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Original of the Species Part 5: Glory

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Original of the Species". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Multiple Crossover (mostly DBZ, some SG-1, some Eddingsverse, some new as well) What do you give the Z-Scoobies who just took down Cell? Why, a crazy Hell Goddess of course.

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Prologue - Ambassador of Shadows

Original of the Species

Part 5 The God and the Saiyan: Glory

Multiple Crossover (mostly DBZ, some SG-1, some Eddingsverse, some new as well) What do you give the Z-Scoobies who just took down Cell? Why, a crazy Hell Goddess of course.

Time again for the next instalment, boys and girls.

I’m sorry it took so long, but life got a bit busy for a while. And along the way I lost my drive to write. Sad, but unfortunately it is as it happened. Oddly enough I still had plenty of inspiration for a kick ass story, it’s just that I had to learn how to write all over again. It probably didn’t help that everything I had written up till then was based on getting to the Cell Games. And having reached that goal I kinda lost my drive to get further. So as I type this it’s time to get going again. Once more into the breach, my friends!

In a way both you, the reader, and me, the writer, are going into new territory. Until now everything was leading up to the Cell Games, a fixed goal which I more or less had in mind as I wrote Part 1 Slayer & the Saiyan all those years ago, knowing that while the journey from A to Z was going to be long, it was also going to be interesting as I still had to arrive at my fixed destination at some point. Now the end post is a little more vague and distant. But let’s see where it ends, right? I have a few interesting ideas that are worth exploring. There’s still plenty left to do for our heroes.

No rest for the wicked!

Alright, time for the obligatory. Let us never forget the true Gods who came up with this stuff long before I did. All hail Whedon, Toriyama, the late David Eddings and the buggers who came with Stargate who I still can’t be arsed to google up. And everybody else whose verses I’ve pillaged to come up with this story. You know who you are and what you own. No rights reserved! All copyrights cheerfully ignored. I’m just playing with this stuff to entertain myself and my readers. In fact this might even result in additional sales/fans for these franchises. Honest!

Citizen Erased
Muse - Origin of Symmetry
Lyrics by Matt Bellamy

Break me in,
Teach us to cheat
And to lie, and cover up
What shouldn't be shared
And the truth's unwinding
Scraping away at my mind
Please stop asking me to describe

For one moment
I wish you'd hold your stage
With no feelings at all
I'm sure I used to be so free

Exhausting for all to see and to be
What you want and what you need
And the truth's unwinding
Scraping away at my mind
Please stop asking me to describe

For one moment
I wish you'd hold your stage
With no feelings at all
I'm sure I used to be so free

For one moment
I wish you'd hold your stage
With no feelings at all
I'm sure I used to be so free

Wash me away
Clean your body of me
Erase all the memories
They'll only bring us pain
And I've seen all I'll ever need


‘Ambassador of Shadows'

I’m chomping at the bit
I’m sharpening the ax
Oh, here I come again, whoa!

Sweating Bullets
Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction
Lyrics by Dave Mustaine

As SG-1 emerged through the Stargate they found themselves not on the surface of their intended destination, a planet, usually in a verdant lush green forest similar to British Columbia. Instead they found themselves in the Gate room of an Goa’uld Ha’tak battlecruiser.

Waiting for them as they emerged from the gate was a group of Jaffa, their uniforms and symbols identifying them to be part of the Sons of Priya. As soon SG-1 recognized who they were they lowered their weapons and a Sons of Priya commander stepped forward.

“I am Sonta’r,” the Sons of Priya commander said formally as he greeted them, “I am the captain of the Son’s of Priya Ha’tak Priya’s Justice.”

“What is this?” O’Neill said a little indignant as he stepped away from the Stargate, “I thought that we were going to meet with Bra’tac, not you guys.”

“Our apologies, Colonel O’Neill,” one of the Sons of Priya Jaffa said, “But there has been a change of plans.”

O”Neill briefly glanced briefly at Teal’c, who raised his trademark eyebrow.

