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Fixing the Seed

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Summary: BtVS comic-verse AU. One evening Dru woke angry and blamed Buffy for it.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy > Other BtVS CharactersDmitriFR71801015679 Aug 129 Aug 12Yes
Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine, but belong to their appropriate owners.

Note: spoilers for the official series.

Once upon a time Drusilla woke up feeling very, very angry. It took her a few minutes... well, maybe a better part of an hour – to figure out why, but eventually she did:

“This mean Slayer made all the magic disappear!” Dru told Miss Edith as the doll just listened, listlessly. “Now mommy cannot hear the stars! That won’t do!” She almost wanted to add “my Spike”, but even Dru by now realized that Spike was no longer hers, so she cut that part off.

Besides, he was not there to begin with, so mentioning him would be downright silly, and so Drusilla went to find Buffy the Vampire Slayer instead.

* * *

In all actuality, Dawn was quite sure when her relationship with Xander began, she just wasn’t quite sure how to proceed in it with practice... not to mention, she just wasn’t sure how willing she was to pull out all of the stops, and have a physical relationship with him as well. After all, he was... well, Xander. And so, she felt like procrastinating, until there was a knock on the door. Figuring that it was Xander arriving early for their date, she opened it – and there was Dru, albeit without Miss Edith.

“Hi!” Drusilla said brightly.

“Hi... Dru...” Dawn managed weakly, before Dru grabbed her by the protruding arm and pulled her into the corridor.

“Can I speak to your sister, please?” Dru asked, still politely, but her grip felt as solid as iron.

“Right,” Dawn nodded, getting herself together (and noticing Xander coming up behind them with a prepared stake). “Buffy!”

“What?!” Buffy yelled back from the depths of the apartment. “I don’t want to hear any sordid details from you or Xander, and besides, I’m in a Willow – I mean in a meeting with Willow and Faith-“

“Buffy, it’s Dru with a Tuesday-related emergency!”

“But it’s Thursday!”

“I know!” Dawn yelled back. “So will you come out?”

“Fine!” Buffy stomped out of her room and faced Drusilla. “Dru. What do you want?!”

“Slayer,” Drusilla growled, her face shifting into her inhuman mode. “I’m very cross with you. You made the magic go away. In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!”

Buffy twitched. “Now see here,” she hissed, “I have most of the witches in the world complaining to me about it, I got half of all the Slayers complaining to me about it, I have things that I did know existing complaining to me about it, so I don’t want you complaining to me about this! Why are you complaining to me about this? You’re no witch!”

“Am too a witch!” Drusilla hissed back, elbowing Xander harshly as he was about to stake her. Now, though, he slammed into the wall, dropping his stake and gasping for breath. “The stars have whispered to me, but now they have fallen silent! It is wrong! It’s not right, and it’s your fault!” She grabbed Buffy, and the two of them began to roll around, doing their best to wrestle the other into submission.

“Um,” Dawn alternated at looking at them with looking at Xander, who, frankly, did not look all that well either. “Help?” she turned to Willow and Faith, who just stood in the sisters apartment, looking bemused.

“I don’t know,” Willow said, thoughtfully. “After all, I am kind of useless without my magic... Faith?”

“On it,” Faith sighed, as she walked over to the struggling vampire and Slayer and pulled them apart. “Dru, I got the pieces of the Seed in the suitcase over there – want to come over to my place and help me glue them together? Willow already agreed to help.”

“We’ll bring magic back! Yay!” Dru immediately got onto her feet, jumping up and down. “Let’s go!”

“Willow, you good?” Faith turned to the ex-Wiccan.

“Yup, let’s go!”

The strange trio left.

* * *

“Wha- where did they go?” Buffy wheezed, as she lay on the floor, trying to catch her breath: as a vampire, Drusilla did not need to breathe as much as Buffy did, plus Buffy’s main strength was speed, not brute force.

“I don’t know,” Dawn muttered, as she treated Xander for injuries. “What did you three talk about, anyways?”

“I don’t remember – Dru knocked this memory right out of my head,” Buffy muttered. “Can I have some ice, please?”

And so the Summers sisters went about their usual routine: treat their own and the others’ injuries. This routine task so engrossed them, that when Faith, Willow, Dru and a few others did glue the Seed back together and the magic returned to this world, they were caught absolutely flat-footed.

Oh, and Buffy was turned into a mountain goat for destroying the Seed – and the world’s magic – in the first place, but that is another story.


The End

You have reached the end of "Fixing the Seed". This story is complete.

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