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Harry Potter and the Deadly Heller

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Summary: At the end of Book 6, Ginny Weasley was in a lot of trouble despite that felix felicis potion. And then she got the most bizarre bit of luck…

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A/N: Disclaimer, spoilers, author’s notes, etc., are at the beginning of chapter 1.

They jumped in shock. There was no one behind them a moment ago! Ginny whirled at Slayer speed as she whipped out her wand. And she froze when she saw the three young women there. A blonde, a redhead, and a brunette. She stared at the blonde and gasped, “You! I saw you in my dreams! I thought you were dead!”

The smug little blonde said, “Buffy Summers. Pleased to meet you. I take it you’re our vanishing and re-appearing Slayer. Tara’s ghost showed up and said you needed some help pronto if not sooner. So we made with the help-age.”

Ginny realized she was feeling something from the blonde. Buffy. What kind of a mother names their daughter Buffy? Well, maybe it was some sort of family name, like Ginevra. But the power coming off Buffy was… It was her power. Buffy was alive, and still a Slayer. She had to be ‘Summers’. The Golden Slayer. The Slayer those vampires were so afraid of. But she was so little!

Beside the blonde, the redhead said, “Tara was right. She’s the one, Buff. And she’s got some cool magic working for her.”

Ginny gasped, “I saw you in a vision! You… did the spell.”

“Wicked place ya got here, Witchy,” said the brunette, who was casually wielding a massive war hammer that looked like it was a lot heavier than she was.

Wait, did the brunette have the same Slayer feel that Buffy did? How was that possible? Wait, hadn’t that one vampire said there were two Slayers? She suddenly remembered. He’d said, “And the brunette’s a bleedin’ psycho.” Was that who she was facing now? A psycho Slayer with a giant war hammer?

She realized in frustration that Tara – the dream Tara – had told her the truth. The exact truth. When Ginny had said she was ‘the’ Vampire Slayer, Tara had said that was true and not true. This was why. She wasn’t ‘the’ Vampire Slayer. She was one of three Vampire Slayers! It had to be the redheaded witch’s spell.

“My name’s Ginny,” she said angrily. “And you don’t want to be here. We’re about to have a battle to the death against everything Lord Voldemort can round up. He’s after this.” She held up the wand. “And Harry.” She pointed at her boyfriend.

The brunette smirked, “Hmm, didn’t know ol’ Voldywart swung that way.”

“Faith!” the redhead squeaked.

“Honestly, we can’t take you anywhere!” said Buffy as she rolled her eyes.

“What, it ain’t something with superpowered witches, they go gay?” she leered at the redhead.

The redhead turned beet red and whined, “Faith!”

Buffy said, “I’m totally telling Xander and Dawn you said that.”

Ginny and Hermione looked at each other. It looked like their new allies weren’t taking this very seriously. Hermione said, “Tom Riddle is the most dangerous dark wizard in decades. Maybe centuries.”

The brunette shrugged and said, “Doubt it.”

Hermione hastily explained about Riddle and the war, and what was coming their way.

The three young women looked at each other. Buffy said, “About what we figured. I’m giving it a 2 on the scale. Maybe a 2.1.”

“The scale?” Ron asked.

The redhead smiled, “Yeah. We have this rating system for apocalypses.”

Hermione choked, “How many apocalypses do you have if you have a rating system?”

Ron gasped, “How many apocalypses do you have if you even have a plural?”

Buffy shrugged carelessly. “Maybe two or three a year.”

Harry asked, “So that ‘2’ is high on the scale?”

The brunette – Faith – shook her head, her full hair shaking sexily. “Nah. Scale goes from 1 at the bottom, up to 10. This loser isn’t even trying to destroy the world, or create hell on earth. Even if he was scary, I wouldn’t give him more than a 3, tops.”

Hermione argued, “What do you mean he’s not scary?!”

Ginny asked, “What’s the worst you’ve faced?”

