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Becoming More

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Tri-State Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Everyone has dreams of power, of becoming more than they are. For some those dreams come true.

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Multiple Crossings > General(Current Donor)RavanneFR18815,81212610,94814 Aug 1229 Sep 12No

Chapter Eight

AN: Sorry for the delay in getting this posted. I’ve recently started a new job and it’s been cutting into my time while I get settled. On the plus side I have figured out the theme for the sequel for this story. I have a ways to go before this one is finished but it feels good to have an idea of where I will be going next.

“What are you doing?” Anna asked when I pulled her behind some trees as I fumbled for my cell phone.

“Shh! No one is going to believe this unless we have pictures,” I said quietly as I snapped a few quick photos. The magically enhanced cell phone, in addition to being nearly indestructible, never needing to be charged, and always getting at least four bars, was also able to capture pictures and video in almost total darkness.

Anna and I were just finishing up our nightly patrol. I’d been paired with the more experienced Slayer, she’d been called almost a year before I was, to learn the ins and outs of patrolling. We’d quickly become friends and looked forward to our time alone together while making Cleveland safe from vampires and other evils. It had been a quiet night, with only one newly risen vampire to deal with. The local Medical Examiner had given us the heads up on a possible “Barbeque fork” victim, and Anna and I had been given the rather boring task of waiting to see if he rose. He had finally put in an appearance at about 1 AM and we had quickly dispatched him to wherever dusted vampires get dispatched to. We’d come around the corner on our way back to the school when I spotted the group of four vampires trying to break through the gate of the school. They were having little success picking the lock which wasn’t surprising as the lock was a fake. The true lock on the gate was a spell that would only open the gate to a Slayer or Watcher.

“I have an idea, follow my lead,” I whispered to Anna as I took her hand and led her out of our hiding place and across the street. I stopped for a moment to prop my cell phone in a tree with a good view of the gate and set it to record a video. “Hi, guys. Whatcha doing?” The vampires had been so intent on their task that they hadn’t noticed our approach until my question.

“Um ah? We’re like breaking in to this place so we can get us some of those exceptional young women,” one vampire at the back of the group said as he pointed to the brass plaque next to the main gate. I almost started laughing when he turned around; he was the total embodiment of all the stoner kids from every teenage, high school, comedy movie ever made. The rest of the group didn’t look any better. I didn’t even know if vampires could get stoned. Maybe he was stoned when he was turned and now he was doomed to spend the rest of his undead life stoned?

“We’re not allowed to have boys on school grounds after dark,” I said, “that’s why we snuck out to be with our boyfriends.” Anna fought to suppress her snickers as she watched the confused look on the vampire’s face.

“Ya, but our boyfriends stood us up so we had to make out with each other.” Anna played up her Swedish accent. Anna and I were quite a pair, she was tall, blonde with blue eyes and a figure that was just the athletic side of voluptuous compared to my dark hair and skin and short, petite body.

“Um ah? You were like making out with each other?” I almost lost it when I saw the awe on his face and in the tone of his voice.

“Will you keep it down, I’ve almost got this,” the vampire who was working on the lock said. “Wait? What?” He turned and noticed Anna and me standing there for the first time. “Who the hell are you?”

“We’re just a couple of students from the school you’re trying to break in to,” I said cheerfully. “You guys are new around here, aren’t you?”

“Uh, yeah. What’s that got to do with anything?” he asked. This had to be the first time I’ve seen a vampire so confused that he forgot to make threats about eating me or inflicting some unpleasant indignities on me.

“Well, you see, if you were local you’d know just how stupid you were,” I said as I walked closer to the group. “I mean, didn’t you even read the sign? Joyce Summers School for Exceptional Young Women?” I pointed to the bronze plaque next to the gate, “You do know who Joyce Summers was, don’t you? And why the young women here are so exceptional?”

“I’m thinkin’ she’s some MILF and that the young women are exceptionally tasty,” the first stoner vamp said with a leer, the others making general sounds of agreement.

“Joyce Summers, mother of Buffy Summers? You do know who Buffy Summers is? Don’t you? You know, The Slayer?” The whole group began to fidget nervously once I mentioned The Slayer.

“Nu uh. The Slayer’s in England. Everybody knows that,” the apparent leader said with a self-satisfied smirk.

“Yeah, Buffy’s in England, but this school, it’s full of Slayers. It’s a school for teaching Slayers how to slay vampires, you know, things like you?” The looks on the faces of the vampires was priceless as they looked first at Anna and me then the school and the reality of their situation slowly dawned on them.

“Oh shit!”


“Dooooooooood,” the last of the stoner vampire’s stunned expression as I plunged my stake in to his heart just before he burst into a cloud of dust brought peals of laughter from everyone watching the video.

“Oh my goddess, that is so going into the party video,” Vi said once she could speak again.

“Party video?” Celia asked.

“Yeah, I’m making a video that we can run as a loop during parties or other events,” Vi answered, “It’ll have scenes of us training and stuff in it.”

“The look on his face when Anna said you two had been making out,” Zoe said as she wiped tears from her face, “Like he just couldn’t believe what he had just heard.”

“What?” Anna said with an indignant pout, “It could happen.”

