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Demon Hunter

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Summary: Buffy arrives in Sunnydale but isn't the Slayer - Yet!

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DC Universe > Surprise CrossovercmdruhuraFR21712,6032457,29411 Aug 1223 Sep 12Yes

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Welcome to the Hellmouth Part 1

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
Beta: None.
Summary: Buffy becomes the Slayer in a slightly different manner.

AN: This is in answer to my own challenge though it does deviate somewhat from how I originally wrote the challenge back in 2010.

AN: Some of the beginning dialog and the scene setting are taken directly from a transcript of the episode and thus I am only borrowing them to help set up my story.

Willow and Thomas had left The Bronze and were walking next to a cemetery.

Willow said, “Sure is dark.”

Thomas replied, “It's night.”

“Well, that's a dark time, night. Traditionally. I still can't believe I've never seen you at school. Do you have Mr. Chomsky for history?” Willow nervously babbled.

Thomas ignored her babbling and headed into the cemetery.

“Uh, the ice cream bar is this way. It's past Hamilton Street,” stated a puzzled Willow.

“I know a shortcut,” said Thomas as he grabbed her hand and led her into the cemetery.

Buffy rushed out of The Bronze and bumped into Xander.

Recognizing the petite blonde, Xander asked “Hey, you're leaving already?”

“Oh, Xander! Have you seen Willow?”

“Not tonight, no.”

“She left with a guy.”

“We're talking about Willow, right? Scorin' at the Bronze, work it girl...”

“No!” interrupted Buffy. “I gave her some advice about not waiting around for the guy she was interested in making the first move and she apparently decided to try it out on a stranger instead of the guy she’s pining for.

“Oh, hey, I hope he's not a vampire, because then you might have to slay him,” stated Xander.

Buffy was taken aback and asked, “What makes you think I slay vampires?”

“I overheard part of your conversation with the Librarian when he praised you for slaying a Master Vampire and his kiss, which sounded real gross until I looked it up,” replied Xander.

“Well you obviously didn’t hear enough since I told him I didn’t want to get involved,” stated Buffy. “And it’s probably too late now, anyway.”

“Too late for what?” asked Xander worriedly.

Buffy answered, “The guy Willow left with was a vampire. I could tell by his outdated clothes, but couldn’t get back to warn her since they were on the other side of the club from the restrooms. I saw them leave and hoped to catch them before they got too far away but now there's gonna be one more dead body in the morning!”

As Willow and Thomas walked through the cemetery, Willow said with some trepidation, “Oh, okay, th-this is nice... and scary. Are you sure this is faster?”

Just then they reached a mausoleum.

“Hey! Ever been in one of these?” asked Thomas having ignored Willow’s question.

“No. Thank you,” said a very wary Willow as she turned away.

ThomasCame up behind her and pulled her hair back.

“Come on. What are you afraid of?” he asked.

He moved in toward her neck which caused her to let out a yelp. He then grabbed her and pushed her into the mausoleum where Willow tripped down the stairs and stopped up against the stone coffin.

She turned around and angrily said, “That wasn't funny!”

Thomas came down the steps and she backed away from him, against a wall where she tripped over some stones.

“I think I'm gonna go,” stated Willow with false bravado.

Thomas laughingly asked, “Is that what you think?”

He started towards her again.

In a panic she skirted by him, but only because he let her.

Willow pulled up short as Darla blocked her way out of the mausoleum.

Darla asked Thomas, “Is this the best you could do?”

Thomas replied, “She's fresh!”

Darla retorted, “Hardly enough to share.”

Thomas asked, “Why didn't you bring your own?”

Giving him a condescending look Darla replied, “I did.”

At this point, Jesse stumbled into the mausoleum, holding his neck.

Jesse gasped out, “Hey! Wait up!”

Seeing Jesse’s condition, Willow cried out, “Oh, my God, Jesse!”

Willow tried to catch Jesse and breaks his fall as he collapsed from blood loss.

Looking groggily up at Darla, Jesse said, “Y'know, you gave me a hickey.”

Thomas gave Darla a questioning look.

Darla shrugged and said, “I got hungry on the way.”

A scared but defiant Willow said, “Jesse, let's get outta here!”

Darla smugly replied, “Oh, you're not going anywhere.”

Willow shouted at the blonde woman, “Leave us alone!”

Darla snorted and said, “You're not going anywhere until we've fed!”

The last word coincided with Darla vamping out.

Willow screamed and fell back down next to Jesse.

“What are you talking about?” shouted Xander.

“Like I said, the guy she was with is a vampire. They only need to get their victim to a secluded location in order to drain them. Which doesn’t take long to do, either. Since you didn’t see Willow or where she went, it’s most likely that she’s dead already,” said Buffy

“I don’t accept that!” shouted Xander, getting into Buffy’s personal space.

Not backing down, Buffy shoved Xander back a bit before shouting in his face, “Tough! Those are the facts!”

She then turned and started back towards the club.

“So you’re just going to go back inside and not even try to help save her?” questioned Xander.

“What part that it’s too late to save her did you not understand?” replied Buffy. “Look, Willow seemed like a nice person and if I’d been able to do something while there were lots of people around I would have, but going out into the night without a plan, a direction to look, or weapons is beyond stupid and will in no way help her and might just get us killed too. It’s better to live and be able to try and help the next person than to die for someone beyond help.”

“You’re a coward!” shouted Xander vehemently.

“Look you dumb fuck. You have no right to question my courage. I had to burn down my school’s gym in order to survive my last encounter with vampires when Lothos and his kiss attacked the dance I was at. I am not some super powered demon slayer who has to do anything you want just because the girl who loves you made a dumb mistake and followed my advice with the wrong guy.”

Xander turned away from Buffy and started to head out into the night when he said, “I wish you were.”

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