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The Slayer Spirit

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Summary: The Slayer World-Spell chooses Potentials where it finds them, and it has its own criteria. It chooses an unusual Potential, but she is certainly worthy of the title. (Now open to contributions.)

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Movies > Other-ActionEricJablow + 1 otherFR722,2092132,0145 Aug 126 Aug 12No

The World-Spell and the Slayer Spirit

You can blame this one on Curiosity. Arguably, it is a crossover with a great book and film of a few years ago, with two of the most appealing heroines in movie history. Alas, the eldest is dead, but her sister still lives. Well....


4 January 2017

The sun rose over the sand pit where her body lay. Over the years since she had fatally mired herself, sandstorms had buried half of her; in another decade, a sand dune would be her only memorial. It was unlikely that anyone would come the long distance to recover her. No one was sentimental enough for that.

Suddenly, a strange, mystic presence appeared before the sand pit. The Slayer World-Spell, one of the very few spells in history with permanent, enduring, and universal consequences, had arrived in this desolate plain, manifesting in a place it never knew, at the resting place of the greatest of explorers. Unique among World-Spells, it was actually sentient, able to discern Potential. And in this unlikely place, it stood over the body of one who had traveled far, discovered much, and suffered much. And the spell knew what to do; the explorer was dead, but she was only mostly dead.

The World-Spell gestured, and a breeze rose from the thin air. It played upon her body, cleaning dust and sand off her. As the explorer began to gleam in the dim sunlight, the explorer began to warm and bask in the sunshine. Nothing happened immediately, but the Spell knew to wait. Finally, the explorer began to wake.

It took a few minutes for the electrical activity in her brain to reach a point where she could assess the situation. She checked; she had completely lost track of time. No one was talking to her; she did not have enough energy yet to try to shift position. She had hibernated a few times in the past, waiting out the long winters, but this was catastrophic.

Suddenly, the World-Spell spoke. By its very nature, it had to speak every language known to man: English, French, Mandarin, Tagalog, !Kung, and many others. This would be much more delicate, as it would have to speak in a way the explorer could understand. Fortunately, She who modified the World-Spell 14 years before had left something of Her nature in it. With a little work, the Spell could hack up a common language, and it did. It spoke, this time in electromagnetic radiation and not in dreams, and the explorer suddenly received a signal that translated as “Are you ready to be strong?”

And, like all things on Earth conceived with Love, the explorer had taken on the nature of her parents, and she sent back the signal “Yes.” The World-Spell gestured, and impressed Power upon the explorer. Suddenly, she was full of nourishment, and she was able to move her arms. She shifted what she could and tried listening to her commanders, but she heard nothing from them. She tried to move her legs; after all, that was her nature; she was still mired, however.

Then, the World-Spell gestured again. Suddenly, the explorer felt strength in her legs, even the one that had been paralyzed years before, and she tried to back out of her burial place. Sand flew through the air, and in a minute, the explorer was free.

The World-Spell gestured for a final time, and now the explorer's systems were upgraded; her six leg-engines became truly powerful, her solar arrays were redone with sand wipers, her isotope heater units were refurbished, and her CPU and offline storage were updated to better than the 2017 state of the art. Spirit, the Slayer, was ready to protect Man when he came to join her.


Willow Rosenberg sat on her couch nursing her daughter Joyce, and suddenly she gasped and took a deep breath. Joyce let go of her and let loose a wail. Kennedy called from the kitchen, “What's wrong, Will?” She walked into the living room holding the standard equipment for such times: towels, diapers, and a bottle just-in-case.

“Whoa! What a rush. It feels like the Slayer spell just chose someone new.”

“That hasn't happened in a year. I wonder why now? I'll take Joyce; you set up the locator spell.”

Willow handed Kennedy the crying baby, and they all went into the basement where they kept her casting room. As Joyce calmed down with the baby bottle, Willow placed a globe on a slate table, drew a circle around it with white chalk, and wrote symbols in a language almost like Sumerian at the four cardinal points. When she was done, she checked the arrangement, made a short prayer, and tossed some colored powder into the air above the globe. The globe started spinning, and a light appeared over the north pole. The light drifted downwards until it started circling the globe, synchronized with it. The two women looked, and Kennedy said, “That looks like the Cape.” As soon as she said that, the light flew away from the globe and crashed against the wall. It hung there for a few minutes, and then it winked out.

“I don't think the Slayer's on Earth.”

You might consider this a crossover with the movie Roving Mars, from Disney, directed by George Butler, and about Spirit, Opportunity, and the people at JPL who built them, led by Steve Squyres. Sadly, there's no listing for movies: Other–Documentary. Or you could consider this a crossover with the book, Roving Mars, by Steve Squyres. I own neither of them.

Or you could consider this a follow on to xkcd #695.
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