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Summary: Willow meets Snape. Your typical clash, crash, and burn 'lost in the woods' story.

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapeechoFR1856,78301813,64324 Jan 0324 Jan 03Yes

the prologue thing

Title: Risk
Author: echo
Rating: 18 for naughty bits and swearing.
Disclaimer: Not mine. The BtVS stuff is Whedon's. The Harry Potter characters belong to sweet, sweet JK Rowling who we all pray will write faster. LOL, like you can rush a good thing.
Spoilers: Thru the end of season 6 in the Buffyverse. Thru Goblet of Fire in the Potterverse.
Lyrics: the song being sung is "Left of the Middle" by Natalie Imbruglia.


Severus Snape entered through the front door of the small cottage. The door always swung open for him. He always half expected it not to. But Albus Dumbledore's summer house always welcomed those that were welcome. He headed down the hall knowing the headmaster would be expecting him.

The sound of off-key singing stopped him. The voice was sad, crackle-y, and decidedly American.

"And my world falls down.... And I'm there calling out... But it's something I can't say... Though it seems the other way..."

The voice broke down into silent crying then. He peered around the corner slowly. There was a young woman sitting there. Just outside Dumbledore's study. Snape blinked. This was unexpected.

She was dressed in muggle clothing. She wore a wrinkled shirt and jeans with a hole in the knee. The sneakers on her feet were well worn and muddy. Her hair was a red that could rival any Weasley's... were it clean. It was dull and lifeless today and hanging in her face. There was something covering her ears. Muggle headphones. She must have been singing along with the radio. The girl could have been a student. A seventh year, but he got the feeling she was older. And even older still in spirit, as if she had seen many, many things. She swiped the back of her hand across her eyes and looked up at him then. Of course she had to have big green eyes. It just wouldn't have been as ironic without those eyes.


He blinked.

"I felt you standing there before you showed yourself, you know."

He blinked again.

"Do you speak? Or is the blinking your way of communicating?"

Snape scowled and stepped out from behind the corner. Why was he cowering like a first year in potions class? He approached her slowly, noting how she didn't cower at all. She just seemed to regard him with slight interest. He knew he was intimidating. Where in the hell was her fear? Nary a tremble as he got closer. Just that deadened stare she had.

"Who are you?" He snapped.

"Willow Rosenberg."

Ah. Now the appearance of a woman on her death march made sense. The little American witch who had tried to destroy the entire world. Bloody annoying Americans and their grand gestures. He raised an eyebrow at her.

"So you've heard of me."

Was she a mind reader?

"Not usually."

He blinked.

"I just feel everything today. I can feel the grass growing outside right now."

All right. She was officially creepy and off-putting. She jumped up suddenly, grabbing his arm. Now she looked frightened.

"What the-"

He cut her off with a gasp of pain. His arm, the mark, it was burning. Worse than it ever had. He was being called. She had felt it before he did?

"Oh goddess."

"Let go of me, girl."

"No way. That thing is evil. Whatever is calling you is not of the good. You can't go to it."

For looking as frail as she did, she certainly had a mighty grip. "Let go."


He stared at her in horror. He was being pulled away, and if she didn't release him...

"Giles! Giles!"

Snape looked up as Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, and a man he'd never laid eyes on came rushing out of Dumbledore's study.

"Giles!" She reached out for him with one hand, her other on stranger in black.

But they were gone before anyone could even move. With a very terrified scream from Willow.

"Oh dear." McGonagall whispered.

"I would say this is rather fortunate." Dumbledore remarked with a sparkle in his eyes. "The very two people we wanted in the same room have taken off together."

"You mean they've been taken." Giles said.

"Rupert, there's no one better equipped to handle Willow than Severus."

"But he doesn't KNOW he needs to handle her, Albus."

"Hmmm. I can see where that might be slightly problematic."
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