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Back to Basics

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Summary: Xander and Magic never really did get along. Edited 13/8/2012

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered(Past Donor)RavenWoodbaneFR1812,6540134,46312 Aug 1212 Aug 12No
Back to Basics

Please Be Nice this is this is the first Fan-Fic I've tried to write and well tell me what you think and Please no Flames

DISCLAIMER-::- I own nothing, The truth of that truly makes me want to cry.

::- This is an after Season Seven story, with s7 ending in the year of 2010 instead of 2003-::

Chapter One

Magic and Xander had always had a love/hate relationship.

He once said words from a magic book which then had the gall to light up on fire, when he had Amy do the love spell on Cordelia to fall in love with him 'cause she broke up with him on Valentine's day, all the women of Sunnydale became obsessed with him and wanted to literally have him or kill him he can never really remember which and of course the demon chick that wanted to ritual sacrifice him over the seal of Danzalthar, yeah the relationship was more Hate then love.

He had come a long way from his life in Sunnydale, from being a glorified Doughnut boy and Carpenter to now being one of the Many Watchers searching the World over for Newly awakened Slayers, His assignment was to search East Africa which was not as fun as Giles had made it out to be.

Most of the villages he had visited were very happy for one of it's Daughters to have the opportunity to leave if only cause it was one less mouth to feed, he was on his last stop over in Kenya when he hit a bit of snag.

The Masai tribe that Nanyamka belonged to were a Warrior Tribe so them letting her go was no small deal,

Which was were The Magic came into question, Yeah so him and Magic being in a long term hate relationship he was just a little apprehensive when the old shriveled Village Shaman dude told him he'd have to go through their ritual Magic hooey Ceremony before they'd allow Nanyamka to attend their New school for Gifted Girls in Cleveland, yep he was so doomed.

" So what your basically saying is if there's no ritual then no school for Nany in the land of opportunities" he knew the answer before the Shaman spoke up.

"Mr Xander we understand that Our ways are different to your ways but for Nany to go with you without you being Masai is not acceptable, you must become part of the Village before we can allow you to take one of our daughters and to do this you must participate in the ritual "

" Yeah, no I got that what you need to understand though is that Xander and Magic equals very bad things" really really bad in fact he was starting to feel the Hell-mouth tingly Vibe which was a sure sign to runaway which is what he would have done already if he wasn't sure that as soon as he turned to run he'd have some Magical coward disease equivalent to syphilis, once was enough thank you very much.

"Yes I know that, It is because your spirit is not, how you say, ah complete yes your spirit is all over" The Shaman waved his hand up and down Xander's Body to emphasize his point "the ceremony will help."

He would of been reassured if it wasn't for the smirk on the old man's face, no that didn't comfort him at all but He new he had to go through with it if only because Nany was kneeling behind the Shaman looking up at him showing her puppy dog eyes miming the word 'please' over and over again which Seriously was not fair considering his feeling of impending doom.

He had spent the rest of the day preparing for the ritual, which Coincidentally was to be that night due to a New Moon.

To prepare for the ritual he had to forgo food and caffeine for the rest of the day which was followed by being scrubbed and washed down by the elder women of the community with pumice soap which was not as fun as it sounded 'cause when he said elder he meant grandma and it didn't help that being washed with the gritty soap over his sun burn hurt as much as running sand-paper over a raw wound.

Once he was clothed in their sheer white ceremonial garments he was advised to spend the rest of the day meditating, which had never ever work for him anyway and seriously meditation, whoever invented it probably did it as an excuse to have a day nap.

When he woke up from his 'meditation' the weather was considerable cooler, once he stood up from the bed though he found that he was woozy, evidently sleeping in dry heat will cause dehydration. Who knew? 

Making his way to the front of the hut his senses were bombarded with the smell of burnt meat, fat and the sound of chanting, which wasn't helping with the wooziness at all.

