to her neck in stuff.”

Kennedy turned bright red underneath all the chocolate. She tried to turn around to glare at her honey, but turning when your legs are locked together was a lot harder than she expected. She had to move one foot an inch or two forward, then the other one an inch or two back, and repeat. And repeat. It took her a dozen tiny forward-backward moves to get where she could give Willow one of her death-glares.

And Willow was just laying there in the chocolate, enjoying herself! Literally! She was fingering her pussy with one hand, and playing with one nipple with her other hand, and grinning like a maniac at Kennedy’s helplessness!

Kennedy mouthed, “You are SO in trouble.”

Willow just smiled and slowly wrote across her left breast the letters ‘L I C K M E’.

Kennedy mouthed, “Bitch!”

Willow just nodded naughtily, and then oh so slowly licked chocolate off her finger with that little pink tongue that was so talented… Kennedy thought she was going to pass out from the rush of need inside her.

Willow calmly said, “Okay Andrew, we got it. I think I know what to look up, and I’ll get back to you in half an hour or so.”

“That would be so great!” Andrew squeaked.

Yeah, it was nearly a squeak. Kennedy had warmed up to Xander, who cared about Willow like nobody had ever cared about Kennedy, not even her sister. And Kennedy put up with Buffy for Willow’s sake, even if she and Buffy were never going to be best buds. Shopping partners maybe, some day in the future, because Buffy had terrific taste in shoes and tops. But Kennedy just didn’t like Andrew. Maybe it was those months crammed into Buffy’s house waiting to be killed by Bringers or Turok-Han or that insano Caleb, with everybody getting on everyone else’s nerves, and Andrew walking around sticking that camcorder into everyone’s business.

She knew she’d have to have the Scoobies in the wedding party when she married Willow. She had been just short of eighteen that last year in Sunnydale, and looking at never moving from Potential to Slayer despite years and years of training. Now she was one month short of twenty-one, and as soon as she was past that milestone, she was going to buy the biggest frigging diamond South Africa had to offer, and go down on one knee, and pop the question. Then they’d get married at her folks’ place in Massachusetts, even if her mom was still not exactly up with the ‘lesbian marriage’ thing.

She was going to be the ‘groom’, and she knew without asking that Willow would insist on Xander being the best man and Buffy being the maid of honor. Okay, Kennedy would have picked Xander for the best man, just because he was. Anybody who lost an eye to a psycho who could beat up Faith and Buffy simultaneously, just to save young women? And then didn’t expect said young women to put out for getting saved from a psycho? That guy was the best man out there. And Kennedy could live with Buffy as maid of honor, because she wasn’t that close to her sister. But there was no way Andrew was in the wedding party. He could come to the wedding, as long as he didn’t insist on doing the catering himself. And if Willow’s dad was still antsy about her being with Kennedy, then Giles could give Willow away.

Kennedy understood her own dad being squeamish about his younger daughter being a lesbian. But she didn’t get Willow’s parents. Kennedy’s parents weren’t Ward and June Cleaver, but they were real parents who really cared about their children. Willow’s parents? There was something weird there. Kennedy had a private theory about it, but Willow had made peace with her past and didn’t want to talk about all the times when her parents weren’t there for her. Still, Kennedy suspected that Ira and Sheila had spotted something about the school or the town – because let’s face it, they were both really smart and had degrees in this kind of stuff – and had gone straight to the mayor with it, and the mayor had done black magic to their minds. So they just stopped being there for Willow, and they stopped coming home to Sunnydale, and they stopped doing all the things for their own daughter that they insisted on other parents doing for their kids.

Sheila was still squirmy about Willow being in a lesbian relationship, even if she tried to pretend it didn’t bother her. Ira didn’t seem to object to the lesbian part, but he did fuss about the age difference. Like Willow was some sort of sleazy predator who swooped down and picked up some vulnerable teenager. Kennedy figured once she was twenty-one, that business would go away. Then Ira would just be all weird about the thing that Kennedy wasn’t Jewish, even if Willow was no longer a practicing Jew and was really more into Wicca these days than Conservative Judaism.

Andrew announced, “Uh-oh, Rona’s giving me that look. I gotta go.” He quickly hung up.

Willow slowly rose up out of the pool, and whispered something. The chocolate magically sluiced off her, so she was completely clean when she stepped out. She smiled naughtily at Kennedy, “I’ll just take a quick shower and go take care of this for Andrew. Then we’ll go back to where we were. You don’t mind just standing around for a bit, do you?”

Kennedy stared at Willow in shock. “Wait! You can’t… leave me like this! I’m going crazy! And I can’t move! This isn’t fair!”

Willow stepped into the little shower they had in there for clean-up, and deliberately teased Kennedy with a slow, sensuous, soapy shower. She used her magic to dry off, and she stepped into her bathrobe. “Now don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, honey. If you can think of anything I wouldn’t do.” She wiggled her eyebrows naughtily.

Kennedy tried to stomp her feet, but she couldn’t manage it. She managed to slap the ball of one foot against the floor. “Willow Rosenberg! Don’t you dare leave me like this!”

Willow walked over and kissed her on one chocolate-coated cheek. “I wouldn’t dream of it.”

Willow stepped back and closed her eyes in concentration. Kennedy nervously realized that chocolate was flowing out of the pool and over in her direction. Chocolate flowed into her mouth, forcing her jaws apart. Chocolate flowed over her legs and feet. Chocolate flowed around her neck and over her face.

The chocolate in her mouth grew until it was a rigid ball the size of a billiard ball, wedging her mouth open as far as it would go. The chocolate on her legs hardened until she couldn’t move her legs or feet at all. The chocolate on her face and neck solidified until she was frozen in place, with only openings for her eyes and nostrils.

“Mmm! Mmmp mmn mmf!” She tried to yell at Willow, but it was hopeless. She couldn’t move a muscle. She could move her eyes and she could take shallow breaths, but that was it. Even with Slayer strength, she couldn’t budge the magically-strengthened chocolate.

Willow smiled wickedly and kissed Kennedy on one chocolate-covered cheek. She giggled, “Don’t go anywhere, baby. I’ll be back in half an hour or an hour, and then you can pay off the rest of your bet.”

Kennedy stood there helplessly while Willow strolled out of the room. And then the chocolate dildo and chocolate buttplug began moving again. Not anywhere near enough to get her off, but more than enough to rev her up even more. She was going to explode from need before it was her turn. On the other hand, she knew from a ton of completely unbelievable sex with Willow, that when Willow kept her all revved up like this for a really long time before she let her cum, she had orgasms so powerful that she passed out from them.

“Mmm-mm?” Willow? She couldn’t even beg Willow to make the wiggling stop for a while. She couldn’t even do anything about the itching on the back of her knee. She couldn’t do anything about… Oh God, was the chocolate tickling the bottoms of her feet now? She was super ticklish on the bottoms of her feet and between her toes. She was going to scream if Willow made the chocolate tickle her feet. That was totally not fair! “MMMMP!”

She was never going to make a bet on sports ever again. And as soon as Willow let her out of this torment, she was going to track down the inventor of the dildo and kill him. And then she was going to track down the inventor of the buttplug and kill him too. And then she was going to track down the inventor of dipping chocolate and… and… introduce him to Faith; that would either kill him or reward him beyond his wildest expectations… or maybe both.

She closed her eyes, tried to ignore the writhing sensations below her waist, and started counting off seconds.
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