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Just Try It

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Summary: Willy isn't always so easy to get information from. This irritates one Dean Winchester.

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Supernatural > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersInkyIrisFR131603014768 Aug 128 Aug 12Yes
I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural.


The bar was dusty, dingy, and, basically, cheap. The bartender didn’t seem to be any different. He had thick eyebrows and a receding hairline. He resembled a rat, just a bit. Dean stared at him from across the smoky bar. He was a bit scrawny. With a smirk, Dean pushed himself up from his table and headed to the bar. The tender looked up as he approached.

“Another beer?” He asked, his voice bored. That didn’t sound like a bad idea. Dean nodded, settling onto a barstool. The man put a pint in front of Dean and turned to walk away.

“Hey.” The guy turned back to look at him.

“Yeah?” He seemed annoyed that Dean was talking to him. Dean pushed away his own annoyance.

“Didn’t catch your name.” He smiled an easy smile, but the bartender just looked at him before turning away again.

“Didn’t give it.”

“Hey!” Dean let his irritation show this time.

“What?” The man returned with just as much exasperation.

Dean decided to stop beating around the bush. “You Willy?”

“Who wants to know?”

Dean gritted his teeth. “I do. I heard you’re the one to go to for information.”



“And what’s in it for me?” The man looked at him scornfully. Dean bristled.

“How about I don’t mess up your face.” His voice was now low and gravelly. He leveled a glare at the tender. The guy met his gaze evenly, before scoffing and turning away.

“HEY!” Dean was getting very pissed off with this dude. He turned around again, impatiently. “I need information. You’re gonna give it to me, one way or another.”


Clenching his teeth, Dean replied, “Yeah.”

The bartender shook his head. “You don’t scare me.”

Dean opened his mouth to reply, but was cut off by the sound of the door slamming against the wall. He turned to see two very, very hot girls in the doorway. The first was blonde, with a red leather jacket and very tight pants. The brunette next to her was wearing what looked to be leather pants, even tighter than the blonde’s, and a tiny top. He whistled low, and the brunette winked at them. He turned back to look at the now very pale bartender.

“Who are they?”

The guy swallowed. “Scary.” He managed.

Dean frowned. The brunette sauntered past him, and his eyes moved from the bartender to her butt. Yeah, those pants looked good.

“You talking about me, Willy?” Her voice was low and sexy. Dean smirked. Oh, he was definitely talking to her once he got what he needed.

Willy backed into the blonde. He whirled to face her. “Buffy! H-how ya been? I haven’t seen you since Sunnydale–“

She cut him off, her voice hard. “Let’s talk.” Grabbing an arm, she towed the protesting man into the back room. The sexy brunette followed. Before she closed the door, she looked straight at Dean. She ran her tongue over her teeth, before addressing him.

“Sorry, boy toy, we’re taking him for the rest of the night.” Without another word, she winked and closed the door, cutting off the sound of a deep grunt.

Dean sat stunned for a moment before shaking his hand and standing. He would have to get what he needed somewhere else. He walked out the bar, entertaining notions of that brunette and what she looked like away from those pants. He would definitely need to find her once he was done with this hunt. And without that tiny shirt... Yeah, he was looking her up.

The End

You have reached the end of "Just Try It". This story is complete.

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