Seeing Nanyamka at the entrance had him immediately stopping, he couldn't move, despite it being warm he felt his blood freeze in his veins, it was like a nightmare come to life, she wore face war paint and clothing of the exact likeness of Sineya the First Slayer, 

" What?,...Where?,...Huh?" seriously this night was going to hell 

" Do you like Mr. Xander? I Dress as the first Slayer because she is of my destiny"

Yeah, no he didn't like it the last time he had seen Sineya was in that shared nightmare with the other Scoobies and the freaky cheese guy and then before he had woken up he had his Heart ripped out, fun was had by no one, Except for maybe Sineya.

" Yeah sure Nany you look great, Uh hey wait why am I dressed in white? My destinies not to be an Angel is it 'cause let's face it that way leads to the broodiness and a hair care obsession which is so not me"

Nanyamka look noticeably more confused, " I'm sorry?"

" Don't worry you'll find that I babble, we all babble really, it's a thing if you get to come to Cleveland you'll see for yourself, anyway so why am I wearing white is there a special meaning?"

" Yes there are five rites that are performed for each person of the village the five rites are birth, adulthood, marriage, elder-ship, and ancestor-ship. To become a member of the village you will be going through the rites of birth and adulthood, which is why you wear white as you have yet to find your destiny."

Chills we're crawling up his back at the way she said destiny and the urge to burst into hysterical laughter clawed it's way up his throat.

" Well shall we go then" he hoped it didn't take too long for the ritual to finish he was really hanging out for a Twinkie.

The closer they moved to the ceremonial site the louder the sound of the chanting grew, he was starting to feel the heaviness in the air from the smoke of the burnt offerings.

Nany lead him through the cluster of dancing bodies close to the center of the circle were one of the English speaking elder-women that had helped him earlier was already standing.

As he got closer to the center he could see that the elder-women was standing in a circle of dead Wildebeest that had had their throat's slit, yep this was gonna be on his top ten list of things never to do again ever.

He stepped over the animal carcasses and turned back to ask Nany what he had to do, when he turned to face her though he found that she had disappeared, that the chanting had stop and that everyone was staring at him, the only sound in the clearing was of heavy breathing and from the embers of the fire.

He turned back to the elder-women to ask her what was going on and found that she was still dancing,

He didn't want to interrupt her but he was kinda hungry, dizzy and his tolerance level was down to nearly zero "Uh not to be rude or anything but could you tell me whats gonna happen now ? " he whispered, his tolerance may be shot to hell but speaking when everyone was so still and silent was a bit creepy.

The elder-women stopped dancing and held out her gnarly hand, " I am Safiya, I am the chief of this tribe and today I am the representation of Mother today we celebrate your rite of Birth and Adulthood, if you agree to become one with us take my hand and we shall begin".

There really was no other option he reached out to take her hand, then all he knew was black.

And woke up to red, he was in the Serengeti Desert that much he knew,  but what was surprising was that the heat wasn't really bothering him at all which was the only plus he could see at the moment.

" Hello " he screamed, he waited a couple of seconds hoping for someone to burst out from on of the dead trees in the clearing, " This is getting old answer me Please, 'cause seriously I have the survival skills of a lemming, actually they probably have more than me and if you take me back to my hut I won't ever mention to my bested bud Willow who is the strongest Witch in the World that I was in any danger at all, cause she gets angry when that happens" and no one was coming he was totally screwed.

He decided to walked. He walked until he could see the sun starting to set, it was a little surprising that he could walk at all, he hadn't had any water for over twelve hours and would of thought he'd of collapsed by now.

In the distance he could finally see some civilization, when he made it to the Bonfire at the camp though there was only one person there.  

As he got closer to the site he could see that the guy was of the Caucasian persuasion which was rare out here in the Savannah, he was about six feet in height and had dark brown hair an a tan that you could only get by being out in the desert, "Hey Buddy I'm trying to Find my way back to Masai Tribe, do you know the direction I'm suppose to go?, I'm ..."

