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Becoming More

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Tri-State Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Everyone has dreams of power, of becoming more than they are. For some those dreams come true.

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Multiple Crossings > General(Current Donor)RavanneFR18815,81212610,94014 Aug 1229 Sep 12No

Chapter One

I own and make no claims on any characters or story concepts from Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor any other recognizable characters or story concepts. They belong solely to their copyright holders and I thank them for being allowed to play with their toys.

A.N: This is the story of an ordinary young girl who wakes up one morning and finds her world has changed. The early chapters will deal with her introduction to and integration in to the world of the Slayer. Later chapter will bring cross-over with various other ‘verses. Planned cross-overs include Bones, Law and Order-SVU and possibly Stargate SG-1 though that might wait for a later story.

I was naked, naked and standing in front of another young woman who was also naked. Her hair and eyes were white and she seemed to glow. She held a strangely shaped axe in her hands and she held it out towards me. Something about the axe drew me, seemed to talk to me. It felt like it was mine. I reached out for it and as my fingertips touched it I heard a voice, it seemed to come from all around and also from someplace deep inside me.

“Are you ready to be strong?”


I woke with a start, the echo of my answer still on my lips. I looked at my alarm clock; it read 6:38AM. Twenty two minutes before I had to get up for school, I never woke up early on a school day. Outside my window the first hint of the rising sum moved above the horizon.

I got up and went about the business of getting ready for school. I was early so I didn’t have to rush. Looking at myself in the mirror as I brushed my hair I saw what I always saw. I was short, only just making five feet if I stretched a little, 90 pounds, long dark hair, almost black with streaks of brown, framing a heart shaped face, a face that carried the signs of my mixed heritage. Daddy was Irish, dark brown hair, grey eyes and fair skinned but I was very much my mother’s daughter carrying all the signs of her half black, half Korean parentage. Almond shaped hazel eyes with a definite oriental slant, a small broad nose and full lips and a skin tone somewhere between mocha and café au lait. It was no wonder that when I was with Daddy the question of whether I was adopted came up frequently.

I looked the same as I always do but why did I feel different? Today was my fifteenth birthday but that shouldn’t feel any different. It wasn’t like I could even drive now or vote, I was just a little older. But I did feel different. It was like something had woken up inside of me and was still trying to find where it fit. I didn’t know what it was but it felt good.

I went downstairs for breakfast. Daddy was sitting in his usual spot reading the morning paper. He had retired from the Marines but still sported a high and tight hairstyle. I guess after 25 years first as a drill instructor and then as Master Gunnery Sergeant in the Military Police some habits would stay with you for life. He was a big man, well over six foot and 225 pounds, all of it solid muscle he still looked every bit the tough as nails Marine he was. He was in his new uniform as the town’s Chief of Police ready for a day of fighting crime in this small exurban New Jersey town.

“Morning, Daddy, Sir!” I clicked my heels and snapped off a salute that always got me a frown followed by a soft chuckle.

“At ease, Marine,” Daddy said in a gruff voice. “Morning, sweetheart., Happy Birthday.” I leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you. Morning, Janet,” I greeted the mom de jour. Okay, mom de jour might be a little rough. She tried and had been around for a while not like some of the past MDJs. She made Daddy happy and my mother had died when I was eight so it wasn’t like I felt she was pushing her way in. Guess it was just hard to think about not being the only girl in Daddy’s life.

“Morning, Raven and Happy Birthday. I made pancakes, your favorite.” I sat at the table as Janet put another few fresh pancakes on the stack in the middle of the table.

“Are you planning on leaving some for anyone else?” Daddy asked.

“Wha…?” I looked at my plate. I hadn’t been paying any attention and for some reason had taken all of the pancakes and sausages and put them on my plate. I normally only had one of each and sometimes didn’t even finish that but today, looking at the stack on my plate, I felt like I could eat them all and more. “I… I”

“Oh, let her have them if she wants them. I’ll make more. She’s a growing girl,” Janet said with a smile that turned to a frown when she didn’t think I was looking anymore.

