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An Arrangement

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This story is No. 3 in the series "New Dimension, Same Worries". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy returns to Fangtasia after killing the demon.

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Literature > Southern Vampire Mysteries(Past Donor)polgaraFR1511,100052,46710 Aug 1210 Aug 12Yes
Prompt: wishlist 2010 fic for stellarluna35 – Buffy/Eric - In New Dimension, Same Worries verse what happens after she kills the demon.

A/N: Actually posted this on LJ a year ago, just a little bit behind on my posting. :) this was originally written in response to a Wishlist prompt from 2010. Since this is a continuation of a series I'm posting it separately rather than in the Wishlist compilation 'story'.

An Arrangement

Buffy once again found herself staring at the large grey building with disdain. The past two weeks in Bon Temps chasing down a demon hadn't changed her opinion any. If anything, the brightly lit red sign attached to the side grated at her nerves even more than the previous time.

Of course, it could also be the person who was unwittingly waiting for her inside. Again, it was a courtesy visit to let the Sheriff know that her business in his area was over and she'd be leaving in the morning. Yup. No other ulterior motive.

Just because said Sheriff was dead sexy, emphasis on the dead part, was not the reason she was stopping by this evening instead of leaving a message. Nor was it the reason she took extra care in getting ready to go out that evening. It had been a rough time tracking down the demon and eliminating it and she deserved a night out.

She took a few moments to strengthen her resolve to get in and get out before going to a more reasonable place to unwind. The longer she would be stuck in his presence the harder it was going to be to tear herself away from him. It had been a long, long time since she had been with anyone and Eric Northman was a definite temptation.

Deciding that it wasn't going to get any easier the longer she sat out there, she got out of her little car, locking the door behind her. Like the last time there was a long line winding down the sidewalk waiting to be let in. Buffy didn't have time to wait, wanting to get this over with as quickly as possible and went to the front of the line.

The slayer recognized the female vampire working the door as the one who had been guarding Eric's door the last time. This time instead of a nice pantsuit, she was wearing a black dress that fit her in all of the right places. She had a bored expression on her face that changed to mild interest as Buffy walked up.

“Good, he was beginning to think you weren't going to show back up,” she said simply. She gestured for her to go on inside despite the protests from the line. The vampire simply sneered at them and said, “You can wait all you want but you won't make it inside tonight.”

“That's not good for business,” Buffy pointed out.

She gave Buffy another bored expression. “But they will return because an actual vampire spoke to them.”

“If you say so,” Buffy replied, not wanting to belabor her point. Instead, she headed inside the loud club.

Buffy had discovered that the older she got, the less the club scene seemed to appeal to her. The noise was practically deafening to her sensitive ears and she always left reeking of cigarette smoke and sweat. Not the most attractive combination.

This evening Eric was holding court in the club proper rather than hiding out in his office. She hoped this would make this marginally easier that he wouldn't want to make a scene in front of his patrons. A literal flock of woman sat around him at a table and it was that Buffy could do to stop herself from rolling her eyes.

Before she had a chance to walk over, Eric smoothly rose to his feet and managed to dismiss the women without them being insulted. They had barely started to leave the table when he strode over to her.

Somehow over the past two weeks she had completely forgotten just how tall the vampire was. He towered over her tiny frame until he solely filled her vision, blocking out the rest of the club. And lord did he smell good.

“Ah, Buffy. Taken care of that pesky demon, have we?” He asked, a smile curving his lips.

She frowned and took a step back in effort to give herself some breathing room. “Yup, all gone which means I'll be leaving as well.”

“What? Now?”

“Sure thing, gotta get an early start in the morning,” she said with a bob of her head.

“But you just got here!” He protested. One hand reached out and gently took her elbow. Had he been more insistent about it she would have jerked it out of his reach, but he had managed to make it a friendly gesture, nothing more. “Let me get you one drink.”

“I don't drink.”

“Not even soda or water?” He asked, a smile reaching up to his eyes. “Please, you did me a favor by killing the demon in my area. Let me get you something.”

“Fine, but no alcohol,” she found herself saying. The words had managed to skip from her subconscious directly to her mouth without going anywhere near her internal filter or conscious thought.

“Great!” he said, beaming down at her as he led her over to a booth.

Before she realized it, two hours had passed in surprisingly pleasant company. Granted, she wasn't about to believe that Eric was all hugs and puppies, but this was the first time she had spent any significant amount of time with a vampire in this dimension. There were definite differences beyond the physical between these vamps and the ones from back home.

“So what do you say about my proposition?” He asked, his eyes glittering at her from over his glass of True Blood.

“Which one was that?” She asked, suddenly nervous.

He set the glass down and leaned across the table so he could lower his voice to a sultry growl. “About us becoming great lovers.”

Buffy's first instinct was to reject the offer once again, but she hesitated. Really, he wasn't any worse than Angel or Spike, and his looks definitely fell in the pleasant to look at department; and there was the need to release a lot of pent up tension. But she wasn't going to simply fall at his feet either.

“I want to be wooed,” she said firmly.

“Excuse me?” He asked, clearly surprised.

“Wooed. You know dates, flowers, candy. The works,” she said with a smug grin. “You woo me proper like over several weeks, and if I still hold your interest, well, I think something can be arranged.”

The End

You have reached the end of "An Arrangement". This story is complete.

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