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The Flight Of The Morrigan

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Summary: An abortive attempt to save the world sends a select group into uncharted adventures.

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FIC: Flight Of The Morrigan (6\?)

Giles fought back a weary groan as he re-entered his assigned quarters upon the Morrigan. Their first meeting with the Galactic Republic had been a nervous and lengthy affair. Everyone had been cordial, but stiffly so, every word and reaction carefully weighed. It would take a while before they were trusted, Xander’s insistence on both a web of lies and not allowing anyone on board for now both causing things to be tenser that perhaps they needed to be.

However as much as regretted the lies, Giles couldn’t help but share his son’s caginess. The chances were they were stuck in this dimension for the foreseeable future. It wouldn’t do for them to lose their only transport and base because people discovered just how inexperienced they were.

“Speaking of inexperience.” Giles looked around his apartment. Unable to see what he wanted, he spoke into mid-air. “Morrigan?”

“Mr. Giles?”

Giles managed not to start when a hologram materialised into being by the door. Turning to face it, he smiled politely. “I hope I’m not disturbing you-.”

“A ship’s AI is on duty at all times and capable of running several million tasks at once,” the hologram replied.

“Quite.” Giles nodded slowly. Sounded like his old mum it fair did. “I was wondering if you could run me up a report on this universe’s major powers, their cultures, their governments, their strengths, their major players etc?” It behoved him as senior Watcher to have at least a passing familiarity with the world he found himself in.

Morrigan nodded. “Would you like this report to be in audio or written format?”

“Huh, written if that’s not too much trouble,” Giles decided.

“It is on your monitor screen,” Morrigan glanced towards the monitor built into the wall over the desk by the door.

Bloody hell that was beyond fast. “Huh, thank you,” Giles smiled weakly. “And how do I access that?”



Lando grunted as he awoke, some instinct sending him rolling to his left, to the stingbeam laid on his bedstand. His eyes widened as the sensed intruder’s weapon spat what could only be a sort of venom onto his bed, the terrifying weapon looking for all the world like some sort of snake. His replying blast caught the towering interloper in the face, staggering but dropping him. “Oh for a blaster,” Lando grunted as he fired again, this blast hitting the intruder in the face as he himself attempted to re-aim his weapon at him.

This time the assassin’s legs buckled, sending him crashing to the ground. “Oh hell.” Lando fired again and again, his fourth blast eventually severing the myserious snake-like weapon as it leapt through the air at him. His heart thundering, Lando slid down the wall, his legs suddenly unable to support him and sweat streaming off him. Yet even as he collapsed, he was working the angles, considering the possibilities of just who was behind this attack.


Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Chimaera

Grand Admiral Pellaeon awoke to the buzzing of his opening door. Rubbing at his sleep-encrusted eyes, he looked up as a quartet of his Imperial storm troopers hurried in, blaster rifles already drawn. “I trust,” he coughed and supped from the glass of water he always had on his bedstand before continuing, “I trust you have a good reason for your interruption?”

“Sir,” the quartet’s leader saluted him and pulled off his helmet, revealing a Corellian’s features, “an alien of unknown origin was discovered attempting to access this ship. He has been questioned, and apparently his goal was your assassination.”

“Huh.” The Grand Admiral’s brow furrowed. For weeks he’d been besieged by intelligence reports of strange occurrences in the Outer Rim Territories, perhaps now he’d discovered a hint of the malign hand guiding the occurrences.



Moff Ephin Saretti screamed and writhed as he fell to the ground, sweat soaking him as the venom burnt its way through his system, eyes bulging as he gasped and wheezed for air.


Keldabe, Mandalore

Boba Fett grunted as he hit the ground, but allowed his fall’s momentum to send him rolling away from his attacker and back onto his feet. His eyes narrowed as he examined his attacker, the grey-skinned alien was tall and powerfully-built, completely bald with a snout-like nose and a sloping forehead. His adversary wasn’t part of any race he’d ever seen in his travels, but moved like an experienced warrior.


Fett smirked as he recognised the fatal weakness, that something that held his enemy back from being him, from being the perfect warrior. Fett feinted left then dived right and low, leading with his shoulder so he clipped his rival’s weakened or recently injured knee. The stranger howled as he fell to his knees, Fett rolling up behind the alien and kicking him in the upper back, propelling him facefirst into the dirt. Fett was on him before he had chance to recover, linking his fingers beneath the alien’s chin and pulling back until his head ripped off in a shower of gore. Fett slumped back, exhaustion filling him now the frenetic battle was over, another threat defeated.

Now the only the question that remained was just who would be foolish enough to send an assassin after the Mandalore?


Brask Oto Command Station

General Drask gurgled helplessly, his body shaking as the poison raced through his system, the Chiss medics surrounding him helpless to do anything but watch him die.


