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What Are You Afraid Of?

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Summary: A little discussion of fears and phobias. Crossover with The Tomorrow People.

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Television > Tomorrow People, TheCheleSedaiFR1316610165312 Jan 0412 Jan 04Yes
Author's Notes: In the same vein as "Patrolling," this is a stand alone vignette that I wrote just to feel out the character interaction and such for crossing over Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Tomorrow People.

For the unitiated, "The Tomorrow People," was a British children's sci-fi show that aired in the 1970's and 1990's featuring psychic teenagers who could teleport, use telepathy and had the powers of telekenisis, but could not kill. I'm using the characters from the 90's version in this ficlet.

Disclaimer: If you recognize them, they don’t belong to me. In other words, the characters of Buffy Summers, Willow Rosenberg, Xander Harris, Cordelia Chase, and Rupert Giles are not mine. They are the property of Joss Whedon and Associates. Likewise, I don’t own the Tomorrow People, Adam Newman, Ami Jackson, Megabyte Damon or Jade Weston, but am only borrowing them from Roger Damon Price and Thames/ITV Television for the moment. I promise to put everything and everyone back in their place when I’m done, and have no intentions of making a profit from this.


“Bees?” Xander Harris cocked an eyebrow at the girl seated across the table from him. “Did you say bees?”

“Yes, Xander,” Ami Jackson rolled eyes, suddenly wishing that the subject hadn’t come up at all. She didn’t like the wisecracks she could see lurking behind Xander’s eyes. “I said bees.”

“You’re afraid of bees?”

“Not any bees, big bees. Mutant bees."

“Mutant bees?”

“Read my lips. Mutant bees. Poisonous. Deadly. Bees.”

“Mutant bees?”

“There was a scientist who created a bee that was – well, it was evil. So, ever since then, I don’t like bees.”

“An evil bee?”

“I don’t like frogs.” Willow Rosenberg piped up suddenly, shaking her head. Her eyes were wide with fear. “I really, really don’t like frogs.”

Those words drew the attention of the fourth occupant of the table, his blue eyes twinkled as he unsuccessfully hid a snicker behind his hand. “Frogs?”

“How come Ami can be afraid of bees and you don’t say anything, Megabyte, but if I say that I’m afraid of frogs, you act like I’m a weirdo or something?”

“Well, maybe it’s because there’s no reason to be afraid of frogs,” Megabyte suggested with a snort. “Besides, I was there for the bees.”

“You really mean to tell me that you guys ran into a swarm of mutant killer bees?” Xander asked. “And I thought we lived on the hellmouth.”

“So, what are you afraid of?” Ami asked, her eyes narrowing on Xander. “It’s your turn to confess.”

“Oh Xander’s not afraid of anything,” Willow giggled. “Well, except for mummies and witches and –“

“I’m not afraid of witches—“

“And mimes.”

“No one likes a mime.”

“Well,” Megabyte straightened up, a mask of seriousness falling over his face. “A mime is a terrible thing to waste.”

He earned a chorus of groans and a pelting with notebook paper for that remark.

“I guess you guys must see a lot of weird things on the hellmouth,” Ami remarked.

“No, not really.” Willow shrugged as she exchanged a look with Xander. “Okay, maybe we do. Only sometimes though. We don’t have to worry about the world ending every night.”

“But we do have to worry about it tonight.” None of them had heard the librarian approach, and they each looked up in startlement as Giles dropped a heavy book onto the center of the table. “Prophecy.”

“Death and despair? Hell on earth?” Xander volunteered.

“Much worse than that, I’m afraid.”

“What could be worse than that?” Willow’s voice quivered.

“Bees. And frogs. And a terrible, nasty mime.” With a nod and a smile, Giles turned, leaving the book on the table.

The title read ‘Halloween Costumes’.

“It’s a catalog,” Megabyte observed.

“And if G-man is getting a sense of humor, it really is going to be a frightening Halloween,” Xander remarked woefully. Then with a smile, he leaned towards Willow, “Ribbet.”

*** End ***

The End

You have reached the end of "What Are You Afraid Of?". This story is complete.

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