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Murder, Mayhem, and Magic!

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Summary: Halloween is here & there's a new shop in town named Ethan's. Why does the owner want to help out the boy he insulted earlier in the day? What will stay after the mess of Halloween night? Originally part of Manchester's "Ethan’s New Toys" ~Hold 4 revamp!

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsGenukaFR15611,55059041,81915 Aug 1226 Aug 12No


A/n: I started this story out being rather sleep deprived and it still turned out a pretty good first chapter. So, I'm going to continue to try and give you guys a good story. I can't promise that anything will happen in any particular way shape or form and the story markings may change as a result, including the rating. Murphy? Musey? Here's your playground! Have fun! And you all can thank LucyH for reminding me where Dawn's costume came from! Musey and Murphy didn't want to tell me. *grumble, grumble*


Riddick had come across several scenes of unpleasant Sunnydale hunts in-progress or just finishing up and was annoyed with his host's distress over not only the situations but also over the fact that Riddick saw no reason to get involved. Finally Riddick snapped impatiently back at Xander. [What do you care? They aren't family. They aren't pack. They don't even bother trying to learn how to protect themselves, much less actually doing it!]

[You want to know why I care?] Xander snapped back. [Let me show you!] Xander brought forward one of his most painful memories. A memory that he had managed to hide from Riddick's quick glance through of his life. The memory of Jesse's turning and of having to stake his own brother in all but blood. [This is why I care! This is why I fight!] Xander's fury and pain, his caring and worry, and with the power he applied when Xander shoved the memory in Riddick's face, driving him deeper into the memory; Making Riddick live it as he had, brought Riddick to his knees and kept him there for a good solid minute.

The body may have been Xander's but he still wasn't the one who was in control of it when he stood back up. Xander had made his point and been in too much pain to try and take back control of his body. He hadn't even bothered to try, receding once again into the background of his own mind and allowing Riddick to maintain control. In the mindscape Xander curled up into a ball on the floor, trying to stem the tide of his tears. The Primal Alpha Hyena circled him almost protectively, as if he were one of her cubs who has been injured; And she looked at Riddick as if to say, 'You did this. Now fix it!'

Riddick mentally looked at the silently crying boy and sighed. [We'll discuss this later. Your ass is mine, whether you like it or not, and I'm not just talking about for tonight. But first I have a mage to find.] With that Riddick left Xander to be protected by the Primal and again headed toward Ethan's.

Jenny nee Diana was having a hard time getting people to listen to her about why and how this was all happening, and for some reason the term ^Sunnydale Denial Syndrome^ kept popping into her head. At least she managed to get some of the people off of the streets, with some help from that young woman who couldn't quite remember who she was except that someone had given her a hospital ID bracelet that said ALICE. She had been worried about something and for some strange reason was wearing a denim short sleeved jacket over a red evening dress with a slit up her right side far enough to see a pair of long tight shorts and a thigh holster with a handgun and combat knife.

The woman who had been with Alice had appeared to be related to her somehow but also was to calm for the situation. She had seemed curious but not overly concerned at the entire situation that this night and its repercussions represented as if she were in a trance of some sort. It was possible from what Rupert and John had said especially considering that she was clearly wearing a mixture of costumes. From what Jenny nee Diana could vaguely recognize with her lack of experience in the world of man the woman was wearing a Jedi tunic/robe of some sort under what appeared to be a type of weapon's harness, a leather messenger bag and a waist pouch of some type completed the unusual costume; making her wonder just what exactly the woman had dressed as, and who? Now, if only the blasted gateway would stop messing with her mystical senses long enough for her to track down the mage and end this night of madness!

A/n: So, What happens next? And who exactly or what did Joyce dress as? Where are all of the pieces from? This is your chance to offer an alternative to what Murphy and Musey are dumping into my head! Make good use of it. *evil grin*
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