General Garm Bel Iblis strode through his world’s capital, his privately hired bodyguards forming a protective cordon around him. He blinked and looked up as a shadow flickered over him. His jaw dropped open as a monstrous alien dropped off a near-by roof, scattering his bodyguards. The attacker raised his snakelike weapon before anyone could react, the creature spitting a scalding venom that hit Iblis square in the face. His own screams echoed in his ears as he fell to the ground, strength fleeing from his shaking limbs.


Hiram Drayson gasped and wheezed, hands clawing at his throat as he struggled for air, body twisting and convulsing in his death throes as the venom tore through him.


“Lady Vader,” Leia gasped as she staggered out of her apartment and into her corridor to find her Noghri bodyguards crouched over an alien’s mangled corpse, “we found this creature trying to sneak into your apartment.”


Luke awoke, his senses flickering into life. The hairs on the back of his neck prickled uneasily as he looked around the shadow-shrouded apartment then shook his head as he sensed nothing that would explain his sudden awakening. His eyes began to close.

And then a shadow shifted in the darkness.

Shock flooded him as his senses failed him for the first time in decades. Luke’s hand flew up, force pushing at the intruder with enough force to fling him through the metal wall. Instead the intruder barely staggered.

“By the force.” Skywalker quickly recovered, rolling out of his bed and Pulling his light-sabre into his hand as he took a hold of his bedstand and flung it at the intruder.

The intruder grunted as the metal stand hit him yet still didn’t go down. However Skywalker took advantage of the distraction, leaping in the air to swing his sabre down and through the alien’s head.


Carlist Rieekan screamed as the blood burnt inside his veins, chest tightened as his heart raced towards an attack, his body convulsing as the venom ate him up from the inside out.


“Mama like,” Faith muttered as she entered the gym to find its single solitary occupant laid on a bench at the far end, slowly yet smoothly repeatedly lifting a bar with so much weight on either end that it bent in the middle. Raising her voice, she called out to Harris. “Hey, Xan.”

The man benched the weight and sat up, sweat sheening his face. “Faith.”
Faith whistled as she looked at the plates on the bar. “You’re lifting what a thousand pounds? For how many reps?”

“Eight.” Xander flushed. “Dylan Hunt was from a planet with heavy gravity, meaning he’s far stronger than normal humans.”

“Can see that,” Faith pursed her lips. Still, there wasn’t a human alive, or at least back on earth even close to capable of Xander’s new power. “How much can you max out on?”

Xander shrugged. “I don’t know, haven’t had a spotter.”

“Wanna find out?” Faith moved to the head of the bench and started to load it up. After a second Xander laid back down. “Let’s try eleven hundred.” Her eyes widened as Xander managed not one, but five reps before racking the superhuman weight. “Twelve hundred then.” Xander grunted out a solitary rep. “Twelve fifty?” Faith nodded as Xander pressed the weight then racked it, his red face and drained expression signifying he’d reached his limit. Not bad at all, she could manage just over double that, but still there wasn’t a powerlifter alive that could come close to Harris, especially considering both his size and lack of a bench shirt. “Xan,” Faith bit her lip, “do you think we’ll ever get home?”

The man looked up at her, remaining eye serious. “Unfortunately I don’t see how. This isn’t even our galaxy or our time, there is no earth here. And by the time we did get home, unless we managed to somehow time travel there, the earth’s going to be a wasteland anyhow.”

“Damn,” Faith scowled. Apart from Angel who was dead already, anyone she remotely cared about was on this ship, but the thought of all those people who would suffer and die because they weren’t there to help them rankled.

“I know,” Xander returned her scowl with one of his own.

“Sir,” Faith glanced up as Morrigan materialised into view. “If I may, Master Skywalker is requested an urgent communique.”

“Oh?” Xander raised an eyebrow. “Put him through.”

A hologram of the famed Jedi flickered into being alongside Morrigan. “Thank you for agreeing to speak with me,” the Jedi nodded, Faith noted the Jedi looked worried. “We’ve had a report of an alien armada of unknown origin advancing out of the Outer Rim. We believe this force has hostile intent-.”

“Why?” Xander interrupted. “If they’re just strangers doesn’t mean-.”

“Over-night there were over thirty assassinations and assassination attempts across the Republic by a race of previously unknown aliens and another fifty assassinations and assassination attempts were made across the galaxy’s other powers,” Luke replied. “It’s improbable that both these events aren’t linked.”

“I’ll bite,” Faith drawled. “So what do you want from us?”

“We’re already amassing forces to confront them, but according to what you’ve told us your ship could get to the planets before we could.”

Faith bit back a groan at Xander’s nod. “Send us the co-ordinates we’ll set off immediately.”

“Thank you.”

Faith spun to face Xander the moment the Jedi’s hologram had disappeared. “Are you sure about this? One ship against a fleet?”

“One heavy cruiser would frequently enforce the peace against two warring planets or even two systems, besides we have to get there before they attack anyone. After all, a Slayer wouldn’t back down from a few vampires just because she was out-numbered,” Xander replied before speaking to the ship hologram. “Sound the alert.”
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