“What’s going on here?” Major Carter asked, “We were supposed to go down to the planet and meet Bra’tac.”

“Unfortunately Bra’tac’s forces have lost control of Cha’pa’ai,” the Jaffa captain explained, “So you would have walked right into a trap. Fortunately he knew you were coming and asked us to interdict the incoming Cha’pa’ai stream.”

“You can do that?” Daniel asked surprised but the Jaffa turned around and beckoned them to follow.

“Come, I will show you.”

“So what the hell is going on?” O’Neill asked as they followed the Jaffa commander, “Are you guys on a combined mission?”

“No combined operation, O’Neill,” the captain said, “We do not work together as often as we should. Old habits die hard shall we say. We only happened to be in the neighborhood.”

“For what?” Daniel asked.

“To rescue Master Bra’tac and his forces from utter annihilation at the hands of the Goa’uld.”

The captain of Priya’s Justice took SG-1 to the bridge of his ship, where every station was being manned with the signs of the ship being on red alert. Everybody was looking extremely concentrated and there was a constant stream of reports and data coming in.

Through the bridge windows a large verdant planet could be seen, with a large continent taking up most of the planet’s view. The captain then left SG-1 alone as several officers came to him with reports.

“P4X-978 I presume,” Daniel said as he looked out of the window, stating the name of the planet they had intended to go through.

“I think so,” Sam said as she joined by his side, “Looks kinda peaceful from up he…..”

Suddenly on the planet below a small flash happened.

“What was that?” Sam said as she looked at the captain.

“There’s another one,” Daniel said, pointing to the planet below. Then as if to illustrate his point another flash happened.

“Could that be freak weather?” Daniel asked Sam.

“That is no flash, Daniel Jackson,” Teal’c said, sounding concerned, “Those are explosions. We are looking at the signs of battle.”

“Teal’c is right,” the captain of Priya’s Justice spoke having finished conferring with his officers, “Those are Bra’tac’s forces being pushed. And being pushed real hard.”

The captain activated a control and a holographic image of planet P4X-978 appeared, floating to the side of SG-1.

“We were conducting a raid against forces of the Goa’uld Petbe, a known ally of Ba’al, when we received a distress call from Master Bra’tac. He had taken his forces here and was in desperate need of extraction.”

The holographic planet zoomed in until parts of the large continent below were highlighted. A symbol that represented a Stargate began to glow on the holo map.

“We know that Master Bra’tac’s forces arrived through the Cha’pa’ai yesterday,” the captain continued, “We also know that he contacted you to come and meet him there, although we do not know why.”

“He told us he had found evidence of some secret Goa’uld plot to, well, let’s fact it, they’re never up to anything good anyway,” O’Neill said, “While he told us it was pretty urgent, he didn’t tell us why.”

“I see,” the captain nodded, “We know that his forces lost control of the Cha’pa’ai about 6 of your hours ago and are being pressed hard towards this peninsula here.

The map now showed a shifting battle line away from the blinking Stargate.

“I don’t get it,” O’Neill said looking at Teal’c, “Why didn’t Bra’tac take some of his chi trained fighters with him? Surely they would have made mince meat out of any Goa’uld force out there?”

“It does seem reasonable, O’Neill,” Teal’c agreed, “and the Free Jaffa do have a sizeable contingent of trained fighters.”

“Oh, our liaison with the Free Jaffa told us Master Bra’tac did take warriors trained in the art of life energy with him,” the captain stated matter of fact, “It is standard procedure amongst both the Free Jaffa and the Sons of Priya.”

“Then how come he’s losing?” O’Neill asked the captain, “How many did he take with him?”

“All of them.”

As the rescue effort commenced Free Jaffa warriors were brought on board Priya’s Justice through the ship’s ring transporter. As more and more were being brought on board the ship O’Neill noticed that many of them had suffered grievous wounds and injuries and that those who hadn’t looked utterly exhausted.

Last to come on board was Bra’tac himself.