Buffy said, “9.5. Back in May.”

Ginny gulped, as she realized what Buffy was talking about. The collapse of the Sunnydale Hellmouth and the fight against that army of vampire-like monsters she had seen in her Divination exam.

Buffy then pointed at the redhead and said, “Willow once managed an 8.5 all by herself.” Willow blushed a deep red.

Faith teased her, “We can’t give you a full 9, since Xander stopped you.”

The redhead – Willow – whined, “You guys!”

Ginny suddenly realized why her testers were worried about the Red Witch. If she had the power to cause a major apocalypse all by herself – one far worse than what Voldemort planned – then she was a lot more dangerous than she looked.

Not that looks would reveal what was inside. Never judge a wand by its polish, as her mum said. Summers – Buffy – looked like a tiny Valley Girl who would shop all day in Muggle stores and worry about her manicure. Ginny knew differently, because she had had those Slayer dreams, and had seen just how deadly – and how dedicated – Buffy could be. And Faith, the brunette, looked like some slag off the streets of the East End of London, but she was obviously not. Willow looked like… like Hermione. Earnest and introverted, and probably a bookworm. Well, come to think of it, Hermione was probably the most dangerous witch in Britain. Maybe she wasn’t as brilliant a duelist as Harry, but she was smart enough to win a fight well before it started.

Ron looked past her toward the castle, and groaned, “Uh-oh.”

Ginny turned her head and checked. It was Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick, hurrying toward them with wands drawn.

Hermione quickly cast a Lighting Charm so a ball of white light glowed brightly over them. She called out, “Professors! It’s us!”

McGonagall strode up, her wand still out. “Miss Granger,” she said frostily. “I doubt you are the ones who disrupted the wards just now.”

“That would be us with the disruptage,” Buffy announced, calmly stepping forward like she had done this a hundred times before.

Ginny had to admit, Professor McGonagall might be intimidating to schoolchildren, but to a Vampire Slayer who had fought armies of vampire-like monsters? Probably not.

Buffy strode forward, extending her hand. “Hi. Buffy Summers. The Vampire Slayer. Or rather, a Vampire Slayer. Nice castle you got out here. We heard you’ve got a supernatural crisis, and that’s like our raisin deter.”

“Raison d’etre, she means,” said Willow helpfully.

“Yeah. That,” Buffy smiled. “I’ve been working on Italian and Latin, and my high school French is totally gone.” She took a breath. “So anyways, the magical school? Awesome. You got one in America? And does it take everybody who does magic?”

Willow tried again. “She’s asking, because we just found out about this, and we knew a whole lot of witches and wizards back in Sunnydale, and no one ever came and invited us to go learn magic.”

Professor McGonagall looked like someone had slapped her. Professor Flitwick actually cringed. Professor McGonagall asked uncomfortably, “You grew up performing magic on a Hellmouth? How is that possible?”

Professor Flitwick volunteered, “The Salem Academy takes witches and wizards from all over the United States, but there’s no way to detect a new magic user in the middle of a Hellmouth. American wizards are asked to stay clear of Cleveland and Sunnydale.”

Buffy muttered, “Probably why Amy’s mom and Rack went right for Sunnydale. Dodging the authorities.”

Hermione said, “Professor, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is coming here. With an army of Death Eaters and dark magical creatures.”

Professor Flitwick said, “Yes, we found that out when Severus and the Carrows fled the castle. We’re trying to prepare the castle and move the students to safety, but there’s only so much we can do. You need to get inside before they get here.”

Buffy said, “Bzzzt! Wrong! But thank you for playing our game. We’re out here because we’re gonna stop your little buddy Moldyshorts from getting to the castle.”

Hermione asked, “Umm, professor, could you take Harry inside? And let him go down to the Chamber of Secrets so he can get a couple basilisk fangs?”

“What in Merlin’s name would you need a basilisk fang for, Miss Granger?” snapped Professor McGonagall.
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