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A Different Road

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Summary: *TwistedShorts 13* After Sunnydale, Buffy decides to split and visit her grandmother, who has taught her a few interesting skills. What is a girl to do with these skills? Quite simple really, find the love of her life and join the CIA! Bonus chap up!

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Family fun

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Buffy or Red (2010) - All rights belong to their respective owners.
Summary: Hmm, Buffy, Giles, Faith and the entire RED crew all together in Eagles Nest. Can Giles escaape any retribution at Victoria's hands?

William Cooper had led a fun and varied life. He had started in the Marines and in truth; his time in the Marines was positively serene compared to marrying a slayer, and joining the CIA. His wife was stunning, gorgeous and at parties they were the photogenic couple that all the others hated. The irony being that his pretty blonde wife was the more deadly one of the couple.

Still, all things aside, it only became truly insane when you added his wife's family to the mix. Buffy's grandmother was a legendary wet-work agent, Victoria Winslow. Personally, he loved Victoria, she may look like a Martha Stewart type but she never gave knitwear for Christmas, but would think nothing of giving you a Swedish-K. Buffy's grandfather bought his own complications what with him being ex-KGB but hey, when he gives you awesome Vodka you can't complain. The irony of all this was it was the family Uncles that really led the way in terms of controlled insanity. Marvin had been CIA and dosed with LSD over an 11 year period and sadly he showed it. Although, William actually adored the pink fluffy teddy he clutched because inside the pink teddy was usually some form of an automatic weapon. Frank was cooler and calmer, and still smarted over the battle in Langley. William and Buffy liked Frank most days, but it was thanks to cleaning up a FUBARed mission that they had ended up in charge of the CIA.

He took a deep breath, he could handle all of that, and it was the addition of two of Buffy's estranged 'family' that was raising eyebrows. He just hoped that it went well; he knew how important it was for his wife. Buffy though looked amused seeing his reluctance, "Come on we gotta face the music."

William would deny it to his dying day, but he may have pouted. It was not as effective as his wife's pout but he was ready to unleash it when necessary. "Do we have to?"

Buffy grinned, "Come on you know how you love talking to Frank."

William couldn’t help but snicker, he and Frank had developed an easy friendship after their initial knockdown fight. "Faith will eat your Uncles up - It's Giles v Victoria."

Buffy shook the mental image of a boxing ring away. She wanted to enjoy her holiday. "She won't kill him."

William quirked an eyebrow at that statement; after all, Buffy said kill - she made no mention of maiming.

Buffy pushed open the door calling out, "Nana, Grandpa where are you?"

"Out the back."

She shared a grin with William; such an innocuous statement that could mean it could be anything. It turned out that Frank and Marvin were sparring and trash-talking as they went. Sarah, who was Frank's girlfriend, was sitting next to her Grandparents catching up. Sarah smirked at Buffy, "We still haven't gone shoe shopping."

William shuddered, at thought of shoe shopping with Buffy; it was an endurance race he'd yet to win. Actually it was probably a useful form of non-physical torture that the CIA should add to its repertoire. The family were cheerful and happy; the bell for the front door broke their chatter. Buffy stood up and was excited, "I'll get it."

At the front door, stood Giles and Faith who Buffy welcomed inside. Faith wasn't hesitant, "So your boy-toy and the crazies are outside?"

Buffy nodded, Faith knew where she was going. Giles held a nice bottle of some red wine. Buffy shrugged but knew her Nana well enough to know that she'd get a lecture. She took the bottle and decided that life was too short to hold a grudge; she grabbed Giles' hand to walk him through the house.

Giles was in shock, he hadn't been subjected to such a whirlwind since Buffy was younger - It was definitely nostalgic. They sat around the table talking and whilst there was the odd frosty look sent Giles' way - nothing much was said. Frank had managed to subdue Marvin with his infamous hold. He'd been a little unsure but Faith promised him that it was normal.

Not a minute later, he was abandoned by Faith, Buffy and William, who were dragged into a more vicious form of tag. It was clear to all afterwards that Buffy and William should not be allowed to play together.

Meanwhile, at the table Giles found himself subjected to the hard stares of Victoria, Ivan and Marvin. Victoria was never a woman; to be backwards in coming forwards. "You leave me in an odd position."

Giles swallowed his tea, and looked calmly at her, "why is that Ms Winslow?"

Vicky was charmed by the old country manners, "You gave me granddaughter support and affection during a hard time, but then when she needed you most ... you weren’t there. However, you were a much better father figure, than her actual father so I have a dilemma."

Marvin snorted, "Yeah but we dealt with Hank."
Ivan snickered and raised his glass that impromptu mission had been fun.

Giles sighed, "I made a massive mistake and it cost me nearly ten years. I do not want to miss anymore." Victoria was gazing at him, in such a way that he felt as if she was staring at his soul. He just hoped he wasn't found wanting.

Victoria smirked, “As the Head of the IWC you know who we are. You know what we can do and I can guarantee that no magic will spare you from our wrath should you hurt her again.”

Giles was distraught at the thought he’d hurt Buffy. IT had never been his intention, but he’d learnt that she’d grown up and found her own niche. He took a deep breath, “If I hurt again … I’ll come to your door. I assure you that you won’t have to find me.”

Marvin snorted, “It’s not like you could hide. The satellites would get you.”

Ivan grinned, “My paranoid friend is not wrong.”

The threats were disturbed by the winning couple returning to the table. Buffy had loved the tag team sparring and had won against the team of Frank and Faith. The grin was bright enough to put the sun to shame. Giles couldn’t help but smile in response.

Buffy asked a little wryly, “Are all the threats out the way?”

Victoria didn’t deny what had gone on, “Yes dear. Have fun?”

Buffy smirked, “Yep, it’s nice being with family.”

Ivan grinned, “Oh, and proving that you and William are still the best?”

Buffy smirked, showing exactly who her family was, “Of course, would you expect anything else?”

Victoria smiled, it was an eclectic bunch gathered in the back garden at Eagles Nest. They may not be related through blood but it was seemingly a family none the less.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Different Road". This story is complete.

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