“Tek ma tek, Master Bra’tac,” Captain Sonta’r spoke in a ritualistic greeting, “Welcome aboard Priya’s Justice.”

“Tek ma tek, captain,” Bra’tac responded in kind, “It was kind of you to come to our aid.”

“It is what allies do,” the captain said amiably, with just a tiny hint of mockery at Bra’tac’s plight. Despite O’Neill picking it up Bra’tac showed no sign of doing so himself. Or at least he had the good grace not to show it while he still relied on the Sons of Priya to get him and his men out of danger.

“Many thanks still,” Bra’tac said, “I was surprised that you responded to our calls so quickly. Last time we checked with our liaison the Sons of Priya had no ships in this part of space.

“We were on a covert mission,” the captain explained, “a highly secret operation. Just like yours.”

Again there was this tiny hint of mockery.

“Such is the nature of war that even in battle one hand does not always knows what the other hand does,” Bra’tac shrugged, then he looked at O’Neill, “It is good to see that you did not fall into the hands of Petbe.”

“It would seem that our allies have kept secrets from us as well,” O’Neill said as he glanced suspiciously at Captain Sonta’r, then he looked at Bra’tac again, “So, why did you want us to come? And did it have anything to do with you getting your ass kicked off that planet?”

The Sons of Priya had come a long way since the days when they were just the Jaffa of a minor Goa’uld with delusions of grandeur called Amūn. Set free by the Saiyan Belmovekk and given a new faith their ranks had been swelled by defeating several other minor Goa’uld and deserters who had flocked to their brand of religion. One that stressed duty and self-sacrifice over personal aggrandizement. Having read a copy of the so-called Gospels of Priya the experts back at the SGC found it hard to comprehend that such a faith was even remotely Saiyan in origin. It seemed so contrary to known Saiyan behavior.

Now that their ships no longer had need of large personal living quarters for a Goa’uld overlord the Sons of Priya had converted them for various other uses, like proper command, communications and control facilities and proper briefing rooms. It was in a room like the latter that SGC, Captain Sonta’r and his staff listened to Bra’tac as he told them of what happened.

“So what was it?” O’Neill asked the Jaffa War Master, “Why did we have to come to that planet? What was on there and what kicked your ass so hard that Captain Stick Up His Butt here had to come and rescue you.”

“And us,” Daniel quickly added, “Don’t forget if he hadn’t intercepted our incoming wormhole we would walked right into that trap as well.”

O’Neill glanced briefly at Daniel as Bra’tac began to explain.

“You must know, O’Neill, had I know the full extend of Goa’uld trickery I would never have brought you here,” Bra’tac explained, “Nor would I have gone into battle alone without our allies.”

“So what happened?” Sam asked.

“About three months ago the Tok’ra alerted us that something strange was going on on the fourth planet of this system,” Bra’tac continued, “something suspicious, but not important enough for them to pay attention to it personally. So they left it to us.”

“Why you, Master Bra’tac,” a Sons of Priya staff officer asked.

“One of my warriors was visiting them at the time,” Bra’tac shrugged, “And they figured we probably had spies amongst Petbe’s Jaffa. They seem to think we have spies amongst many Goa’uld. More then we do have. It is a fiction I do not see fit to cure them off.”

“Most wise indeed,” Teal’c agreed. While the Tok’ra were important allies against the Goa’uld they were known to have their own agenda’s. Even O’Neill was no big fan of them, going only so far to only trust the Tok’ra Selmak, who also happened to be Samantha’s father.

“As it so happened we had no spies amongst Petbe’s Goa’uld,” Bra’tac continued and since he is only a very minor Systemslord I didn’t deem it important enough to send an agent to him. As it turned out I was very wrong. Very wrong indeed.”

“About three days ago one of Petbe’s Jaffa defected to our cause and told us harrowing news. Ever since we began to use warriors trained in the art of life energy fighting we have been pressing the Goa’uld hard in every ground engagement that we have fought. We know that they are desperate for a way to counter our superior strength and it would seem that Petbe was the first to come up with a way other then Anubis’ Kull warriors. He simply copied ours.”

