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Stranger Things Have Happened

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This story is No. 1 in the series "All We Know is Falling". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Darcy Lewis was used to freaky shit popping in and out of her life. That’s what you got when your baby sister couldn’t keep a secret to save her life. A secret like, you know, being some mystical warrior able to combat the forces of darkness.

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Marvel Universe > ThorkerrykhatFR131756052,4724 Aug 124 Aug 12Yes
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and related characters; Marvel and Disney own "Thor" and related characters; I own nothing.

You could call Darcy Lewis a lot of things: curvy, hella witty, freakishly adept at mixing drinks, card shark extraordinare came to mind at once. There were plenty of adjectives out there, but dumb wasn’t one of them. Buff, blond, seemingly drunk dude who she had to tase randomly appearing in the desert in the middle of a freaking windstorm the likes that Darcy had never seen before? No way in fucking hell there wasn’t something up with that.

“I need a drink,” Darcy muttered to herself as they left the hospital where they had dropped off “Thor”. Although Erik had been side-eyeing the name pretty hard, part of Darcy was inclined to believe the crazy man claiming to be a god. She’d heard of crazier stuff through her baby sis and the crowd she ran with. “A big one. With lots of tequila.”

“Work now, drinks later,” Jane argued, slipping into the passenger seat. “We need to start going over the readings from the storm right away, and find out why there was such a dramatic deviation from the normal pattern.” The man she’d run over was already forgotten in the neverending pursuit of science and proving her hypothesis correct to the all important grant committees.

Darcy groaned loudly, only partly for dramatic effect. “Ugh, I was afraid you were going to say that.” Putting the van into drive, they left the hospital and headed back to the former car dealership that functioned as their lab for a crazy night of science, paper pushing, and more science. But hey, she was getting those last six credits she needed for her honors program and a kickass recommendation out of it, so she couldn’t complain too much. Alright, she was only guessing on the recommendation, but a girl could hope, right?

Stifling a yawn while stapling papers together at four in the morning, Darcy wondered if she should call Georgie about this and tell her what was going on. This entire thing could be right up the IWC’s alley or it could be, like Erik outright stated, just some crazy guy with delusions of grandeur.

Darcy was used to freaky shit popping in and out of her life. That’s what you got when your baby sister couldn’t keep a secret to save her life. A secret like, you know, being some mystical warrior able to combat the forces of darkness. Georgina had been thirteen when the powerset had first appeared, and had come to Darcy in tears the first time one of those nightmares hit her. She’d been there when the folks from the International Watchers Council made their schpeal about being a Slayer, and exchanged infrequent emails once Georgie moved to Cleveland to attend their special school. Darcy had gone patrolling with her sister once back in Austin and had seen a vampire turn to dust with her own two eyes. Unlike Erik and Jane, she was willing to believe the musclebound dude claiming to be a god. It wouldn’t be the weirdest thing she’d ever heard of.

But with the crazy pace Jane was setting, fueled by too much caffeine and too many pop tarts, Darcy didn’t have time to do more than entertain a vague thought before finding more office supplies shoved into her hands. Spare time to text her sister was a distant dream.

Distantly listening to Erik and Jane argue about wormholes and stars, Darcy studied two printouts from last night. She squinted, looking at the lower one. How the hell had she missed this earlier? She’d blame the caffeine overload jitters.

“Hey guys,” she said, interrupting the two scientists. “I think you might want to take a look at this.”

Jane and Erik both came over to examine what Darcy was pointing at. Two pictures showed the wormhole opening, only there was a slight difference in the second one: a man-shaped thing emerging from it. Almost like that guy Jane had run over, Darcy had tazed, and that they’d dropped off at the hospital the night before.

“I think I left something at the hospital,” Jane declared, a scary look on her face. Darcy and Erik exchanged a glance before following her out to the van. Clambering into the back seat, Darcy pulled out her taser, and on second thought, her cell phone.

It might be worth it after all to give Georgie a buzz and let her know what was going on in Darcy’s particular branch of nowhere. Her taser might not work so well a second time.

The End

You have reached the end of "Stranger Things Have Happened". This story is complete.

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