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Harry Potter and the Deadly Heller

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Summary: At the end of Book 6, Ginny Weasley was in a lot of trouble despite that felix felicis potion. And then she got the most bizarre bit of luck…

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People Together

A/N: Disclaimer, spoilers, author’s notes, etc., are at the beginning of chapter 1.

Ginny asked, “Is that it?”

Buffy said, “Heck no. We have to get your Auroras-”


“-out here to pick up the trash. We have to get Whatsisname up to your clinic. We have to take care of the injured goodguys out at Voldy’s base camp. We have to clean up the remaining Death Suckers all over the country. And-”

A whisk of silver shot from the sky and turned into a mink. Ginny stepped in front of it before Buffy could slash it with the Slayer Scythe. Bill Weasley’s voice spoke from it. “Hermione, hang on! I’m rounding up a small army to come help!”

Hermione sighed, “I knew I forgot something.” She quickly performed a modified Patronus charm of her own. “Stop. We have already won thanks to outside help.” Her Patronus vanished in a streak of silver.

Willow said, “That’s pretty slick. We could use that spell too.”

Faith asked, “How long before ya get an answer? I mean, is this like a cell phone, or is it like IM chat, or is it like email?”

Professor McGonagall had already conjured a magical gurney and magically lifted Snape onto it. But she stopped and asked, “What?”

Hermione said, “I’ll explain all of it to you, professor.”

Professor McGonagall said stiffly, “Very well. But I believe I should stay here, just in case.” She waved her wand, and the magical gurney rushed off to the school hospital wing on its own.

In about a minute, another Patronus flew back in a stream of silver. “WHAT? We’ll be there at the wards in no time!”

Willow smiled, “I take it your word isn’t good enough?”

Professor McGonagall insisted sternly, “And it shouldn’t be, when dealing with something this serious! I would certainly want to verify such a claim personally.”

Willow pursed her lips and said, “Yeah, I guess I’d want to scry and make sure, if it wasn’t handy to zip on over and check things out.” She put her hand up and chanted something under her breath. A beam of lavender light shot upward from her hand and coruscated across the wards overhead. “Okay, now your friends ought to be able to walk in and check.”

A few seconds later, there was a series of loud cracks in the distance, as Ginny heard about half a dozen people apparate in. Then two Slayers were running alongside Bill. Right behind him were Tonks, Kingsley Shacklebolt, and three more members of the Order, all of whom had their wands out.”

Hermione cast a spell to put a nice white light overhead, so the new people knew where to run, and could see that there was no danger.

Ginny muttered, “Oh Merlin.”

Ron stepped beside her and sighed, “At least it isn’t mum. She’s gonna yell at us for about three days straight.”

Hermione said, “Umm, maybe I’d better teach you how to dispel a Howler.”

Professor McGonagall insisted, “Miss Granger! You will do no such thing! However, I will personally contact Molly and make sure she does not send a Howler to any of you.”

Kingsley faced Professor McGonagall and said, “Congratulations, Minerva. You managed something even Albus couldn’t achieve.”

But Professor McGonagall sternly said, “Kingsley, I did no such thing, and I would appreciate it if no one assumed such a thing. It was all Harry Potter. And Miss Granger, and the two Weasleys. And the friends they brought.”

Bill looked worriedly at Harry. “Are you all right? Did you really pull off the prophecy?”

Tonks asked, “And did you ever figure out what Dumbledore was up to?”

Harry nodded tiredly. “We got Riddle. Voldemort. He’s gone for good. Our friends rounded up all his werewolves, and all his Death Eaters, and used the Dark Mark to block them from their magical cores, so they can’t attack us anymore.”

Kingsley asked, in that deep, slow voice of his, “Is that even possible?”

Hermione said, “No. Not for us. It took a massive earth magic spell. Ri- Voldemort has been using earth magic and blood magic spells too, and Willow over there worked it all out. She just used his tactics against his followers.”

Kingsley asked, “Are you all right? What can we do to help?”

Harry said, “We need Aurors – trustworthy ones who aren’t Voldemort supporters – to round up all our captives and haul them off to Azkaban or wherever. And we need some help getting rid of the bodies of the giants and the demons our friends slew.”

“Slayed!” called out one of the Slayers.

Another Slayer walked over and said, “Ooh, he’s hot, even with the scars. Nobody told me some of these wizards were hot.”

Ginny strode forward so she stood in the girl’s face and snapped, “He’s married. Hands off.”

The Slayer – Ginny still didn’t know all their names – rolled her eyes. “Oh, what’s his wife gonna do, wave her little stick around?”

Ginny smirked meanly, “That, and hurl fireballs at you with her bare hands.”

The girl groaned and threw her hands upward, “What is it with these wandheads?”

Harry led Bill’s team over to Willow’s magical ‘playpens’ to help keep watch over the Death Eaters and other followers. Ginny watched him go, but stayed where she could listen to Buffy and Faith.

