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Odd thoughts

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Summary: A collection of shorts and drabbles that have absolutely nothing to do with any other series whatsoever

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Not an ideal husband

Not an ideal husband

“I’m sorry, Willow, but it looks like a cast iron contract to me-” Rupert Giles gently spoken words were cut off by a terrible, heart-rending scream.

Xander pulled his oldest friend to him as she collapsed into a boneless, fear-riddled heap. “Come on, Giles! There has to be something we can do? We can’t let Willow marry that-that thing!”

Giles took off his glasses and wiped them gently. “Contracts such as these are rare and powerful, Xander. When Willow agreed to this, she bound her magic to it. She might have thought she could escape it, but well, there really are no loopholes…”

Buffy bit her lip, watching the disintegration of her friend. “Giles? W-what about violence?”

Giles sighed. “I thought of it myself, but considering the contract, it’s quite likely that Willow would die as well.”


Giles coughed. “Yes, quite. And what method do you suggest, then?”

Buffy sighed. “I don’t know. You’re research guy.”

“And research guy says it can’t be killed. I cannot believe I just said that,” Giles muttered. “Its curse prevents it from dying until it is lifted. At most it would be highly uncomfortable, and might take it out on Willow.”

“B-but she can’t marry it! Look at her!” Buffy gestured at where Willow was quickly becoming a shattered wreck.

“Well, I would like to point out that entering into a contract such as this with a creature she had never seen or heard about was rather… foolish.”

Willow wailed again.

“She needed this bulldog thing to cast that protective spell on all of us, Giles! And you know what might have happened if she hadn’t!” Buffy argued.

“Boule d’or, Buffy,” Giles corrected absently. “And yes, I fully realise it,” he looked at the corner of the apartment where Jenny Calendar sat nursing a glass of herbal tea while tenaciously reading some of his reference materials, searching for an escape for her pupil. Only Willow’s inspired spell had kept her from being Angelus’ latest victim as he’d tried to kill her in the High School.

“Anything, Jenny?”

Jenny put the book down. “Nothing. All the sources agree, the contract can’t be broken, there are no escape clauses. I’m so very sorry, Willow,” Jenny admitted mournfully. “But this isn’t like the fairytale."

The last rays of the evening sun faded and there was a thundering knocking on the door. Willow sobbed into Xander’s shoulder. Giles rose and opened it. The seven foot frog with the golden circlet smiled broadly. “I am here for my bride…”

End note:

The Frog Prince is an old fairy tale. I don’t think there is any copyright remaining on it.




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