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Summary: Amy and Dan are about to find out there's more in the world than just Cahills and Vespers...

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Literature > Childrens/TeengrundyFR1316570351213 Aug 1213 Aug 12Yes
Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss. The 39 Clues belongs to Scholastic (I think.) No money is being made here, it's all in good fun.

Author's Note: This is what happens when I read all the 39 Clues books in a few days...

Buffy blinked at the unexpected alarm going off in Council Headquarters. She hit the button to silence the alarm and then tried to make sense of the readout and security feeds that had been cued up with it.

“Um, guys? Why do we have a pair of kids trying to break into a Council vault? Did we know there was a vault in Berlin? Do we even know what’s in there?”

Willow’s fingers were dancing over keys in seconds, activating all the security surrounding the secret Berlin facility.

“Hm,” she mused. “Not entirely sure what’s in that vault, but according to biometrics, that’s Amy and Dan Cahill. They’re on Interpol’s wanted list for a string of thefts of priceless artifacts. Interpol wouldn’t know it of course, but several of the artifacts are more significant than they realize.”

Xander peered over her shoulder.

“And these two just suddenly decided they had a jones for dangerous antiques?” he asked. “That doesn’t sound right.”

“That’s because I wasn’t done yet, silly,” Willow told him. “I’m tracking down communications between the pair and what seems to be their base in Massachusetts.”

“Wait, Cahill… I know that name,” Buffy frowned. “Aren’t they the group that has the formula for a serum that makes you super or something?”

“Yep,” Willow confirmed. “Loose family group descended from an Irish alchemist who had connections to the Council. Also, the opponents of a group called the Vespers that we have reason to suspect may be either headed by a demon or allied to one. So, definitely apocalypse potential involved in whatever is going on.”

“And here I was enjoying the relative quiet this year,” Dawn muttered. “Are the Cahill kids acting alone, or is someone else pulling their strings?”

“I’m going with strings,” Willow said. “Take a look at this...”

Everyone looked at the screen. The pattern of incoming calls and texts wasn’t totally obvious, but to a group as used to looking beneath the obvious as the Scoobies, it was clear that someone who wasn't a Cahill was communicating with Amy and Dan on a regular basis.

“This last text,” Dawn pointed out. “Home of a priceless jewel in a heavily guarded museum. What if they’ve decided that they need something from our vaults to help them snatch what they’ve been instructed to steal this time?”

“Good catch, Dawnster,” Xander said, “but I have a slightly more obvious question. How are these two being made to steal stuff? Because I don’t think this crime spree is their idea. Cahill family has all sorts of connections- they could probably switch it out all these things subtly without anyone noticing given sufficient time.”

“They used to have a nanny, didn’t they?” Buffy asked slowly. “I remember they did the first time we ran across them in Egypt. Where is she?”

“Oh, man, you think someone’s pulled the old ‘I have your girl and if you want her back alive’ on them?” Xander asked, paling. “Why aren’t they asking for help? Again with Cahills have all kinds of connections.”

“Got that, too,” Dawn said grimly. “Look at this, it’s from a couple weeks ago- it’s not just the nanny. They’ve got seven hostages. If police are alerted, one Cahill will die. If you do not follow my instructions to the letter, one Cahill will die. I really hate assholes like this.”

Buffy smiled- the kind of smile that made demons worldwide flee if they saw it directed at them.

“Lucky for the Cahills we’re not police, isn’t it? And that’s our vault they’re breaking into- Wills, make sure no one else has eyes or ears in there.”

“No problem,” Willow chirped. “Planning to introduce yourself?”

“Planning to talk to the Cahill kids in the one place we know it won’t get any of their relatives killed. It sounds like they could use an ally, and Dawn’s not the only one who hates assholes like the one jerking them around.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Matins". This story is complete.

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