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Buffy AVP: Hive

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Buffy AVP". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Repercussions from the events in "Synthesis" echo throughout Earth and the Galaxy.

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chapter 18

The characters of the Alien and the Predator are property of 20th century Fox. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

In the flaming structure of the Wolfram and Hart building three hunters stood. Mortok locked the elevator in the open position then turned to face his two opponents. One was the Plague, an alien with a hardened shell and teeth that could punch through steel. The other looked like a mix of alien and human. Its skin was black with an oily sheen. On her head, instead of hair, were living black tendrils that withered like a nest of snakes. The hybrid looked at him and then the Plague. It was as if she was deciding who to kill first. Mortok had already made up his mind. Hive placed her scythe in the ready position. She held the supernatural weapon with the blood red blade in front of her. Hive looked over her opponents carefully. She counted the number of steps between her and the thing she wished to kill.

“What is this?” asked Illyria. She retained her connection to Hive. She and the half breed had worked together to repulse the Predator fleet. “Why are you here?” The Alien that was Illyria asked. The telepathic bond between Illyria and Hive revealed only an outline of Hives’ thoughts to her. Illyria could tell something had changed. In the mind of Hive Illyria felt something human
“So now you are slayer?” asked Illyria. “Your choice has been made?”

Hive opened her palm. Fire poured out of her incinerating the alien. She flicked her scythe at the Predator. Illyria screamed as the flames enveloped her. Mortok brought up his steel claws which were shattered by the force of the scythe slamming into them. The weapon whizzed pass him and embedded itself in the wall. Hive turned to Illyria, her eyes glowed orange white with the full power of the slayer.

Illyria rose from the flames untouched. The oily flames rolled off of her.

“You’ve made your choice then?” Illyria said. She understood. “The penalty for treachery is death.” She said. Buffy had indeed made her choice. Illyria was an Old One and she was a slayer. There could be no peace between them. Hive flicked across the room faster than the eye could follow. She stopped before Mortok. Buffy looked at him and said in the language of the Predators.

“Go! Kill them. Kill them all!!” She yanked her scythe from the wall. Mortok was in the elevator as she turned to face Illyria.

Andorra addressed the fleet as they orbited Alpha Centuri.

“Attention, ship crews and others watching. We stand at the abyss of our great challenge serving the needs of honor. This great hunt will generate scores for this generation and generations yet unborn. We have been tasked to complete this great hunt. Our kinsman, my beloved brother, even now hunts in the cursed places. We will stand with him as he strikes at the devils of this Earth. We will hunt them in the dark places, we will hunt them in space, we will hunt the Senior Partners where they dare hide. Never forget why we are here. We are hunting for the fallen honor of Barik Null. We shall hunt and we shall find it!! Across the fleet there were cheers. Andorra gave the word. The fleet jumped to Earth.

It tasted like ashes. The blood of Dracula filled Faith’s mouth. The memory of Willow was correct. She hated this plan but it appeared to be working. Faith could feel the return of the soul of Buffy Summers. The dark memories of Dracula connected her more completely to the source of the power of the slayer. But this was not a spell; this was not a compulsion of the force behind the slayer. This was a purer, cleaner connection. The thrall broke. Faith whipped out her stake and stabbed Dracula. The stake floated millimeters above his heart.

“Only because you helped save Buffy.” Faith hissed to him. She pulled the stake out. Dracula stumbled backwards. He understood the point she’d made. He would never disrespect her again. At the window Xander stood open mouth staring up at the sky. His initial assessment was correct. This day was going to suck badly. Above his head were hundreds of thousands of Predator ships. The fleet had arrived.

Buffy slammed into Illyria like a missile. They both hit the flaming wall behind them cracking it. Buffy twisted her body swinging the scythe through an accelerated arc. The edge of scythe sliced into Illyria’s skin. It succeeded where other weapons had failed. A slice of black shell came off. White bone showed. Illyria grabbed at Buffy. Buffy used the body of the scythe to block her hands. Illyria grabbed the handle of the scythe then disappeared.

“She can stop time.” Buffy remembered. She dropped herself flat. A spurt of black lighting came out of nowhere and stabbed the air where she once stood. The slayer within her knew what to do. Buffy rolled over and leapt to her feet. With preternatural senses she pivoted a half turn and threw her scythe at an empty space hard enough to punch through steel. The roaring of flames became a whisper. The scythe slowed in mid air. The blur that was Illyria settled into the shape of the alien. They both heard a voice speaking to them.

“Enough!” spoke the Empress. The Queen-of-Queens was once again in Buffy’s mind. This was the source of the life force of the alien race. Her eggs produced only queens. “I have need of you Illyria.” The empress said. “We have other wars to fight. Old one, I am the true reservoir of the living memories of this galaxy. Join me and we will take the blood memories of all life everywhere.” Illyria stood before Buffy a moment then dashed into a portal that lead to the Alien home world.

The black portal closed behind Illyria. Buffy exhaled. There was a moment of relief. Buffy looked up past the jagged edges of the walls that opened up to the sky and despaired. Her eyes looked up and up and up. A million predator ships filled the sky above her.

He wore a golden suit. His ancestors began work on it soon after Barik Null was taken by the Senior Partners. They never made deals with aliens. The Yautja considered all aliens as prey. It insulted them to have to make a deal with meat. Mortok spoke the spell given to him by agents that spied on the Wolf Ram and Hart for thousands of years. A white button appeared above the other buttons that controlled the elevator. Mortok pressed it. The elevator moved. He was on his way.

