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It's Far From Over: Difficult Times

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This story is No. 1 in the series "It's Far From Over". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: TJ/Cam backstory for 'It's Far From Over' - It can be read on its own, but will have as much of an ending as SGU did.

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Stargate > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriescharmingangelFR15712,048041,6808 Aug 128 Aug 12Yes

Chapter 2: Reunion


When: early during SGU
Where: Homeworld Command

Cam entered his temporary office at Homeworld Command and sat down at his desk. He was helping out General O’Neill for a few weeks. Dr. Lam had ordered him off-duty for missions after a minor leg injury. She was overreacting big time, but she was the doctor. O’Neill had been visiting Stargate Command while he argued with the good doctor and had asked him to come check out Homeworld Command until he could go off-world again. Without anything better to do Cam had agreed.

Colonel Telford was on leave, so Cam had been tasked with helping out in debriefing some members of the Icarus mission that were now stuck on the ancient ship Destiny in a far away galaxy. He had already read over everyone's files but one. Apparently, one file had been missing from his stack and the people who got the paperwork together had misplaced it. He sighed. He hated being blind, so to speak.

Cam heard someone outside talking about the Destiny crew members walking up in bodies of the Homeworld Command personnel. That meant they were here and would be upstairs soon. Just as he was about to get up to step out of his office, his 'secretary' came in and handed him the missing file with an apology. He sighed and waved him off, flipping open the file. Then his phone rang. Hopefully this would be quick so he could have a look at the file before the meetings.

----- -----

TJ walked down the corridor to her debriefing. It felt weird to be in someone else’s body. It was her first time using the ancient stones. She hadn't wanted to leave Destiny, since she was the only medic they had. Of course Colonel Young had found a way around that. He had organized for her to swap bodies with a doctor, who would be even better at taking care of Destiny’s people than she was. She sighed, knowing that she still hadn't wanted to come. It was so hard to be stuck on Destiny, which was why everyone said it was great to be able to come to Earth once in a while, but TJ didn't think so. Being here would just remind her that she couldn't really come home, that she was stuck on that old crappy ship even though she should have never been there in the first place. She had been overdue to go home for two weeks. Her new life should have started already. She should have been a civilian and started her scholarship. But instead she had been late leaving and that got her stranded in another galaxy.

Pushing away those thoughts TJ headed for the office a Lieutenant gestured to, ready to get this debriefing over with. Thinking about how much her situation sucked wouldn't change anything anyway.

TJ knocked at the door, opened it and stepped in, then froze as her eyes fell on the man sitting in the office. Memories came rushing back at her, memories of them sitting in a bar together, followed by memories of how his lips felt as he kissed her, of how his hands roamed her body... She gasped slightly and quickly banished the memories that really had no place here. Cam... he said his name was Cam. Cameron Mitchell, leader of SG-1! How the hell had she ended up in bed with another commanding officer???

Cam glanced up quickly as he heard a gasp from the door. He frowned at the shocked look one the woman’s face. He had briefly seen her this morning, but never actually talked to her. He knew that it might not really be her though. Still, why would a person from Destiny be shocked to see him?

"Are you alright, Miss...." he said, glancing at the file he hadn’t had time to look at yet. This had to be hers, since all others were of men. Then he trailed off, shocked.

"Johansen.... Lieutenant Tamara Johansen," he managed to get out while his eyes were fixed on the picture in the file. Slowly he rose from his desk and just stared at her, dumbfounded.

"TJ? Is that you?" he asked.

TJ was pulled out of her frozen state when he spoke. He remembered her. A rush of relief and happiness ran through her. For a moment she had wondered if he even remembered her. It was just a one-night stand after all. It hadn't been for her, not really anyway. She had promised to call him when she came back from her last job, when she was free and could start her new life. She had fully intended to do it, too. Most people would probably think he was just a rebound for her after the whole thing with Young, but he wasn't. TJ had never before felt the way she did when she was with Cam. She never found out how he felt, but he was definitely special to her. She really cared about him and had hoped they could be together when she came back. Then she ended up on Destiny and all her fantasies about her and Cam had been crushed. She had thought about him a lot and even dreamed about him. She knew that they could never be together however, and it had nearly broken her heart. As if the whole situation hadn't been bad enough. And now... here he was, standing right in front of her.

"Yes," she finally managed to say. Part of her wanted to run to him and throw herself into his arms, another wanted to run off as quickly as possible to save herself from more heartbreak, because no matter how he felt, this would never end like in one of her fantasies. There would be no happy ending.

"Hi." She sighed, knowing that she acted stupid, but she just didn't know what else to say.

"I guess now you know why I never called," she finally said before she managed to stop herself. She didn't even know if he really wanted her to call, but for some reason it was important to her that he knew that she had intended to.

