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We Aren’t In Kansas Anymore

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Summary: During the fateful Halloween Xander Harris dresses up in a uniform from one of his favorite anime series, while Willow dresses up as a certain princess.

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Anime > OtherdeathzealotzeroFR1511,725042,7628 Aug 128 Aug 12Yes
Disclaimer: I hereby declare that I do not in anyway own the rights for the Gundam SEED Anime series, and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer series. They are owned by their respective owners and not by me. So please no lawyers, for I don’t have money to give them. Thank you.

We Aren’t In Kansas Anymore

A Gundam SEED and Buffy Crossover

Written by,

William R. Woods



Brief Foreword:

I like to welcome you all to this new story. Basically this is a small YAHF one-shot I whipped up for an Omake of one of my stories but decided that I should post it separately. Like the Robotech Invasion this one-shot introduces an anime to the world of Buffy, and in this case Gundam SEED my favorite Gundam series. The “victims” of this Halloween Spell in this story is once again Xander, but joined by Willow. I am also starting the story differently then I did in Invasion, so we won’t get a glance at the group getting their costumes. Figured it was something that has been done a lot in YAHF stories.

Moving on, like I said in Invasion I am not all that much of a Buffy fan so I apologize in advance if I get a few details wrong. I also have added a few of more common SEED AU fanfiction ideas to the story, but really in the background. Also due to SEED being shown around 2005 the story has been moved up slightly to show that.

That said I do believe it is time to get to the main event. Enjoy!

-William R. Woods

Summary: During the fateful Halloween Xander Harris dresses up in a uniform from one of his favorite anime series, while Willow dresses out as a certain princess.

Story Opening is Saikai No Yakusoku from the Gundam SEED Original Soundtrack

Story BGM is Tachiagare! Ikari yo from the Gundam SEED Original Soundtrack


Thanks to that spell I was no longer the normal one of the group and could stand up to pretty much anyone. During my time fighting the dark I was often coined with the title of White Knight and sometimes as the male Slayer. However it wouldn’t been possible without that spell on that faithful evening…

- Watcher Alexander “Xander” Harris of the International Slayer and Watcher Council


With a soft curse a young pink-haired lady recovered from nearly falling as she ran from the monsters that were after her. She couldn’t understand this, one moment she was at the peace talks for the ending of the Bloody Valentine War and the next moment she was here in this hellhole. It looked to be somewhere on the planet which made her even more scared then she already was for she wasn’t sure were she was on the planet. She once more thanked her enhanced genes that allowed her to keep herself away from the monsters trying to chase her down. As she turned a corner her eyes widened at seeing a very familiar uniform on a young man who was looking around in confusion at his surrounding.

“Excuse me sir,” she called out breathlessly making him turn to look at her and she pleased and relieved to see the spark of him recognizing her behind his eyes before those eyes widened in alarm at the monsters that turned the corner behind her. They soon hardened as he drew his service pistol and raced towards her with speeds only a Coordinator like her could match.

“Lady Lacus down!” he bellowed out as he reached towards her with his non-gun arm to pull her down towards him as he started firing his pistol over her shoulder at the approaching monsters. A few moments later found several of the monsters on the ground bleeding with a few more scurrying away from the two Coordinators. The young women known as Lacus sighed in relief as she clutched the black uniformed arm of the man who saved her.

“You alright milady,” the man asked her looking down at her with a frown while Lacus only sighed in relief before nodding against his chest before looking up at the man.

“Now I am…” she started to say and tilted her head slightly to read the man’s rank before finishing her statement, “…Captain. Thank you,”

“Well it is not the first time I have saved you, and I wasn’t about to change that now milady,” the man mentioned with a low chuckle which made Lacus blink in surprise for she knew he had been part of the Triple Ship Alliance during the last months of the war due to him calling her Lady Lacus but she hadn’t been aware that he had saved her during that time.

“You saved me before Captain? When was that if I may ask?” she asked letting go his arm before turning to look him over more trying to figure out if she had seen him before during either the last months of the war or after it. The man only chuckled with a prideful look on his face before he rubbed his head sheepishly.