As everybody looked in bewilderment at each other Bra’tac continued.

“The Jaffa spoke of training camps on the fourth planet of this system where ordinary humans were being taught the art of life energy fighting.”

That particular revelation also caused quite the stir.

“I don’t understand,” Daniel asked curious, “why train humans? Why not Jaffa?”

“Is it not obvious, Doctor Jackson?” Captain Sonta’r spoke, “the Goa’uld no longer trust us. Too many of us have defected to the Free Jaffa or headed the word of Priya. There have been too many Goa’uld defeats for the Goa’uld to have maintained their sacrosanct status. Their human subjects on the other hand know little of these defeats and still look up to their masters as Gods. False Gods nonetheless, but they do it. We too have noticed a shift by many Goa’ulds to use more and more humans in their direct service.”

“Captain Sonta’r is right,” Bra’tac echoed, “As the Goa’uld find it harder to place trust in their Jaffa they have begun replacing them with Tau’ri. So it was not a complete surprise to learn that Petbe was training humans, and not Jaffa in the art of life energy fighting.”

“Deeming this a threat to great for us I decided to strike against these training camps. I had hoped to present you, O’Neill, with the proof of these camps amidst their very ruins so I summoned you and SG-1. Preferably not too long after we had razed them and taken several prisoners for interrogation.”

“I don’t understand,” Daniel asked, “How would the Goa’uld even know the art of chi fighting? As far as I know only we have access to the last living Saiyans who can teach this.”

“The Disciple of Aldur has trained enough of us so they can train others,” Captain Sonta’r countered, “There are thousands amongst the Sons of Priya who have learned the art of life energy combat. I suspect the number is similar amongst the Free Jaffa. Some amongst those who have learned the art have died, their bodies lost. Some have been captured. They might have been turned against us. It is even possible that some who have deserted to our cause and who have been trained were still loyal to the Goa’uld and returned with that knowledge.”

“No military advantage lasts forever,” O’Neill said thoughtfully as he quoted an old military axiom.

“O’Neill is right,” Bra’tac continued, “sooner or later it was bound to happen that the Goa’uld would gather this knowledge from us. This is why I decided to attack Petbe’s camps and hit them hard before he could use what he created against us. I also had hoped to learn as to how Petbe had managed to gather knowledge of the art of life energy combat.”

“We arrived through the Cha’pa’ai yesterday, posing as Jaffa in the service of Ba’al, to whom Petbe owes allegiance. We hoped to use this ruse to infiltrate his bases. Unfortunately our intelligence proved faulty.”

“You walked into a trap?” O’Neill asked.

“Worse,” Bra’tac sighed regretfully, “There were far, far more camps then we were lead to believe. We never stood a chance.”

Isn’t it weird how easily one can slip back into a habit?

Despite not having regularly patrolled the streets for years Buffy almost instinctively fell back in her old patterns as she walked the streets of Sunnydale. Walking one of her regular routes that saw her through some of the most demon infested parts of town? Check. Pretending to be a vulnerable damsel trying to get home in one piece? Check. Even carrying her old stakes hidden in strategic places for easy access? Check!

It was like she had taken a timewarp straight back into the 90’s.

Touching her hidden stakes one more time she made her rounds to the completely deserted town, now utterly devoid of any life whatsoever. Which was odd.

Damn odd!

It used to be bad, before the Edict helped them take back the night. Really bad at times. But even Sunnyhell at its worst was never this deserted at night. Sure, vampires and demons may have ruled the night, but ruling the night still meant occasionally going out there and finding some luckless human to snack upon. Those nights often meant overtime in the slaying department.

But not a peep.

Also not a single demon or vampire to be had as she made her way through the town.

It was like she had gone back in time, but only she had. It was like she had gone back in time like in some Twilight Zone episode, only to find that everybody had moved on. Like in time being a series of rooms where each room represents the present and everybody moves from one room to the other as time moves forward. But somehow she had gotten left behind in the old room and failed to move on to the next.