Cameron laughed, unable to stop himself, then slightly shook his head at her. "Yeah, I guess I do," he said with another bout of nervous and awkward laughter.

"I have to admit. I did wonder. I mean, we had a..." he said trying to find the right word but unable to. Truth be told, there was no word for what they had shared that sole night together, but he still tried, and failed. "… great night together. I had assumed you'd call like you said and then you didn't. I'll admit, I did call, but... it was disconnected. I guess now I know where you've been this entire time. It's a little shocking... I guess for both of us, but... I never would have guessed you were military."

A small smile appeared on her face as he said that they had a great night. Memories threatened to come back once more, but she pushed them away. She could NOT think about that now. Then he said that he called and the smile grew bigger.

"You did?" she asked. He really must like her too.

"I honestly didn't think you were military either," she admitted. It never even crossed her mind. He sort of represented her life away from the military. How wrong she had been. "I guess that explains the whole rescuing women thing," she said a little teasingly.

"Cameron Mitchell, wow, who would have thought? You're quite the celebrity, you know," she then stated and laughed slightly. "Leader of SG-1..." She trailed off, not wanting to mention what else she had heard about him from several female colleges that had worked with him before.

He frowned at that. He didn't think of himself as a celebrity, not at all.

"Nah, I'm not a celebrity.... I was just lucky that I was the one to help O’Neill, Carter and the others when they were in Antarctica. It could have been anyone and had it been someone else, they'd have been the one to get the job. Just the right place at the right time, no heroics involved really," he said though that obviously wasn't true.

TJ smirked slightly. "No heroics at all," she muttered amused. She had liked him before, but this attitude made him even more likable... which kind of made her whole situation even worse. She sighed, trying not to think about it. And she really, really shouldn't think about how much she did like the man in front of her. It would not do her any good, and besides, he was her commanding officer! They were off limits! When would she ever get that into her head... and heart? She tried not to think about anything anymore and instead concentrated on his words.

"Hey, sides, look at you... You get to explore other galaxies, live in one no less. I get to travel to other planets, and occasionally get outside our galaxy, but I can't say I ever lived in one. See, you got me beat. Course, I can't say I'm not a little shocked. I thought you said you were going to be a doctor," he said, eyebrow raised.

Hearing his words TJ almost snorted. "You make it sound so... great. Have you seen Destiny?" No, of course he hadn't. She would have known if he had been there. Well, he probably would have recognized her. She wouldn't have known who he was, but she was sure she would have heard if he was on Destiny. He was kind of famous after all, especially with the women.

"I was," she then said, answering his question. "I finished my last assignment. I was due to leave for two weeks, but something always came up. You know how it is out there..." She sighed, wishing for about the 1000th time that she had insisted on going back to Earth when she still had the chance.

"Then Eli arrived, Rush dialled the 9th chevron, the Alliance attacked and we had to flee through the Gate, with no idea where we would end up."

He nodded gravely. "Yeah, I heard about that. I can't imagine what it's like for you, to be torn away from everything you know and love and can't come back. It's not like you're just someplace for the job with the option to visit or even quit and go home whenever you want. I'm really sorry, TJ," he said. He was, too. What he told her was the truth, he couldn't image that. Sure, he'd gone off world and sometimes they'd get stuck places for long periods of time but there was always the option to find a way back or just come home. There was never a time when he was sure there was no hope and no way home. It wasn’t like he talked to his father all the time but he did sometimes, and he knew that he at least could if he wanted to. His heart hurt for her, and not just because she was a fellow officer, but because, if he was truthful, he didn't want her to ever feel pain. He didn't like the thought that she must feel so alone out there, even if she wasn't really alone on Destiny.

TJ sighed. It was good to hear that he understood her, but that didn't really help. What might help was if he held her, or maybe kissed her... Woah, where had those thoughts come from? She wasn't even in her own body! That would be all kinds of wrong, on so many levels!

"Me, too," she said. Then she straightened up. She would not whine or cry in front of him. She didn't have break downs, and she sure as hell wouldn't break down in front of him.

"So, about this briefing... Should we get to it? I'm sure the others are already waiting their turn." The quicker they got this over with the sooner she could leave, before she did something she would regret, like throw herself at him or break down after all.

Cam gave her a confused look. She was blowing all sorts of hot and cold. Maybe she had decided because she was on Destiny and couldn't get home that admitting that she still had feelings for him was a bad idea. Or maybe she didn't have them anymore, even if that night had been something. In any case, he was in charge here and she was right about one thing, they should get to it. Clenching his jaw, he nodded.

"Yes, of course. Why don't you sit down and we'll start..."
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