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Be Like That

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Summary: Sirius ventures out for a bite and meets a girl.

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Harry Potter > Faith-CenteredInkyIrisFR151703009058 Aug 128 Aug 12Yes

I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Harry Potter. The title is taken from the song of the same name by 3 Doors Down (which I also don't own), which inspired this fic.

Just a little background info: this is AU. Sirius is nineteen and Voldemort never was a threat. Faith was never Called or ever a Potential.


“What are you doing?”

The night was dark and muggy. The humidity was so high; it nearly dripped off Sirius’s hair. He could barely breathe in the heat. He’d have stayed inside if he wasn’t so hungry. How did the people who lived here stand it? He had already shed his Muggle-style leather jacket (even though it had been advertised as ‘Any temperature, with a flick of your wand!’. Any temperature was apparently hot or sweltering. Bloody salespeople.) and was ready to follow it with his shirt. He hated Florida – or he would, if not for all the girls. They were everywhere and barely wore anything. Bikinis, miniskirts, tube tops – he could not get enough of the women. They all were mostly gone by this time of night. The streets should be deserted at four in the morning – except, they weren’t. A girl, the subject of his question, turned to look at him. She was so bloody thin, barely there. He could see her every bone. That was another thing. She had almost nothing on, compared to all the other women he had seen, and that was saying something. Her hair tumbled around her bare shoulders and came to the top of the tiny, tight dress she was wearing. Her red lipstick contrasted with her pale skin. Her eye shadow didn’t quite cover up a black eye. She looked knackered.

“Hello.” Her voice was low and seductive. “See something you like?” She smiled at him, a tired, tight smile.

“It’s a nice night,” he replied, purposefully misunderstanding her. She didn’t look even fifteen. “I can barely see the stars, though. And it’s so effing hot!”

She chuckled, stepping up onto the kerb, closer to him. “It is very hot. Do you want to lose some layers?”

He shook his head. “No thanks.” She was only a kid. He wasn’t going to screw with her. She started to turn away and caught another glimpse of her shiner. “Is your eye alright?” A car, the first he had seen in awhile, turned down the street, driving slowly. Probably a kerb crawler. Scratter.

She stopped midstep, her face still facing away from him. “My eye?”

He stepped around her to look her full in the face. She didn’t meet his eyes. “Your eye. It’s bruised, if you haven’t noticed.” He quirked a smile, but it fell short when she didn’t move. “Are you alright?”

She laughed once, humourlessly. “I’m fine.” Her voice was exhausted.

He frowned. “You sure? Anyone been scragging you?”

“I don’t even know what that means.” The kerb crawler came to a stop across the street. He frowned at it, then turned back to the girl in surprise as she stepped off the kerb.

“What’re you doing?” He asked, incredulous.

“I’m working.” She didn’t meet his eyes as she started across the street. He stood frozen for a moment before he chased after her. He caught her arm and she flinched. He let go instantly.

“You can’t! What are you, thirteen? You aren’t old enough to posh and becks with anyone, much less some john!” Sirius chose to ignore all the girls he’d nobbed at thirteen. That was different. He had chosen to do it, not sold himself!

She stepped around him. “I’m fourteen, actually.” The passenger door swung open as she approached it.

“You can’t do this.”

She paused in front of the door. She turned to look at him. “I have to.” With that she climbed in the car and closed the door. It shot down the street and around the corner as Sirius stood there.

Kinnel!” Sirius hissed, clenching his fists. He wasn’t hungry anymore.


Yes, Sirius isn't an idiot. He's seen prostitutes, it's just surprising when you see someone so young in that role.

Please let me know if I misuse any British slang =) I'm American, but I did try.

The End

You have reached the end of "Be Like That". This story is complete.

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