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Chance Encounters In A Bar

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Tri-State Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Pretty much what the title says. Two people on a similar mission bump in to each other.

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Television > Law and Order: SVU(Current Donor)RavanneFR1375,92924416,4073 Aug 1211 Aug 12Yes

Chance Encounters In A Bar

I own and make no claims on any characters or story concepts from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Law and Order-SVU nor any other recognizable characters or story concepts. They belong solely to their copyright holders and I thank them for being allowed to play with their toys.

I just finished reading “Fruity Drinks and the FBI” by elvi and this popped in to my head. It’s short and I hope you enjoy.


“You a cop?”

“Wha…? No… I…” Elliot Stabler spun to look at the petite blonde who had come up behind him. She didn’t look old enough to be to be in a bar until he looked in her eyes. Her eyes were ancient; it was like looking in to a hazel rimmed infinity. He shook his head as he felt himself sliding in to those fathomless depths. “No, why do you ask?”

“No, you’re a cop. I can tell.” Buffy hopped up on to the barstool next to the SVU detective. “Diet Coke,” she signaled the bartender, “and one for him.” She pointed to Elliot.

“No, I’m not dri…”

“I know, ginger ale.”

“Why do you think I’m a cop?” Elliot said as he quickly finished the remains of his ginger ale before his refill arrived. “And how do you know it’s ginger ale?”

“Well… first of all, the ginger ale. I mean what’s a hot guy like you doing drinking ginger ale in a sleazy singles bar? Then there’s the whole hyper vigilant thing.” She slid a few bills across the bar to pay for the soft drinks. “You really need to work on that by the way. I mean you totally missed me coming up behind you. Oh and lets not forget the look.”

“The look? What look is that?” Elliot asked entranced by the young beauty.

“You know, the thousand yard stare? The look like you have seen things that can never be unseen. You have it big time so I’m guessing homicide or sex crimes.” Buffy smiles as Elliot blinks in surprise. “Ha! Knew it. Sex crimes. You’re here looking for some pervert.” She paused in thought. “But it’s not official, you’re not on a stakeout so it’s personal. I’m thinking it’s one who got away., one who’s been taunting you.”

“How do you know I’m not on a stakeout?”

“No backup, cops always have backup on a stakeout. And donuts, I’m pretty sure donuts are required and bad coffee.” Buffy’s analysis of the realities of a stakeout made Elliot laugh.

“Well it seems you have me down pretty good.” Elliot held out his hand, “I’m Elliot by the way.”

“Buffy,” she took his hand and gave it a firm shake.

“So, Buffy. You know who and what I am. How about you?”

“I’m a hired killer,” she said with a straight face. Elliot’s jaw dropped as he started to back away until he caught the grin on Buffy’s face.

“Wow. You are the first guy to ever believe that line. I’m not sure if it’s that you’re that gullible or I’m getting better at delivering it.”

“Guess I’m just a little on edge. Things have been rough on the job lately. So what is it that you really do.”

“I’m sort of a contract troubleshooter.. Things start to go bad and I come along and fix them.”

“That sort of sounds like a hired killer,” Elliot said with a smile.

“I guess it does at that.” Buffy finished her diet Coke and pushed the empty glass across the bar as she started to stand. “I hate to cut our conversation short but the person I was waiting for has just arrive. Good luck with your non-stakeout, Elliot.” Elliot’s eyes followed her as she headed towards the door. He might be married but he wasn’t dead and she looked every bit as good walking away from him as she had sitting next to him. Just before she reached the door a tall, thin, dark haired man came in. Elliot froze. This was the rapist and killer he had been looking for.

Elliot started to rise and his heart raced as the man saw Buffy walking towards him. His eyes went wide as he seemed to recognize her. She walked straight towards him as if she intended to walk right through him. Just before she ran in to him her hand thrust out towards his chest and he disappeared in a cloud of dust. Buffy didn’t miss a step as she walked through where he had just been standing and out the door. Elliot ran to the door his steps stirring the fine dust on the floor.

He burst out the door and looked up and down the street. Buffy was nowhere to be seen.
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