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Odd thoughts

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Summary: A collection of shorts and drabbles that have absolutely nothing to do with any other series whatsoever

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Suicide by Slayer

Suicide by Slayer

Buffy Summers, One of the Chosen Two, was fighting. Beside her, fighting too, and swearing even louder, was the other of the Chosen Two, Faith Lehane. The alley they were in was squalid and smelled bad. There were vampires. Quite a few of them.

They were dressed in leather jackets, and had skipped class earlier. They’d actually robbed a sporting goods store the night before too. Buffy was really, really hoping her mom didn’t find out about that. And she had the odd notion that Faith was hoping the same thing.

Faith was laughing in between the swear words. The Eliminati were not easy opponents, but they weren’t the most powerful either of them had fought, and they had been sparring a lot together lately. Nothing trained a Slayer like fighting another Slayer, Buffy decided.

Faith laughed and kicked vamp, then swirled and staked it. A man came out of the darkness beside a dumpster and Faith hit him. He crumpled and hit the dumpster, hard. Faith had her stake out and Buffy screamed. “FAITH NO!”

Faith’s stab was accurate, but as the stake was inches from the man’s chest a white rabbit jumped from it’s position under the dumpster and the stake skewered it, shocking Faith, who gasped and withdrew, looking at the white-furred shish kebab in her hand.

“God, Faith! He’s human!” Buffy shouted, as she went to check the man who was trying to sit upright, wheezing in pain and shock.

“What the fuck?” Faith was pale and frightened. “B? Didya see that? It was almost as if the bunny was tryin’ to kill itself!”

Buffy was running her hands over the man, and looked up, her forehead scrunched in thought and a slight smirk playing around her lips despite the situation. “What, like some sort of suicide Bunny?”

Faith was scraping the dead rabbit of her stake. “I dunno B. B-but maybe someone is tryin’ to tell me somethin’…”

The man groaned. “I-I need to talk to you. There’s great danger. Great danger to the whole world.”

End note:

I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it is owned by Joss Whedon. Nor do I own The Suicide Bunnies, which are the creation and property of Andrew Riley.

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