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Ultimate Babysitter

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Curing Boredom". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: *twisted shorts 10* Okay, so Buffy and Clint want to go out to for the evening, but the only option is Uncle Tony. Yeah, we could see why they might be nervous but we’ve all forgotten about the ultimate babysitter. Question is who is it?

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Buffy-CenteredhellbellsFR1319271164,20110 Aug 1210 Aug 12Yes
Authors Note Okay, so several people wanted a sequel, but mainly, thanks has to go to ConstanceTruggle who a) fed my Buffy/Bat addiction and b) has read through and given great feedback on my work!
Disclaimer I sadly do not own the Avengers or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I only own my twisted imagination.

Also, huh, this just became a 'verse so that's now, two verses I'm writing for the Avengers. Oh well!

Babysitting is never fun, but if you are not of age, then it is the easiest way to make a buck. However, once you’ve reached adulthood, then you don’t do it, but by this age you are far too cynical to be allowed around little people – it was like an unwritten rule. You are now, old enough to work in bar, and make money that way. It means not having to put up with your neighbours bratty kids because no one else can handle them, or wishes to do so.

Babysitting is in fact an exercise in keeping your sanity. When you are babysitting a child, whose parents are Buffy Summers and Clint Barton then this concept is in fact multiplied. It turns out a precocious five years old, whose idea of treat is to follow mommy and daddy to the practice range to have fun - is sometimes difficult to handle. Who knew?

Buffy was very confused, at how they had managed to go through so many babysitters - this included; slayers, friendly demons and S.H.E.I.L.D agents. The last S.H.E.I.L.D agent had freaked when Alex had slipped past to find his Uncle Bruce. Bruce would have not scared the agent, but he had actually found the tired toddler curled up on the Hulk's stomach. He'd royally freaked, and apologised to the infamous couple, up to the point of promising his first unborn. Buffy had wondered what the big deal was. She had tried to explain that when Alex was restless, the Hulk was the best way to rock him to sleep - something about the soothing rumbles. She had honestly meant to reassure him, but somehow this seemed to freak him out, to the point that he ran away.

Buffy had been very confused by this action and looked to her husband to see if he could explain. His response was tantamount to a shrug, and a, "What do you want from me? Natasha and I don't train them anymore."

Anyway, Buffy and Clint really wanted to go and watch a movie, with Steve and Faith sans children. Both the slayers and the Avengers, had had days to forget. The only trouble was that there was no babysitter available - apart from Uncle Tony.

Buffy and Clint actually loved Tony. Once he lets you past the prickly, playboy exterior you actually realise that he isn't a douchebag. Plus, the couple loved the presents he bought them - most explode. Tony had said that the way to the couples heart, was to find as many ways to turn medieval weapons into explosive medieval weapons.

Still, whilst they loved Tony, bless his heart. He wasn't the best at supervising minors. The couple were having the age old argument in their own apartment of the Avengers Towers, until the solution made itself obvious.

The AI spoke, "Excuse me Buffy, but I may have a solution."

Others were often freaked when faced with the Artificial Intelligence - Buffy and Faith – cooed. There first comments had been about awesome the AI was and they loved the British accent as it reminded them a little bit of London. As a consequence, Faith and Buffy were often treated more favourably than some of the others in the Tower- including Tony, which was a source of amusement for everyone.

"If I may, Tony loves watching the kids, and I'm always watching all the kids."

JARVIS always had the best ideas; Buffy was sure of it. She had caught the implication that JARVIS was including his creator in his definition of kids.

Clint smiled, understanding dawning, pleased that there evening had not been derailed. It was one thing that they'd all learnt. Yes, you could be the Chosen Two, or, part of the Avengers - easy peasy, but if you wanted to stay sane. Well, that required down time doing normal things. None of them wanted that apple-pie life, not even Steve, and nearly everyone thought he would. No, they had all learnt, at some point or another, that that life was not for them, but that didn't mean that they didn't value quiet lulls in activity.

Buffy smiled blindingly, distracting Clint from his task momentarily. She looked up at the ceiling, which although unnecessary the AI seemed fond of. "JARVIS you are kind of awesome, and the Ultimate Babysitter. If Alex or Annie gets into trouble you know our contact details. If Tony gets into trouble then you have Pepper's details."

Clint shook his head, the last time he checked; he had one son, and one niece. Still, he did kind of adore Buffy when she went into Momma-bear mode. It was scary, and hot, and if anyone dare threaten their cub - Well, they were clearly suicidal or not wishing to keep all their limbs.

However, Clint was just glad that they had found a reliable baby-sitter, and really, forget asking for references, the AI had been looking after Tony Stark for years. So if that didn't show how good a babysitter JARVIS was, then Clint was unsure what would.

As always I like to hear your opinions and ideas! Do you want more?

The End

You have reached the end of "Ultimate Babysitter". This story is complete.

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