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Many possible vampire husbands of Buffy Summer

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Summary: *Twisted Shorts* When you’re told your immortal, it really cuts down on your list of potential hubbies. Here are five Vampires, who could have been the one, and the one who managed it! Now with bonus Firefly adventure with the hubby!

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Chapter One

Authors note: This is for ConstanceTruggle who has put up with all my crazy ideas and read through them so that they are readable. THANK YOU!
Disclaimer: I own nada, just borrow them and make no money doing so. All rights belong to the owners of BtVS, Vampire Diaries, Tru Blood, Torchwood or Serenity.

Buffy was depressed but she figured that she had a legitimate right to be so. After all, she'd found out today that she was immortal and would never age. She'd made a heart-breaking decision, but one she felt necessary - she'd left the core Scoobies, with the proviso that Giles could contact her for the really nasty apocalypses. She’d been blunt, but had told them that she couldn’t handle watching them die. They hated it, but could respect her decision enough to let her go, especially as her immortality was a result of the resurrection spell.

She'd roamed for a year. She'd spent a couple of years in Cardiff working with Jack. She'd really liked the immortal, and would have dated him in a heartbeat but that man was seriously taken. Plus, she was not going to screw with Coffee god - that was just plain stupid. However, it did make her think that, if she was ever going to find a partner – they would have to be immortal.

Sadly, the immortal had been an ass, and she wasn't even going to start on the strange deal of trying to chop each other's head off. That was just plain icky.

So she sat in her hotel room and made a list. One of the first things that Giles had done, once he’d formed the new council, was to give all of the core Scoobies back pay - it was a lot. So as long as she wasn't stupid, she wouldn't ever have to work at all, for quite a while.

She made the list of possible lovers.

1) Angel / Angelus.

He was her first love; he would always hold a piece of her heart but recently, she had grown up. What had become clear though was that Angel didn’t want her to grow up. She got the impression that Angel would have preferred that emotionally she had stayed sixteen. Also, if she was being honest, she'd never been a big fan of Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde in High school, and she so didn't want to live it. Still, she could have probably broken the news a little more gently than she had; telling him that her cookie oven had exploded and she'd gone off cookies. It was perhaps, not the nicest way to have announced it. Although, Spike seemed to find it amusing enough, given the loud cackle she heard from down the corridor.

2) William "Spike" the Bloody.

Buffy didn’t know where to begin with Spike. When they had first met, he'd tried to kill her, and tried really hard on several occasions. Then he'd gone and gotten chipped and fell in with the Scoobies. She could see now, how unkind to him she’d been on her return from heaven and the guilt at what he'd almost done, positively ate at him with the return of his soul.

He'd been the one to keep her glued together enough, to win in Sunnydale. A fact that she was sure, the others would really like to forget but Buffy wouldn't let them. When she'd said, 'I love you', down in that cavern she'd meant every word of it.

Still, his name was struck off the list because she could not forgive him, for failing to mention he was alive again. She hated that he'd listened to Angel over coming to find her. She'd taken his death really hard and it was unnecessary guilt, which really pissed her off.

So it was back to the drawing boards, but then the World went a little crazy when the Vampires came out of the closet. That really was a red letter day in more ways than one. Still, it was not all of the bad. She got herself a job, the President appointed her as Chief of the Vampire Justice division. After all, Vampires who broke the law had to be processed and sent to Prison now. She'd liaised with the Council, who then promptly withdrew from America. Giles had been furious and gone mega-British over the whole legal vampires’ issue. He started muttering something about stupid colonials and bed's they'd made. It was due to her new job, that she met the next two Vampires.

3) Bill Compton

Buffy really did not want to go to Bon Temps, but the reports were getting ridiculous. The whole area seemed really unstable, Buffy didn't really care if the Vampires were fighting amongst themselves, but this was starting to spill over into the human and were world – and that she did have a problem with.

Buffy drove up to the building and noted the heavy security. Wow, this was one paranoid vampire she thought, of course, this made her wonder what he was paranoid about. Someone was going to get staked Buffy thought, especially, if they were screwing around. Buffy was hot, bored and really wanting to go back to New York.

The Vampire she met was intriguing, he wasn't old as some. Yet, he seemed to be cool, and asked her to have dinner. She had been amused and decided what the hell? She was getting older and every now and then, she could mix business and pleasure.

Buffy had enjoyed dinner, even enjoying the kitsch grill place that he took her to. What she didn’t enjoy was that Bill spent more time mooning over the barmaid. She knew dinner was over when she spent more time mooning over the tall, blonde, sexy Viking. She'd finally lost patience and asked him if he was the Sheriff of Area 5.

The confirmation was all she needed. She'd used him as an excuse to get the hell out of the dinner. Eric had been a good sport and insisted that he take her out to say sorry for his whole kind. She had spent too long with Jack because she was finding it easier to adopt a ‘want - take – have’ routine. Faith would be so proud.

4) Eric Northman

Eric had been a turn up for the books. He had been charming, funny and God was he sexy. Buffy needed a little bit of sexy. She’d agreed to the date, in part to piss Bill off and secondly, because the vampire was a Viking. She just knew he would be a god in the sack. Those types of thoughts made her realise just what a bad influence Jack and Faith had been on her.

They’d danced and made everyone jealous. Buffy had worn classy leather and she’d smiled upon seeing Eric, as he’d taken her suggestion to wear a white vest. The dancing had been fun and Pam later drawled that it had been like watching a sex act, which was somehow sexier - due to the clothes. However, what had made Buffy realise that this could never be lasting union was Eric’s obsession with another particular blonde. Buffy was a little selfish, in that the only blonde she wanted her lovers to obsess over - was her.

