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This Wedding will Happen!

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Bones of the Past 'verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: *Twisted Shorts 15* Buffy had been waiting a long time for her wedding – 300 years. After two failed attempts – Will the third time be the charm? - Part of the Bones of the Past verse

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Star Trek > Star Trek 2009 > Buffy-Centered
Games > Horror > Doom / Quake
hellbellsFR1511,430272,30215 Aug 1215 Aug 12Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters; all rights belong to their respective owners.
Summary: Buffy had been waiting a long time for her wedding – 300 years. After two failed attempts – Will the third time be the charm?
Beta: If this fic is readable than all thanks should go to ConstanceTruggle. Enjoy!

Buffy and Leonard were old enough to know better, but sometimes they wondered if they had pissed off the fates in some horrendous way. Buffy didn't know what else to think, and even Len wasn’t trying to placate her. She had waited three hundred years to find the right guy to marry. McCoy had proposed to her during the middle of a fight, which was just perfect for the couple. The crew still didn’t know how to react when their CMO turned from the federation renowned surgeon into a world class Marine. Of course, they were not even aware of the other small secret. Well, it wasn’t like any of them had been around when he was born in 2015. They figured the immortality secret could be kept amongst friends.

At the time, Kirk had broken the tension, using the annoyingly charming grin. You know the one that had half of the Federation swooning, and cheekily asked. "Aren't you a little too violent to be a healer?"

McCoy had smirked at him, and it was one that promised many vicious hypos in the future. "I could always show you why I gained the name Reaper."

Buffy had been amused, and way too happy to let that argument stand.

----------BtVS -----Doom------StarTrek 09---------------

Still, all Buffy could think about was what had happened so far… two failed attempts to get down the aisle. She really hoped that the third time would be the charm. Of course, she recognised that being immortal she actually had time, but goddamn it - she wanted to get married to the love of her life. Remember kids, being immortal does not mean that a person is blessed with great patience.

Attempt One

Usually Buffy was awfully fond of Klingons. You just had to respect a race that thought nothing of starting a massive brawl - just to relieve boredom, or for honour. However, she was not fond of their mentality when they decide to invade the ship the day before she is meant to get married. Buffy was not amused, nor was Bones.

The attack started on Beta shift, meaning that none of the alpha crew weren't on duty. Buffy was pissed, Leonard growled, "Now I'm mad; I hope it’s a good day."

Buffy snickered, although she was currently secreting every knife she owned into her uniform. She kissed him fierce and hard, "If it’s not a good day for them to die then tough."

The tale of the couple would be told for years to come. Up to that point, whilst the crew knew there was something different about the couple they did not know what. Well, that changed as McCoy fought his way to the sickbay. As he reached his destination, he fought a trio of Klingons; one of them got a little close, slicing his chest. Of course, whilst the slice tickled him, it meant the Klingon offered his throat. Bones may have had a problem, but Reaper was to the fore at the moment and well; you never left an enemy alive who could kill you. For McCoy it was about protecting the innocents, the Klingons couldn't kill him. Still, having the medical crew gawp at him heal, instead of helping the injured him, annoyed him more. It turns out, that bellowing and bitching does have its place.

Buffy, well she was even angrier; the damage had knocked out the engine. She wasn't stupid and she could do the math – she was not going to make her wedding. Buffy fought her way to Kirk's position and together they fought their way to the bridge. She knew that she would forever remember Kirk's face when she approached his position, carrying two Bat'leths she'd 'liberated' from Klingons along the way.

In the end, Buffy and the security crew had repelled the invaders, and between Kirk and Scotty, they ensured that the ship and its crew made its way to Stovakhor early.

Attempt Two was not even funny. Buffy really hated her sense of duty, even after 300 years, it could rear its head at the worst of times.

Buffy was always big on saving people, and when the call came in about a race that was trying to invade Earth. Well, the crew were high tailing it back to Earth to provide assistance. The battle was won. Good triumphed, but yet again she was unable to get married as the place she'd booked had been taken out in an attack.

Today was the third attempt. Just maybe third time would be the charm. The Enterprise had managed to dock, no injuries to any of the wedding party – so far. Buffy was sitting with Samantha and Joanna, waiting for the ceremony to begin. Too many people, what Buffy had chosen to wear would be considered antiquated. Still, Buffy had gone from not believing that she would ever get married when she was fifteen, to waiting three hundred years. She figured she was allowed to wear her dream dress. It was a white empire dress.

It suited her down to a tee, and even Samantha had to agree that she rocked the look. Her make-up involved dark red-lips and minimal eye make-up. Samantha smiled widely; she cared deeply for both Buffy and her brother. She also believed that they were fated to be together.

Giles knocked on the door, as the ceremony was about to begin, and Buffy could hear the music about to begin. She asked her step-father anxious, “Is everything okay?”

Giles smiled affectionately, “Yes dear. Len is calming his best-man down, security is tight and the minister is ready.”

This was an old question so laughed hearing Giles’ exasperation made Joanna laugh; she loved Buffy. It was from the time that McCoy told Joanna that Buffy was the person to scare the monsters away. As far as Joanna was concerned, her daddy and Buffy hung the moon and stars, much to Jocelyn’s dismay.

Buffy could tell that there was something that amused him greatly. She would wait until the penny dropped. She was ready. The music began and Buffy took the proffered arm.

Kirk watched as his best friend became calmer. He wasn’t sure how. He loved Gaila but neither was ready for the level of commitment that Buffy and Len were entering into. They were almost serene about the idea. e He He supposed that this was the type of calm that age bought you. Still, Kirk was not overly convinced that was true. He loved his best friend and Buffy had become a fast friend, but he doubted many would describe them as calm.

However, McCoy was standing proudly in full dress uniform with his shiny medals showing proudly. Kirk saw Jocelyn scowling in the front row, which was a nice bonus. Kirk was not overly fond of the woman on the grounds that she had treated his best friend shitily. But it was all good. She now got front row seats to McCoy marrying a beautiful blonde, and she couldn’t do or say a thing. Life was pretty sweet at the moment.

Buffy sucked in a breath upon seeing him in dress uniform. She almost started to laugh upon seeing the minister – Adam Pierson, or Methos as he was sometimes known. The ceremony passed in a blur, the words to the ceremony had not changed in years. In truth, Buffy wouldn’t be able to recall much about the wedding ceremony, only an overwhelming sense of contentment. Not that she would ever admit that out loud; she had no desire to be mocked by her husband or his best mate.

The reception was in full swing, and finally the bride and groom were able to dance together. Whilst they were enjoying their dance, both could own to a certain amount of tension until the ceremony was over. They couldn’t help but look around, expecting Klingons, politicians or some other goddamn monster of the week to jump out of the woodwork.

She felt Len whisper in her ear, “I told you your determination would see us through.”

As she laughed, she quipped right back, “I let word get out that if this wedding didn’t happen, I would be very unhappy.”

Buffy and McCoy laughed, and the photographer managed to capture the picture. It was a great shot of the couple as they were relaxed and carefree.

The End

You have reached the end of "This Wedding will Happen!". This story is complete.

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