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Twisted Nostalgia

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Summary: Unrelated bits I wrote for different prompts over at the 'Disney Kink Meme' - so, no BtVS. But does include: Atlantis, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, Kim Possible, Peter Pan and more.

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This Dear World of Wonder (Peter Pan)

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Peter Pan belongs to J.M. Barrie and Disney (I note both because honestly it is a mash up of both that I picture in my brain when I do this *laughs*)
Prompt: Pan is the only immortal on Neverland, and when his Lost Boys get too old he kills and replaces them. It doesn't have to be a big fic, a minifill or series therof is perfectly fine, just play with the idea of a serial-murderer Pan. Go wild, Nonnies.

Neverland was such a grand place. A land where you stayed a child forever - where you sang, laughed, and had adventures every single day.

Pan understood this all perfectly, he certainly would never dare age a day in this dear world of wonder. What he didn't understand was why everyone else did not abide by these sacred laws - why his very own Lost Boys kept growing up.

But, in the end, it was little matter really. He was the great Pan and could certainly take care of such a thing. And there was no sentimentality to this matter - once the Lost Boys were no longer boys, were men, they simply did not belong in Never Land.

And Peter had no intention of letting them stay.

But oh, when you came down to it, Peter would always be a little boy at core - and they were his. His Lost Boys that he found - finders keepers. So, he had no intention of letting them go anywhere either.

Really, there was only one thing he could do.

Tinkerbell always helped - she had no alliance to anyone but Peter anyway and something in her fae nature always found it satisfying to trick the humans. Whether the trick was a minor practical joke that caused laughter for others or something much more lethal was equally amusing to her. (Over the years, she came to be quite good at her deadly tricks. Amused at how easily manipulated "Pan's Boys" could be - and how very breakable.)

And there was a reason the mermaids loved Peter - more than the little bits of flirting they engaged in (for they knew not to push for more on that front) - and it was because of how well they were kept fed.

Peter would grin, that wide toothed grin as he alighted on a rock and greeted them with Tinkerbell dancing around his head and a limp animal-costumed young man in his arms. After a short chat he would casually slide the body in the water and give the half-female beings a wave, while already in the air.

Not at all disturbed that behind him a cadaver was pounced upon; being mauled and ripped apart in several directions by snarling mermaids.

It was just burial at sea after all.

And he was always fair - he gave each and every one of them a chance to stay young and happy, as they should. It was only once his entire group had broken Neverland's law and Pan had, of course then returned them to the very land, would he go out and search for some more Lost Boys....

...and hope this next batch would follow the rules.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Twisted Nostalgia" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Feb 14.

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