“Yeah,” I said, “It totally could.” To emphasis my point I got up and went over to Anna, leaning in I gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. Anna had other ideas. Her hand cupped the back of my head and pulled me in as she deepened our kiss. Her lips parted and her tongue brushed teasingly over my lips. Everything other than her lips on mine faded away in a gentle buzz as my lips opened inviting her in; as our tongue met I felt an electric tingle run through me making my toes curl. After an all too brief moment Anna released me and I pulled back, my heart racing and breathe ragged. I opened my eyes to see all the other Slayers sitting around the table staring at us in shocked silence. I blushed as I realized they could all read my reaction to Anna’s kiss, my rapid heartbeat and my nipples poking through the thin tank top I’d put on after my post patrol shower. Anna’s long tee shirt showed similar protuberances.

“Get a room,” someone jeered.

“Hell no! Stay right here I want to watch,” Celia said.

Anna stood and took my hand; I followed submissively as she started to lead me away. She stopped and went back grabbing her bowl of ice cream and the can of whipped cream before once more pulling me along behind her. The cat calls and wolf whistles faded as the elevator doors closed.


Okay, this was new. It wasn’t like I was a virgin or anything. But I wasn’t a slut either. And I’d kissed another girl before, even made out a little. But I’d never done anything like I had last night.

Anna was spooned tight to my back and her hand was cupping my breast as her sleep slow breath ruffled my hair. The room was filled with our comingled scent and if I licked my lips I could still taste her there. Did I like girls now? From the tingles running through my body as I thought over what we did last night I would have to answer yes. Calling up my latest fantasy guy, I felt the familiar tingles as I imagined his hands and lips on me. So it seemed I still liked guys. Flashing a “call me” sign to my hunk de jour I let Mr. Fantasy fade. This was confusing. I guess I like guys and girls, and judging from the fading bruise, bite, and hand marks over my body, it seemed I also liked it rough. Very rough. Was this some Slayer thing?

“Good morning, lover,” Anna whispered softly, her fingertips began to slowly circle my areola and my “Good morning” reply was a little breathier than normal. “How are you feeling this morning?”

“Um? Good I guess. I feel good. A little confused maybe,” I said as I rolled slightly so I could look in to Anna’s face. I made sure not to move too much and dislodge her hand from what it was doing.

“Confused? You have never been with a woman before?” she smiled as she noticed the effect her fingertip teasing was having on me. “For someone who has never been with a woman before you are a natural. I have never had a better lover.”

“I’ve… Um? No, I’ve never been with a woman before, at least like last night,” I said. I turned a little so I could look in her face. “I really liked it.” Anna’s soft smile made me feel belter and a little surer of myself. “I’m just not sure what it means. You’re my best friend, Anna. Maybe the best friend I’ve ever had and I don’t want to spoil that.”

“And you are my best friend,” Anna smiled warmly then leaned over to kiss me softly on the corner of my lips. “We are BFFs,” she held up her crooked pinky and I hooked it with my own just like we had when we ‘pinky swore’ our best friends forever status. “Now we are better friends,” she thought for a second, “BFFWBs.”

“Best friends forever with benefits?” I smiled after thinking for a moment to translate. “Are we a couple?”

“I think for now we are friends and lovers. What we may be someday we will see,” Anna said softly, “I know I still like boys and I also like girls. I think you also like boys and are just learning that you like girls too?”

“Yes,” I said nodding slowly, “I still like boys and if last night is a clue I guess I like girls too. Or at least I like you.”

“Then it’s settled. If we want to make love with a boy, we make love with a boy. If we want to make love with a girl, we make love with a girl. And if we want to make love with each other than we do that. And who knows, maybe we want to make love to a boy or girl together, we can do that too,” Anna stated as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

“I guess,” I said nodding slowly. I wasn’t as sure as Anna but it sounded good. As long as I did not lose her friendship I could deal with anything.

“Now, I think, we should get up and shower before breakfast. If we stay here much longer I think we might miss our classes this morning." I sighed as I sat up, missing classes didn’t sound like such a bad idea.


“Okay, listen up,” Rona said as she stood on the small stage area on the end of the dining room. When no one stopped talking she put her fingers in her mouth and let out a loud shrill whistle which finally caught everyone’s attention. “Like I was saying, most of you know that Thanksgiving is coming up in a few weeks and we will close down classes for the week so that those who want to can go home to be with family. For those who aren’t going home we will be serving Thanksgiving dinner here like we do every year. For those of you who are staying you of course can invite your family to come and celebrate with us. There will be a sign up sheet in the front office so you can let us know who is coming so we can make room arrangements for them. Carry on.” As she finished her announcement several rolls flew in her direction which she expertly dodged except for one that she caught and began to eat.

“I never thought about Thanksgiving coming up,” I said to Anna as I buttered an English muffin. “It might be fun to have Daddy and Janet come here. I could show them around and they could meet you.”

“You want your parents to meet me?” Anna asked.

“Yeah, I mean you’re my best friend here so I’ve already told them all about you,” I said, “Oh, unless you’re going home to be with your folks?”

“No, we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Sweden like you do here,” Anna said, “ I would love to meet your parents.”

“Cool,” I said as I took a bite of my freshly buttered English muffin.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Becoming More" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Sep 12.

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