“Um.. thanks.” I poured some syrup over the stack and dug in. Much to my surprise I easily finished the whole pile washing it down with some orange juice. “Gotta run if I’m going to catch my bus.” I rose from the table and grabbing my books I headed out the door. I headed across the backyard and in to the woods behind the house. My bus stop was about two miles if I took the roads but only about a quarter mile if I cut through the woods. The shortcut might become a problem once winter came and we got some snow. Daddy was trying to get a stop added closer to home for me.

The path through the woods wound around a little before coming out on the side of the road just up a little from the bus stop. Several other students were already waiting and glanced up as I approached then quickly looked away. I said hi as I stood waiting but no one returned it. Yeah, don’t talk to the new girl, she’s not like us. The yellow bus pulled up and everyone filed on board. I was the last one on and as usual everyone had chosen seats so that I couldn’t sit next to any of them. There was an open seat at the very back of the bus and I took it; so much for progress in America.

Last on, last off, I filed off the bus and headed towards the school entrance. I could feel eyes on me as I walked. Most seemed curious and a little uncertain and the looks from some of the boys seemed as if they were more curious about what I looked like without my clothes than anything else. In addition to the stares and furtive glances I could hear whispered conversations. I looked around but no one was close to me yet I could hear them plainly as if I were right next to them. Most of the conversations were questions about where I came from and rumors that my father was the new Chief of Police and what if anything he had to do with the old Chief disappearing. I got so distracted listening to these whispers that I had never heard before that I walked right in to Mr. Hardeman, the vice principal.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I said as I stepped back, “I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

“No problem,” Mr. Hardeman said as he reached out to steady me, “Starting a new school can be a bit overwhelming. How are you adjusting? Everything going as you hoped?” He obviously knew that I was new in the district this year though I hadn’t met him before.

“No, sir. I mean no problems, sir,” I stammered out quickly. “Just…” I turned to look over my shoulder and most of the students who were watching turned away pretending they weren’t watching me.

“”Give them time,” Mr. Hardeman said with a smile, “You’re new and most of them don’t know how to react to you. I think once they get to know you you’ll find most are good kids. Well, you better go if you don’t want to be late for first period.”

“Yes, sir,” I nodded a little uncertainly, “Thank you and I just have to stop by my locker.” I walked down the hall as he turned to greet one of the teachers. As I approached my locker I had to pass Gary Perkins. He was a senior, eighteen and if it were possible to really undress someone with your eyes I would be naked and tied spread-eagled to the wall. He some star football player and thought he was God’s gift to anything with a double-X chromosome. So far I had ignored his crude and occasionally pornographic come-ons and he seemed to take that as a personal affront to his male ego. I kept as far from him and his minions as I could hoping they hadn’t noticed me but my suddenly enhanced ability to hear whispers let me know I had been spotted and that he had something planned for me.

I opened my locker and hung my jacket inside I kept my back to Gary and his friends but it was almost as if I could feel him coming closer and as he came closer something deep inside me began to stir.. As I reached in for my books I felt a hand come around and grab my right breast and squeeze it hard. Whatever had stirred inside me now rose up with a feral growl and without thinking I spun towards him and lashed out with my left hand. I grabbed Gary by the throat and lifted him in the air until his feet were dangling. Gary was at least six four to my five feet and must have weighed over 250 pounds but I held him easily. He tried prying my fingers from his throat as his face turned purple. I threw him down the hall and he landed about ten feet away, fell back on his butt and slid along the floor until he came to a stop at the feet of Mr. Hardeman.

Mr. Hardeman looked from Gary piled in a heap at his feet to me and I panicked. I grabbed the book I needed for first period, slammed my locker shut and ran. It was like everyone else was frozen in place as I ran dodging through the crowded hallway. I slipped in to Mrs. Reynolds’ English class and took my seat. As I sat it was like everyone started to move again and people turned to look at me as if I had just suddenly appeared there. The bell rang and Mrs. Reynolds closed the door and began the class as I waited nervously for the other shoe to drop.

Just before the bell rang to end the period one of the office aides came in and handed Mrs. Reynolds a note. The bell rang and everyone rose to leave for their next period class.

“Miss O’Reilly.” I cringed as Mrs. Reynolds called my name just before I made it to the door. “Mr. Hardeman needs to see you in the front office.” She held out the note for me and I took it with a sigh.
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