Now she really started to feel ill at ease. Damn you Xander and your TV obsessions! Because in that Twilight Zone episode where a couple got stranded in the past, the room that no longer was the present, they found themselves surrounded by strange construction workers who were tearing down the past around them.

Maybe the Twilight Zone analogy was wrong. Maybe she was stuck in a Stephen King version of the past. Where people also move on to a new present and leave the old present behind.

But in that version of the past there were no strange construction workers. No, that past would get devoured by strange killing slash eating machines, the Langoleers, who devoured everything until there was nothing left.

Damn you Xander with your Tuesday evening movie marathons!

Keeping an eye, or should she say an ear out for that rustling sound that would announce the arrival of the Langoleers Buffy made for home. Maybe things would make more sense at ho…..

No. She suddenly stopped and turned left.

Giles would know.

If you wanted to feel safe, there was no place like home. But if you wanted to get to the bottom of things Giles’ place was the place to be.

Besides, it was closer anyway.

As she ran towards Giles’ place she came past one of the many cemeteries that were part of the not so glorious heritage that was Sunnyhell. And there she spotted a light coming from the cemetery. From a very familiar crypt indeed.


Somewhat curious she entered the cemetery and made for Spike’s crypt. Probably the only crypt in Sunnydale in all of Sunnydale, or California for that matter, to have all the creature comforts of the living. Like electricity, television and the internet. Even though those comforts were being enjoyed by someone who was the very opposite of the living.

After the Cell Games things had more or less reverted to their old form again in Sunnydale, with Spike now doing almost all their dirty work in keeping the town’s supernatural population in line. With proper supervision by Giles and Belmo of course. Those few times she’d bumped into him, either at Giles’ or with Belmo in their kitchen, he gave off a weird vibe though. Like he was looking at her in a weird way. Come to think of it he’d also stopped insulting her and started to act clumsily friendly towards her. A fair case of the wiggins indeed.

All in all Spike’s crypt was not a place she’d like to visit, but this deserted Sunnydale schtick wigged her out even more.

Reaching Spike’s crypt she entered without bothering to knock. Why would she? Not only was it Spike, it did well to hammer it into him that he didn’t rate as knock worthy with her.

“Spike, are you the….,” she said as she entered his crypt. Only to stop talking as her jaw nearly hit the floor.

Lying on top of a large two person bed was Spike.

And he was lying on top of a woman doing the nasty with her.

And that girl was her.

Too flabbergasted to say anything Buffy couldn’t do anything but watch helplessly.

“Oh, Spike, you’re the greatest,” bed-Buffy moaned as Spike boned her intensely, “You’re so much man for me.”

“Damn straight, Slayer,” Spike grunted without relenting in his groinal assault, “You know you want it, don’t you?”

“I want everything from you, Spike, and more,” bed-Buffy said smiling a most subservient smile, “You’re big bad is filling me up.”

“You have got to be kidding me,” Buffy spoke softly, “This has got to be….”

As Spike kept fucking the other Buffy, Buffy first thought that maybe her parallel twin was pulling a fast one on her, but then she noticed the absence of that little scar on the other Buffy’s lip. Which meant that it really was her doing the bedside twist with Spike and…..

Not being able to watch it any longer Buffy turned around and ran out of Spike’s crypt.

Only to emerge out in broad daylight.

She was no longer outside Spike’s crypt in a Sunnydale cemetery.

Instead she stood outside what looked like a rest room. A rest room of some gas station along some sun baked desert road. And judging by the attendant filling up a large 4 wheel drive she was now either somewhere near the Mexican border.

Scratch that, she thought as she saw the signs which were only in Spanish, make that Mexico.

She pulled out some sunglasses and made for the 4 wheel drive, climbed aboard and set down behind the wheel in a way that felt completely natural. Staring ahead blankly Buffy contemplated what she had witnessed in Spike’s crypt. Meanwhile the gas station attendant stopped filling up the car and put the hose back. Wiping his hands on a dirty cloth the man looked up to the sky, where some black clouds could be seen in the distance.