“Sorry where are my manners? Lady Lacus, I am Captain Alexander Harris of the Orb Union and I was the mobile suit commander on the Kusanagiduring the months after the Battle of Orb. I was one of three Astray pilots to live through Second Jachin, and had been the pilot of the Astray that managed to hold off that new ZAFT mobile suit from attacking the Eternal after it tried to destroy it,” he mentioned with a little bow towards her before he sighed and started to look a little sad over the deaths of the majority of his squadron. Lacus nodded remembering the mentioned incident very well for the new G-Weapon Mobile Suit had attacked the Eternal and the Kusanagi. The new machine managed to destroy several M1s but one of the Astrays managed to somehow evade every single one of the attacks from the mobile emitters flying around. The Astray managed to hold off the machine till the Freedom arrived to help and later destroy that same machine.

“Anyways thank you again Captain. Now do you know where we are at?” she asked looking around at the darkened city they found themselves in. The Orb mobile suit pilot could only shake his head as he eyed their surroundings.

“Well let’s walk around till we find what the hell is going on here,” Captain Harris asked looking around making Lacus sigh before nodding in agreement for they couldn’t just stand here after all.

“Alright let’s go. Let’s try this way, and I really wish my Pink-chan is with me. He would have easily led us through this town,” she mentioned with a small amount of her old clueless persona coming to the fore as she pointed towards a direction making the captain nod in understanding.

“Well then after you Milady,” he said with a little bow toward her making her giggle slightly before starting to walk through the darkness with the mobile suit pilot following behind her starting their little adventure through this weird town. A few hours after this a flash of white turned everyone back to normal including the two dressing up as the two Cosmic Era natives though the spell did leave behind a few surprises.


The next morning found the group of friends known as the Scooby Gang meeting in their school Library as they reported on what happened to them the night before. Pretty soon the report turned to two teenagers one a girl with very light red hair almost pink, and a young boy who flinched as he broke yet another pencil between his fingers.

“Well G-Man as you can see the spell left a few surprises behind, like both of us are still Coordinators. While I have gained a very through military training thanks to my possession along with some piloting ability and something called high spatial awareness allowing me to known were almost anything is in my immediate surroundings. Willow on the other hand has received a few things herself from the possession. Willow?” the young teenager mentioned with a light chuckle as he slowly ground the pencil into smaller bits before turning to look over at his friend who sighed and mournfully looked at a strand of hair of her hair she was playing with before nodding and turning towards her surprise audience.

“Well for one I can now speak and read Japanese fluently along with a few other languages. Also like Xander said I am still a Coordinator which means I higher then normal strength as well as higher mental ability. I can also sing and also sing in several different languages including English, Japanese, and Spanish,” she reported with a slight blush at the stares she was getting from the others.

“So I would say we got a few surprises, which I admit I am glad to have. Heck! I dusted Spike using it!” the boy named Xander mentioned with a large smile making the others around roll their eyes at him with they shook their heads for Sunnydale was coming to different in the years ahead of them with two Coordinators along the city.


Well there is the story and basically Xander dressed in a generic Orb uniform and since it didn’t have a name tag or something the spell created the character of Captain Alexander Harris, Ace Mobile Suit pilot and Coordinator. While Willow dresses as Lacus Clyne complete with a pink wig. Now both teens are now Coordinators and both inherit the skills of their Halloween Characters. This will help them while they fight against the darkness along the town of Sunnydale, California.

I am sure some SEED fans will wonder about Captain Harris calling Lacus a lady and are wondering that. For while yes she is called that several times in the series mainly –hime after her name if I remember right. It was never in the English dubbed version and she is only called Miss Lacus by her followers and the rest of the Triple Ship Alliance during the last episodes of the series. However in my own version of the story Orb is more of a monarchy and royalty then it is in the series therefore the Orb officers along the TSA start calling Lacus, Lady Lacus due to her status of being the Pink Princess and after a while it starts gaining a respectful note.

That said I hope you all enjoyed this little one-shot of mine.

The End

You have reached the end of "We Aren’t In Kansas Anymore". This story is complete.

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