Eric had accepted her reasons and although he’d protested, his heart wasn’t in it, and they both knew it. She wouldn’t date him but she’d made fast friends with Pam so she wasn’t about to become a stranger. She made another mental note – avoid love triangles.

5) Stefan Salvatore

Buffy had met him in a bar, where he was quite literally trying to drink his body weight in booze. What Buffy did respect though was that he was drinking high quality whiskey.

She would dearly like to know how a guy born before the Civil War could act so lost, and look like a little boy. She'd asked in good humour how long he'd worked the look. His wry response was along the lines of ‘before she was born’. Buffy had laughed out loud at that. It had felt good. Buffy had to ask why he was still hiding given that Vamps were legal now.

He'd shrugged a little flippant, and explained about his hometown. Buffy was certainly intrigued about a quaint town. If she didn't know better, she'd suspect Mystic Falls of being on a Hellmouth. Buffy decided to have fun, they travelled across the US together, and fun times were had by both parties. However, it became increasingly clear that Stefan had issues he had to deal with.

Buffy crossed yet another guy off her growing list. Just maybe, it was time to relax. Yet she didn't let Stefan go without some advice. She'd told him that going to Mystic Falls and facing some of his issues might help him unless he wanted to brood forever. She added that if he walked around with all that weight on his shoulders, he was surely going to start limping soon. So Buffy had made yet another immortal friend, but had not found someone she could share her life with.

+1) Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore snuck up on Buffy, and she never even saw it coming. When she'd come to Mystic falls it was amidst such high drama. One thing that was clear, Katherine had to go - the bitch destroyed people and fashion. Buffy was amazed that Damon could accept his whole personality, and while his moral compass was a little skewed; his heart was in the right place – most of the time.

Buffy got into Mystic Falls, just at the right time. She watched, John and Isobel waltz away from a burning building. She sighed, because she recognised just how twisted her immortal life had become. It was definitely wrong, when she no longer ran away from burning buildings but rather, into them.

Buffy sensed that the evening was going to be heaps of fun. She dismissed the arguing trio - what a trio? A witch, a vampire and a doppelganger - Buffy was sure a bad mystical joke could be inserted there. She almost laughed when she saw Stefan do a double take when he saw her, but she merely gave him a jaunty salute as she walked into the cellar. She was obviously becoming whimsical as she got older.

In the cellar, she could see the writhing bodies of vampires, and a few werewolves, if she believed her senses. She looked for the device causing the pain - She found the compass, and the device broke under her stylish, expensive heels. She had to do it because the device gave her a weird tingle. She could tell who Damon was, the one modern vampire, whose entire attitude screamed bad boy.

He weakly moved to face her, he all but croaked, "Who are you?"

Buffy gave him a jaunty grin, "Your Slayer Knight in stylish boots."

He would have complained if he wasn't so weak, instead, he was just happy to get out of there, and he was never so grateful, as when he saw the sky.

Damon liked her, especially when Isobel tried to kill him in his own house. Buffy had gone on a blood run, while Stefan saw Elena safe. Buffy returned just to stop the stake landing. Isobel snarled, Buffy snorted, "You're a young vampire and I'm the Omega Slayer. Tell me, who do you think will win this fight?"

That had not been the end of Buffy's night. Katherine held a grudge, and she had wanted to off Damon while he was weak. Well that didn't sit right with Buffy; it was wrong to try and stake a weakened Vampire in his own home. Damon could only watch in glee as Buffy tossed Katherine around his front room. He assured her that he'd hated that vase that got broke, but if he wanted to repay her then Katherine dead was a suitable compensation.

"Ding dong the bitch is dead." Was Damon's only response to seeing his maker dead.

Buffy grinned, "Yeah but your kind are rude, you don't clean up after yourselves.” She added as a mournful afterthought, “Plus, she's made me ruin my favourite boots."

Well, as soon as Damon was healed, he took her shopping. In the end though, shopping turned into a date, a date turned into two, which led to dating and then marriage. They stayed in Mystic Falls for a while as it was home for Damon, and Buffy's presence kept the supernatural threats away from Mystic Falls. The Founders Council, were a little scared and were beginning to suspect the Salvatores’ but well, if Buffy Salvatore hadn't killed them then there was nothing they could do. It was not like any of them could go up against the legendary slayer, and win. It was best to let sleeping dogs (or in this case vampires) lie.


Buffy and Damon were a true mated pair, like Elena and Stefan, who they would meet and travel with every twenty years or so. Still, Buffy never got to truly retire, but now she worked directly for the Powers. She would still get the cryptic dream shtick, even five hundred years in the future, when she dreamed about a certain hunted reader.

Buffy sat bolt upright in bed disturbing her husband’s sleep as she’d suffered another cryptic mystical dream. He frowned but as Buffy was still in bed he assumed there was no immediate threat. He asked sleepily, "What's going on? Do we have to kill evil just right now? I'm tired."

Buffy laughed softly, "I have an assignment but it's one you'll like. There will be violence, mayhem, mischief and the chance to bring down a government."

Damon was awake, and he rolled on top, grinning impishly, "Well now if you're gonna tease me..."

Buffy never teased, but she did enjoy when Damon teased her body. After five hundred years, they knew each other inside out. They couldn't book passage onto Serenity until tomorrow so they had to do something to pass the time. Damon's suggestion seemed like a win-win to Buffy.
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