The elevator doors opened into the white room. Mortok stepped into the purview of the Senior Partners. Around him in all directions was nothing but a stark brilliant whiteness. The display in his facemask went wild. Blinking lights and insane computers were telling him that he was nowhere in space or time. The White Room was a pocket universe all to itself. He was about to teleport to the dimension of the Senior Partners when he was distracted by the sight of a little girl in a blood red dress walking up to him. She stopped and looked at him for a long while. His tactical sensors told him that this was no little girl.

“You’re going to kill them, aren’t you?” asked Mesektet. The being before Mortok was an ancient evil. He didn’t care. This moment was the summation of ten thousand years of intent. He would not let down his family. He would not let anything get in his way. Mortok activated his suit. He disappeared in the flash of brilliant white light. The ancient evil thought to herself. “He really is going to kill them.” This was good news. The Senior Partners kept thousands of lower beings in check. If they were gone, chaos would ensure. Mesektet smiled and went to spread the good news.

The spies were right. Everything his family had learned about the Senior Partners told him that they were no longer humanoid. The Senior Partners had evolved into shades of pure malevolent evil. He saw them floating in the air above a three sided dais. The targeting computers recognized two of the three Senior Partners. They were the original aliens that had killed and zombified his ancestor.

“So, you’re here?” One of the Senior Partners said. “We knew you were coming.” Mortok was surprised. They were behaving civilized. Clearly, this was a trap. He approached them slowly laying down a series of land mines around the premier of the Senior Partners.

“You are a great hunter Mortok Null.” said a resonating shade of black. “Your family will always have a place with us” It said. “Take Barik’s place. Hunt the slayer for us. You will live forever.”

“There are no points given for hunting children.” Mortok said expressing his disgust for the Senior Partners.

“We can take what we want.” It said.

“You can try.” Mortok responded.

A flash of white energy filled the room. The entire chamber was flooded with enough energy to melt a mountain. When the light faded, Mortok and the Senior Partners remained.

“Yeah.” Mortok thought.

His golden suit allowed him to hover between dimensions. In the blinding moment of their amazement Mortok slashed at them with his hunting knife. He shared the same dimensions as the Senior Partners. Sick green white energy splashed out of the resonating shade of black. His knife broke as it hit something hard at the heart of the monster. The others realized too late what was happening. The plasma gun on his shoulder activated. A second Senior Partner was blown away in a blue white explosion. The third ran. It was near the premier of the room when Mortok hit the kill switch. A series of mines exploded. The third Senior Partner was torn to shreds. Mortok gathered the shattered fragments of his favorite knife then teleported out.

Buffy knew why they were here. This was the same fleet she’d hoped to vanquish from Jupiter space. Even without the planet killer this fleet still had the sheer fire power to destroy the world. Buffy had no way of knowing if Mortok was successful in his hunt for the Senior Partners. She only knew she had to exterminate this fleet.

The Key is energy…” The voice of Hive whispered in her mind. It took Buffy a moment to understand. When she did, she began to utter an old spell as if it was a last desperate prayer.

Andorra paced the width of the bridge. She hated leaving so many hunters behind to be killed at Jupiter space but it was the only way to purge both the Plague and the phantom of the warship planet. More important things occupied her mind. She was more concerned about her big brother. It was easy enough to find his cloaked ship hovering above Los Angeles. The devastation to the city below was terrifying. Square miles of the landscape below were on fire. It looked as if it had been hit by an atomic bomb. Andorra grimaced. Unless her brother safely returned from hunting the Senior Partners she would make sure the entire planet looked as bad as the burning city below her.

Lights began to flash on the control console. They were telling her impossible things. She felt a strange vibration beneath her feet. The entire fleet felt it. Andorra called up the external display. The universe around her had gone crazy.

Around the fleet space was melting. The walls between worlds were coming down. The Key made her fleet the center of the all Seeing Eye. Around Andorra and hundreds of thousands of predator ships billions of universes and the things that lived within them suddenly appeared. Red and white ribbons of fire lit the sky as the edges of universes struck each other sending out quantum sparks that were the shadow of the big bang. Near the back of the fleet, halfway to the moon virtual pair bonds were broken. The zero point energy of empty space flashed outwards in a hellish yellow glow. Fifty thousand ships were incinerated. Other pockets of fire began to appear.

Hive found her voice.

“LEAVE THIS PLANET!!” Shouted Hive to the Predator fleet. “Never return in force again!” Andorra heard her but she refused to leave until she saw her brother’s ship began to move. She waited until it had returned to the fleet.

She gave the order. One by one the ships disappeared in blooms of pale white light. When they were gone Buffy returned the energies of the key to the vessel. Buffy released the force that had held her. She felt Hive retreat into the dark places of her mind. Dawn elbowed her. The Summers girls looked at each other a moment. Dawn spoke.

“You’re still a butt head.” she said. Buffy smiled and hugged her sister. It was good to have her back. It was good to be herself again.


Giles walked into the room. He carried a package with him. Buffy lay on her bed. She was still feeling under the weather. She was still feeling the effects of being a member of an alien species. There were times she caught herself tracing her fingertips over her throat wondering why she only had one mouth. Giles placed the box on the bed.

“Hi.” Buffy said to Giles. “For me?” she asked.

“There’s no return address.” Giles said. He examined the box carefully. He was sure it wasn’t a bomb. He opened the box. Giles grasped and stumbled backwards. Buffy peeked into the box. She arched an eyebrow.

“Now there’s something you don’t see every day.” She said. Inside the box was the polished alien head. Next to it was a simple handwritten note. She remembered enough of the Predators language to understand it.

It said “To the hunter goes the prize. One million five hundred thousand points.” Buffy smiled. She stood on her toes as she took the alien skull and placed it next to the cracked facemask of Barik Null.

“Now I've got a complete set.” Buffy said. They looked at each other a moment then laughed.

The End

You have reached the end of "Buffy AVP: Hive". This story is complete.

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