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Murder, Mayhem, and Magic!

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Summary: Halloween is here & there's a new shop in town named Ethan's. Why does the owner want to help out the boy he insulted earlier in the day? What will stay after the mess of Halloween night? Originally part of Manchester's "Ethan’s New Toys" ~Hold 4 revamp!

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Far Far Away

A/n: I would just like to pause and thank mrsKnitewolf and Zyanadryn for the Recs as well as AnnaDruvez • DHX • Doodle • Jaylynn • LucyH • Manchester • missinglink • tchizek • Zyanadryn • Sandi, just for reviewing! They were very helpful reviews and helped me make this a much better story. I also have to admit that when I find people have hidden my stories I'm disappointed. I do my best not to write anything out of bounds for a reason. *sigh* Well onto the story! Here's your Riddick reaction LucyH! And yes the description of our solar system is accurate. Just because alot of the finer details are left out of our astronomy lessons in public schooling doesn't mean that the information isn't out there to find. 'sides, I took a college lvl astronomy course that I didn't do all that well in but the description matches up. We've lost some probes and random pieces of equipment plowing into things out there that we didn't think should be there to some of these obstacles. *smirk*

Far Far Away

Riddick awoke to blessed darkness, a familiar friend and ally. He could remember how not all that long ago in memory, he'd been dancing with flying predators on a world plunged regularly into a lasting darkness. How on that dark desert world with three suns, he had chosen to claim a few of the other stranded passengers as his own and lost all but two of them. Riddick had finally chosen a pack and in the same 24 hours had lost most of them, not because the flyers were better predators than him, not because of their numbers in the dark. No, the numbers were negated by the burning effect that any light had on them and his furyan sight; But the stupidity of those he hadn't claimed? And the threat that the honorless merc posed? He didn't know his pack well enough yet to fix that.

Riddick knew that if he'd had more of a chance to establish his dominance and control over his small chosen pack they wouldn't have lost as many, even among those not-pack. He still would have ghosted the merc's ass at some point but he had been a useful fighter up until they'd reached the canyon. He wouldn't make that same mistake again. This time his pack would know who was alpha from the start and this time he had an army to protect them with, even though it cost him the last two pack members that had made it off of that planet of darkness.

Riddick had lost his holyman friend as he protected his wife and child, not-pack. But Jak, Kira now, had come looking for him instead of building herself a life. He had left and hidden himself away on a frozen world for her, to keep the merc's from finding his pack-sister. Why she ever changed her name to Kira he'd never know. The last Lord Marshal of the Necromongers had killed her when she'd tried to help him in the middle of a fight. He'd won vengeance for his home-world of Furya, for his people slaughtered to try and prevent a prophecy which he fulfilled, and for Kira, who was once a young girl traveling as a boy named Jak, who died in his arms once he removed the threat of the Lord Marshal. That was when he learned the true meaning of "You keep what you kill." They knelt to him as their new Lord Marshal.

A fierce grin spread across Riddick's face as he sat up in bed, silver eyes glowing in the darkness. It was time to retrieve his newest pack members. He got up and got dressed, slipping shivs and knives into place all over his body and patted the alpha hellhound of the pack he'd retrieved from Crematoria on the head as it fell in behind him, heading for the command center.

"Vaako." Riddick called out a greeting to his first commander with a nod as he entered the command center several minutes later. "Change of plans. We need to retrieve something from a failed colony planet and from the information I have there might be a ship the size of a small planet orbiting the target third primary planet, doing a good imitation of a moon."

"I'm afraid that I need more than that to locate the system in our nav banks, my lord." Vaako told Riddick formally.

Riddick nodded. "Alright, its got one yellow spectrum star, eight confirmed primary planets with at least one small planetoid confirmed orbiting the fourth primary planet and two confirmed small planetoids on the extreme outer edge of the system that isn't charted very well by the locals. Of eight primary planets the outer four are gas giants. The inner system is separated from the outer system by an asteroid field and the gas giants all have either rings, moons, or both. Only the third planet from the sun has significant surface water and vegetation. All of the others are currently shit storms or barren rocks." Riddick smirked. "That good enough for you?"

Vaako's eyebrows had risen during the description and from the strangeness of the description he decided to take a chance. "May I ask how you came across such a unique nav plot?"

"You know those old tales of mages and demons? Those really old ones about magic and good and evil and portals to hell?" At Vaako's nod Riddick continued, while twirling a knife lazily between his fingers. "Well apparently some of them are true. A mage borrowed me last night. I merely want to retrieve what is mine."

A look of comprehension passed over Vaako's face before it was quickly masked. Riddick nodded and turned to leave, slipping the knife back into its holster along his forearm, then paused, looking back over his shoulder. "Oh and Vaako? Keep your bitch under control or the next time I'll kill her." With that he walked out of the control room, hellhound at his side. Two hallways later Dame Vaako jumped him. Or rather she tried. She was dead before she hit the ground. Riddick smiled, turned around and headed back toward the command center. You keep what you kill.

Vaako looked up as Riddick re-entered the command center and wondered if his Lord Marshal had forgotten something.

"Dame Vaako is dead." Riddick told him bluntly. "She just tried to kill me. From now on anyone you choose as a possible mate I get to check." With that Riddick once again headed back toward his rooms leaving a shocked command center behind.

"Did he just claim you as his spoils from your wife trying to kill him?" Asked Commander Toal, almost in a whisper.

Vaako looked at his fellow commander. "Apparently, but not as a bed partner. The only times I've ever heard of anyone being claimed as prize it was as a wife, husband, or bed partner. Things are truly changing with The Riddick as our Lord Marshal." Vaako said with a shake of his head and went back to looking for the system that Riddick said he needed to retrieve something from. Vaako knew that even if he found it in the nav banks by some miracle it would take them some time to get there.

Dr. Jones absolutely hated some of the advancements that had come along in the last fifty years. One was the atomic bomb; he'd been damned lucky to get inside that lead-lined fridge. Another was computers, but at least he'd just gotten properly trained on them via Joyce Summers last night. He logged onto both the Sunnydale Public Library system and Joyce's e-mail. Glancing through the library catalog he was surprised to find several rare demon ritual books and grimores in the special collections section and put a few on hold for Joyce since he was using her library card.

Dr. Indiana Jones also sent an e-mail to its own inbox asking Joyce to contact him and leaving her a simple coded sequence with his phone numbers embedded in the message. Dr. Jones smirked at the thought of someone trying to crack it since only he and his father had known it, and now so did Joyce. He remembered some of the bonuses that the Grail had left him with and wondered if any of them had carried over. Naaaaah, to much interference on the magical energy frequencies. She might have gained the ability to bless water and water sources, and unnerve the truly evil because she'd likely been purified during that mess of a chaos spell, but that was probably all. No way could she have gained anything else... could she?

Indiana glanced around at all of the artifacts and pieces of history scattered around his house. his wife had passed away close to two years ago now; And his son was still wearing that old leather jacket but he'd managed to graduate from university and was likely dodging some trap or other that he'd accidentally set off at the latest dig or find, just like his dad had been doing for decades before him. Jones wondered if he still had a few of those amulets that seemed to actually work. Joyce would know what to do with them.
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