" I know who you are Xander" the guy interrupted, as he turned around I felt the chills from earlier returning. Standing in front of him was his mirror image the only difference was his irradiant glowing green eyes.

" Oh my God, this isn't happening, this isn't real ", how is this his life 

" Well that's debatable " pretend Xander growled,

"What do you mean? Are you a clone?  we got rid of hyena Xander, You were suppose to have gone inside the hyena, how are you here? " he was babbling again, he couldn't help it though 'cause the only other option was drop to the floor and start rocking back and forth like a crazy person.

" We're currently in your mind",  he spread out his arms and growled "All this is a figment of your imagination.

"Oh thank god" this was a dream, well a nightmare really but that he could live with, unless "So your not real?".

" Yes, well that's what I said is debatable".

" What do you mean? either your real or your not and why do you now sound like a girl ? " the growling was annoying but the high sounding tone was just creepy hearing it come from his body or pretend body, He didn't even know anymore he was so confused,

" The Shaman tricked you," he growled, the Smug Sneer still present on his face "He persuaded the chief to force the ritual when he saw that you had remnants of me still stuck in you and wanted the Primal essence for himself, only we're stubborn and instead of removing me all he did was dislodge me from my cage" he finished with a cackle.

He should of known something like this would happen that something wasn't right, he should have trusted his instinct instead he's now stuck in his subconscious mind Playing host to a snoopy dancing Hyena who hadn't yet stopped cackling,

" Would you stop with the cackling and whats with the snoopy dancing? your not even doing it right," yeah he was definitely on the crazy-train,

"I've been locked up for the last seven years I'm entitled to a little freedom" the Hyena Sneered, " And I sound like a girl because I'm the Matriarch ….. Alpha ".

" Huh ?. What does that even mean?, " he was seriously confused which he realized had been his whole mental state since he first got to Kenya.

" Don't act stupid Xander, you were the Alpha of your Pack, Alphas of Hyena's or Matriarchs as they are properly Named are always Female " she/he Sneered

" Oh my god, I've been living with a girl spirit inside me, a girl Hyena? " he was starting to hyper-ventilate, " Wait does mean that the thing that happened with Kyle and Tor was Because of you?".

" No honey, sorry to burst your little bubble but sexy times with the boys was all you, though I did enjoy the Ride." he/she Smirked

" See no that's were your wrong, I'm not gay ! Though there was that time that Willow was gonna gay me up but that didn't happen" he felt like he was gonna pass out which was in itself weird cause he was in his mind so technically he had already passed out, " So that was totally you that night, yep not me at all cause I like girls with the boobs and the legs and the ……"

The next thing he knew was knocked to the ground with the sensation of pain in his Jaw, " Ouch, seriously what the hell? " he looked up and saw that Hyena was scowling,

" You were babbling and hyperventilating, you were being annoying" Hyena leaned down to crouch down on his level and for the first time there was a smile on his face, " I Didn't say you were gay Xander, if anything your probably Bi-Sexual and you shouldn't be ashamed you know" Hyena let out an exasperated sigh and stretched out his hand "Listen, your father isn't around anymore to dictate to you who or what your allowed to love, Now give me your and I'll help you up".

Xander looked into Hyena's eyes and saw that he was being sincere, he reached out to take Hyena's hand and as soon as their hands touched he felt the most excruciating pain all over his body akin to the time Caleb had squished his eyeball with only his thumb " What's happening ? " he choked out, "what are you doing?"

Hyena Smiled his shit eating grin " Your being reborn Xander, even though we're here the Ritual Rites are still being executed outside, our essences are now literally Fusing together" Hyena let out another cackle and removed his hands and brought his arms around Xander and Clutched him until there bodies were aligned, Hyena Nuzzled his neck and whispered in his ear "Rest Xander we'll talk when you wake up, we have all the time in the world 'cause were gonna be together forever."

He flinch, the pain slowly receding and with Hyena's words he could feel himself starting to lose consciousness and as the Darkness took him, knowing that hyena was going to be there when he woke up did nothing to reassure him at all.

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