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Murder, Mayhem, and Magic!

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Summary: Halloween is here & there's a new shop in town named Ethan's. Why does the owner want to help out the boy he insulted earlier in the day? What will stay after the mess of Halloween night? Originally part of Manchester's "Ethan’s New Toys" ~Hold 4 revamp!

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsGenukaFR15611,55059041,82315 Aug 1226 Aug 12No

Side Effects

A/n: You can thank both Jaylynn and Missinglink for quizing me about stuff I hadn't considered, yet again. *smirk* I think that you'll all like this one. Jaylynn here's your Oz appearance.

Side Effects


Daniel Osbourne took off the leather jacket and the special charm necklace that he had made from pieces he'd gotten at the new costume shop for his Halloween costume, such as it was. He had gone as a magical creature, a hereditary werewolf, and could now remember everything that had happened in his other life as an immortal and the son of the werewolf clan chief as well as what happened when he had changed into a werewolf in this, his native universe. He was not happy about the fact that neither his parents nor his aunt and uncle had bothered to inform him that his little cousin Jordy was a werewolf and had, as a result, initially infected him when he had been babysitting and accidentally or playfully bitten him in the middle of a tickle fight. At least now he could remember what was happening during his blackouts.

Oz sighed, at least he'd seen a pretty red haired ghost earlier who had been talking to a dangerous silver eyed man that practically screamed alpha. Some of his memories included the possibility of any immortal being able to marry any other immortal regardless of type or origin provided that they were meant for each other and each species had its own unique way of determining or triggering the bond that would form between true mates. This included ghosts and restless spirits.

There was a way for each immortal of any type to die regardless of reaching the immortality stage or not, beheading worked on most immortals in addition to their unique weakness. Added into the mix there was a period of mortality and vulnerability that varied for each individual but lasted no less than the first 20 years of their life. That period of mortality was considered childhood among all of the immortal races and killing someone who was still in their mortality was considered an act of war without a near overwhelmingly good reason. That being said giving them a thorough beating was permitted and even encouraged if they were stupid enough to insult an immortal who was past their mortality and all of the immortal races had looong memories, along with a good dose of patience where the young were concerned.

Oz mused on the fact that the rules might or might not work out here. He also knew that he would have to find himself a pack of some type and soon. He was a beta wolf and beta wolves don't do well on their own. Oz also wanted to know if there was a true mate out there for him but shrugged to himself and ended his musings, starting home to sleep a bit before his gig that weekend at the bronze.

As Dawn watched a movie with her mother, Buffy, and Willow she sensed something odd and frowned, focusing on it in order to get a better idea of what it was. What she found was that Joyce had chaos magic trying to coalesce in her brain as a partial result of the spell and of the multiple possession she had experienced. Dawn mentally examined it closer and realized that the magic that had been meant to transfer the physical changes including the muscle memory for combat and quick movement had gotten confused with so many people to draw on. The merger that the Jedi had initiated had fixed part of it, redirecting the magical energy flow to the correct pattern, to the point that Joyce was now not only producing midiclorians but also had the muscle memory of everything that had been intentionally merged into Joyce during the spell. This little left over bit of magic had been meant to at the very least start if not completely change her species, which the Jedi council member had prevented but not had time to safely disperse all of the extra energy.

Dawn considered what to do with this extra bit of chaos energy and then remembered why Alice had enhanced abilities in her own world in the first place. Dawn quickly scanned her own body for traces of the T-virus and found only a small patch. Suddenly, Dawn knew what she was going to use the extra energy for. With a sudden gasp torn from her lips she used the troublesome energy to simultaneously and completely rip the T-virus from her body and burn it allowing the ash to fall to the carpet in front of them. Causing an "Eep!" from Willow and a startled yelp from Buffy.

Joyce merely raised her eyebrows and looked at her daughter. "Explain."

"You had some left over chaos energy and it was trying to do something odd with your brain. As far as I can tell there its gone now, I used it. But when I found it I remembered why Alice was so powerful in her home universe and panicked just a bit when I found that the virus was in my system. I used the energy to rip it out and destroy the virus." Dawn explained sheepishly. "Their version of earth is pretty much gone because almost everyone except maybe around 2000 people were turned into real flesh eating Zombies by that virus. We get enough problems here we don't need that thing here."

Joyce considered everything that her daughter brought to her attention and decided. "Very well. You get to clean up the mess and use bleach, there's no reason to take chances. You can finish the movie later and pick out the next one." She turned back to the movie as her daughter reluctantly got up, retrieved the bleach and started soaking the beige carpet where the ash had fallen. Joyce didn't mind the carpet getting ruined since they were making certain that a possible planet wide quarantine level 9 had been avoided. She didn't like that color any more any way. They should rip out the carpet, burn it and put something else down, something a little more durable than pile carpet.

"Dawn?" Joyce waited until her daughter looked up from her clean up duties. "If you don't think the bleach and your magical fire treatment will be enough you have my permission to cut out the carpet section and the padding and burn it in the back yard. We need to put down something a little more durable and hard-wearing any way." Dawn nodded and went back to carefully and quickly adding bleach to the carpet in a way that should contain the virus if it had survived the fire.

"Oh, and Buffy?" Joyce froze her astonished elder child in place with a glance. "I know what a slayer is now and that you were telling the truth. We'll discuss this in the morning with your Watcher. I assume that its Mr. Giles?" At Buffy's nod she continued. "Good. Dr. Jones knew him during his Ripper days for a short time, he's not as hide bound as the others. We will have to do something about the spells that they've used on him to keep him compliant though, if tonight didn't destroy them."

Dawn sat back on her heels and looked at her handy work. "I don't think we need to burn it so we can wait on getting replacement carpet." Dawn told her mother.

"Pity." Joyce finally broke her serene almost blank expression and pouted. "Alright, go wash up and we'll re-wind it a bit." Dawn happily put up the bleach and rejoined them to finish the movie.
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