“Storm’s coming,” the man said.

Before Buffy could respond a boy emerged beside her with a Polaroid camera, then he took a picture of her. As the picture emerged from the camera he held it out towards her. Buffy took it and slowly saw herself emerge on the developing picture, looking tired and thoughtful. And then it hit upon her.

“I’ve been here before,” she said as she reached into a pocket and pulled out a dollar bill to pay the boy. Then she closed her eyes for a moment. Why was this so familiar? In a moment of lucidity she felt like she had been here before. But when? Or how? It was so maddeningly frustrating!

“Why can’t I get this!” she said as she opened her eyes again.

Only to find herself no longer sitting in that car in the Mexican desert, instead she found herself standing in a hospital room.

A very crowded hospital room.

The place was packed with people, all looking at something. So she pushed herself forward to see what the fuss was all about.

There, lying in a hospital bed was her mother.

It was her mother, as she was after she had given birth to her sisters. Belmo was there, sitting beside her and holding her.

Then she recognized everyone around her. They were her friends. At least everyone who was one at the time of her sisters’ birth. Even Angel was there.

And yet…. there were more people there as well. Everyone present there had a double, a twin of themselves, superimposed over them, and yet also separate.

There was Xander, and yet superimposed over him was a Xander that was cruelly beaten and wounded, only barely managing to stand up straight. Same with Giles, whose double looked like he had stood at the center of a nuclear blast. Willow’s double looked like she was barbecued alive. Angel’s on the other hand looked like he always did, just a little more gaunt and weary, like he was responsible for a great and heavy burden.

She look at Belmo and her mother again. To her horror their doubles also looked dead. Her mothers looked like Giles, like being at the heart of a nuclear explosion. Belmo’s looked like Xander’s, like he had gone through seven rounds with Cell at his full power and then some.

A nurse entered the room carrying a trolley with two infants on it, by all likelihood her sisters. The nurse pushed the trolley past every one else, then she stopped by the bed and gave the first infant to her mother.

“Oh there you are,” her mother said as she took hold of the baby, tired and yet content at the same time, “my little Mayan. Our little Mayan. Our daughter.”

“She is beautiful,” Belmo agreed happily.

As soon as Joyce nestled Mayan in her arms another Mayan appeared. Walking past the others future Mayan appeared, the one from that alternate future. And then it all made sense. All the others, the super imposed ones, they were all from the alternate future. And those who had died, now appeared as they were before they had died. Which meant that……

She looked aside, where next to the door, there was a small sink and mirror above it. As she looked straight into it she could see someone superimposed over her as well. A twin older Buffy, and totally lacking any fashion sense other then a hospital gown. And….., ew, was she puffier looking? And pudgier? Xander never told her she had looked that bad!

“And here is the other little girl,” the nurse said and handed the other baby over to Belmo.

“Our little Dawnie,” Joyce smiled, then she rested her head on Belmo’s shoulder, “Look at our little girls. What we did.”

“What you did, my love,” Belmo said as he cradled, “I was only there along for the ride.”

“Oh, I think you did do more then just that,” Joyce chuckled as she looked and winked, causing Belmo to look away uncomfortably. Causing Buffy to chuckle as well. For someone who had lived for as long as he did Belmo could be such a prude at times.

As she chuckled she noticed a newcomer. Next to Angel stood a dark haired man in a leather jacket. He too had an overlay that looked like he had taken an abrupt dosis of instant brighter then a thousand suns sunshine.

As she tried to make sense of the newcomer Angel suddenly looked at her. Or should she say the Angels, plural, looked at her.

“The Beast is coming,” the Angels said, both voices in unison, yet both sounding not quite the same.

Okay, that was creepy, especially that dual voice effect.

“So we’re again with the cryptic, huh?” Buffy asked but the Angels didn’t reply. They instead resumed staring at the babies again.