Professor McGonagall said, “Hagrid can deal with the grounds. The castle is secure, and no students were attacked. However… Mister Potter, Mister Weasley, Miss Granger, you have a full week of school to make up. Miss Weasley, you have roughly half of a week to make up.”

Faith chortled, “Sucks ta be you!”

Buffy snapped, “Knock it off, Faith.”

Hermione suddenly looked frantic. She worried, “Have we missed any tests?”

Professor McGonagall pursed her lips and made an effort not to smile. “None that you need to take, Miss Granger. However, there will be a substantial amount of reading and work to do to catch up with your classes.”

Hermione just shrugged at that. “Oh, well, I got all the textbooks a couple months ago and I’m already most of the way through all of them, because I remembered how much work O.W.L.s were.”

Harry looked at Ron. “Why am I not surprised?”

Ron grinned, “Me neither… OW! Hermione!” He grimaced as he rubbed his arm.

Faith smirked, “Better get toughened up now, Ronnykins. Havin’ a sister who’s a Slayer means plenty of bruises and shit.”

Professor Slughorn and Professor Sprout came out to join Professor McGonagall. Professor Slughorn said, “We have all the children in bed, or at least in their rooms, and I made it quite clear to my Slytherins that their positions as prefects were likely to end rather abruptly.”

Buffy stepped over to Professor McGonagall. “If it’s okay with you, we’d like to put a Slayer and one of our wandless witches on station here.”

Professor McGonagall asked, “Why would you want to do that? The Watcher’s Council has never shown any interest whatsoever in Hogwarts before.”

Buffy said, “A bunch of reasons. I’m hoping our people can learn about you guys and your magic, so we can have some better alliances going on. Plus, I really want that forest cleaned up better, and a Slayer patrolling through there regularly ought to take care of that. And we want to teach Ginny our stuff, even though she’s going to stay here and go to school. She’s too young to be out Slaying unsupervised yet. And if Hermione wants to learn about the Watcher business, she’ll want to be part of that too.”

Professor McGonagall pursed her lips and said, “I would like to talk to you about a possible course in Earth magics and other non-wand magics. Perhaps as an optional course for our sixth and seventh years. It seems silly to ignore it, even if most of Wizarding Britain doesn’t use it.”

Buffy grinned. “Hey, you know what? I’ll get Willow to sit down and chat with you about what you’d like in a course like that, and what kind of teacher you’d want, and all that jazz.”

“Jazz?” Professor McGonagall asked in confusion.

Hermione said, “It’s slang. Muggle slang. She means ‘all that stuff’.”

Professor McGonagall frowned, “Merlin’s beard! Why couldn’t she just say so… Oh dear, I used slang myself, didn’t I? I retract my comment.”

Professor Slughorn asked, “She did say ‘a Slayer’, did she not? And… excuse me, are you Buffy Summers, the legendary Golden Slayer?” He shook her hand with both of his. “This is quite an honor. Is there any chance I could get some time to talk to you about your adventures? I’m really most-”

Hermione said, “Professor, they’re all Slayers.”

He pulled out his wand and a small vial full of purple liquid. “There has always been only one Slayer, according to Ministry records, and yet… Hmmm…” He poured the liquid into the air and performed an odd silent spell as he did so. A ‘map’ formed in mid-air, and the purple fluid rushed off in a dozen different directions on his map. “So I see. Once again Miss Granger, you are demonstrating a remarkable background knowledge. If you come back to Hogwarts, I will be sure to award you thirty house points for this.”

He stared at his glowing mid-air map, and then turned to look at Ginny. “So… Miss Weasley, am I to take it that you too are a Slayer now? That’s really quite remarkable. Have you noticed an increase in the power of your spells, by any chance? There are no records of a Slayer within the wizarding world, so this is quite the opportunity for research!”

Faith sidled over to Ginny and asked in a whisper, “Is Slug-dude always like this? Kinda smarmy if ya ask me.”

Ginny whispered back, “Merlin, yes. But it’s harmless. Sometimes it’s even helpful. I’ll fill you in on the whole deal later.” She looked at Professor Slughorn and said, “I haven’t seen any increase in the power of my offensive spells, but I am getting a lot of other kinds of advantages.”

Harry grinned, “Do you think anyone can stop you at Quidditch anymore?”

She grinned wickedly, thinking of getting to bounce a quaffle off some Slytherin’s head for a goal.

Professor Slughorn frowned, “Miss Weasley, we have yet to determine if a Vampire Slayer will be allowed to play intramural Quidditch, as you possess several unfair advantages!”

Professor McGonagall snapped, “Horace, if you think I’m going to let you dismantle my Quidditch team before they even have tryouts, you have another think coming!”

He just shook his head. “Minerva, it won’t be your team! You’re the interim headmistress again.”

Professor McGonagall suddenly looked horrified. “Oh no! You’re right!”
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