“I guess it’s true what they say about out of sight, out of mind,” Buffy said slightly dismayed at being ignored by Angel. Then the man next to Angel spoke.

“You must go forth and seek the Slayer,” the man said with an Irish accent. This time it was only one guy speaking as the overlay had clearly lost the ability to speak.

“But I am the Slayer,” Buffy protested

“You are only the Slayer of Vampires,” the man said back, “The Slayer of Worlds if need be. You must go forth and seek the Slayer. Only the Slayer can kill the Beast.”

“That’s a whole of cryptic,” Buffy said, to which the man shrugged. Then he shimmered and divided into three smaller forms which changed into three small creatures, like none she had ever seen before.

The creatures were way smaller then her, which was good because so far everybody and everything she had encountered seemed to be a lot larger then she was in the heights department. They were brown hairy creatures, with long heads ending in short elephant-like trunks. On their backs each one carried a pair of wings.

“We,” the left one said.

“Know,” the middle one said.

The right one said nothing, it just looked at her. Then he made the universally known sign that said ‘for a price’.

“This doesn’t make any sense,” Buffy said as she briefly closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Hmmmmm,” a voice said behind her and Buffy spun around.

Only to look straight into the face of Yoda.

The honest to God actual Yoda from Star Wars in all his Technicolor greenness sitting on the washbasin looking at her.

“You have got to be kidding me,” Buffy exclaimed as her jaw nearly hit the floor.

“Always in motion the future is,” Yoda said in that funny speech of him.

“What future?” Buffy said a little peeved, ”You know I’m getting fed up with all this secrecy nonsense. For once I wish that somebody would warn me in a way that’s not heavy on the mystery and skimpy on the details. With a heavy side dash of cryptic.”

Yoda shook his head and sighed.

“Foolish the young are,” he muttered dejected, “so in search for meaning they are, they see the truth not right in front of them it is.”

“What truth?” Buffy yelled annoyed, “For once in your life make sense you little goblin!”

“See!” Yoda said.

“What!” Buffy exclaimed in frustration. Upon which Yoda shook his head in dejection.

“Then help you I cannot,” he said, hopped off the washbasin and walked out of the hospital room, but before he left he turned around one last time, “Beware, save the sister you must.”

Then he was gone.

“I swear to god, if this gets any weirder then I…..,” Buffy said as she turned around but abruptly stopped as she watched her sisters in the arms of her mother and Belmo. With future Mayan snuggled right up to them.

And then it hit her.

As soon as the realization struck her the world around her faded.

“No!” Buffy yelled frantically as the hospital room dissolved around her in an accelerated rate.

Next thing Buffy woke up in her bed, sat up straight and switched on the light.

Across the room in another bed somebody stirred.

“Buffy, what’s wrong?” Willow asked sleepdrunk, rudely awakened from her sleep by the sudden light. Buffy didn’t look at her fellow room mate, instead she looked up and began to sigh.

“I think I just had another dream, Will,” Buffy said as she looked around, for anything out of the ordinary. Like a small green alien with bad grammar. But he (was it a he? She wasn’t sure, the movies never did say what his sex was) wasn’t to be found.

“You had a nightmare, Buffy?” Willow asked, then her sleepdrunk face changed to a worried face, “You don’t mean…..”

“Yup, one of those,” Buffy said as she let herself fall back into bed and looked at the ceiling, “In full techni-color weirdness.”

“Is it bad, Buffy?” Willow asked concerned.

“I’m not sure,” Buffy said after some thinking, “I think it tried to tell me something. Something I saw. Something I realized. And now it’s gone. Can’t remember.”

“Maybe it will come back to you later?” Willow suggested but Buffy wasn’t so sure. What she did know for sure that she had realized something and now it was gone. Something important.

And for some strange reason she felt it was something that had been nagging her for quite some time.

Something at the edge of her consciousness. Always beyond her and yet still close enough to tantalize her like mad.

If only she could remember….

Like remember that she had realized in her dream that everybody had their overlay twin from the alternate future.

Everyone except Dawn.
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