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Murder, Mayhem, and Magic!

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Summary: Halloween is here & there's a new shop in town named Ethan's. Why does the owner want to help out the boy he insulted earlier in the day? What will stay after the mess of Halloween night? Originally part of Manchester's "Ethan’s New Toys" ~Hold 4 revamp!

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Murder, Mayhem, and Magic!

A/n: I'm giving this one a try and hoping that my off the hip shot works out.... maybe thinking about reintroducing the Halloween spell to one of my stories.... and yes I know I'm re-using many of the often used costumes. *shrug* I work with what I know.

Inspiration authorization: If you gain any inspiration for a fic or wish to continue from where I leave off feel free to do so. I only ask that you cite me if you use a paragraph or more directly from what I have written, and leave me a review! I want to read it too! *cute pout* Otherwise have at it!

Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS, Riddick, Resident Evil, Doctor Who, Wonder Woman, or anything else easily recognizable that may or may not appear in this fic. I'm far to out of touch with reality or cash to own them so you wont get anything from sueing me when there is no intentional copyright violation. So there!

Murder, Mayhem, and Magic!

Ethan watched as Jenny Calendar, Mrs. Summers, and Dawn wandered around the shop looking for their costumes. He had been lucky enough to over hear the two women discussing his old mate Ripper while Dawn looked at some glittery masks and wings and was quite gleeful at the prospect of adding one of the toys he'd accidentally enchanted earlier along with all of the costumes to their costumes as well as strengthening some of the other enchantments.

"Ladies! Please tell me if you have need of any help." Ethan told them sincerely ending with a smirk as the adults distractedly nodded in acknowledgement.

"Thank you." Jenny told him distractedly and went back to her conversation with Joyce. "What do you think? A matched set? Or should I just show up with two different costumes?"

"Honestly? I'm not sure. Buffy spends more time around him than I do but he's better than that Angel person. He's much to old for her." Joyce told her, disapproval and worry over her daughter's choice in boyfriends clear in her voice. "And there's something... not quite right about that boy. He most definitely over plays the dark and mysterious card."

"I'm not close enough to their group to get them to do anything about it, yet. Do you know how difficult it is to get into their little group? Its very frustrating. I just want to help; and I've been watching Angel for a while now, he's not entirely trust worthy." Jenny confided as she looked through a rack of comic super hero and villain costumes most of them female and skimpy with the male counter parts on the racks next to it, at which she occasionally glanced to look for the occasional counter part for Giles to wear.

"I'm part of the group and they don't even let ^me^ know what's going on!" Dawn told them with greatly wounded pride after overhearing this latest tidbit. Dawn picked up yet another costume and held it to her body to try and see how it would look, disliking the way that the sort of combat skirt/dress thing looked and noting that with that low of a neckline her mother would veto it any way, she regretfully put it back on the rack. Dawn ^LIKED^ that character. Then she spotted it. The perfectly sized for her red sparkly spaghetti strapped evening gown, complete with slit up the skirt almost to her hip with a prop thigh holster and accompanying plastic gun and knife. "MOM! Please! I want this one!" Dawn practically shoved the costume into her mother's face in her excitement.

Joyce pushed the costume back a bit so that she could actually see what her daughter had picked out. She looked over the costume and saw in her mind's eye exactly how her baby girl would look in it. Her eyes raised to look at her daughter with a refusal on the tip of her tongue and what she saw there, the desperate hope and excitement, changed her mind. "Alright but there are a few conditions. Since we don't have time to properly sew up the slit in the skirt to a reasonable length I'll put in a few stitches and some safety pins to hold it; And you're wearing a jacket over the top, no excuses. I don't care what kind of jacket as long as it covers up enough of your shoulders and arms to satisfy me I'll let you wear it but it doesn't come off." She warned her daughter who was nodding her head rapidly trying not to jump up and down in joy. Joyce then gained a mischievous grin. "Just this once you can raid your sister's closet, provided you do it before she gets home. If she finds you in her closet or room then you get punished the same as if you weren't supposed to be in there. Are we clear?"

"YES! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!!" Dawn jumped on her mother and gave her a huge hug. "You're the best mom EVER! Lets go find your costume!" Dawn excitedly dragged her mother over to the Adult costumes where Jenny was watching the scene in bemusement.

"You know I don't think Xander managed to get a proper costume, why don't we let Dawn pick one out for him and he can choose to go with that or the one he's got now? Even if he doesn't use what we get him he'll eventually lose a bet with Willow, Buffy, or Dawn or get one of them angry with him and we can use it as the forfeit or punishment, sound good?" Jenny offered, then hurriedly added upon seeing Dawns eyes widen and then turn suddenly wicked. "But no clowns or Xander would never forgive us." Dawn pouted at this but nodded in agreement and headed back over to the young adults section.

Joyce was looking at Jenny eyebrow raised waiting. "What?" Jenny asked innocently.

"Spill." Joyce demanded. "I want to know why I'm really getting a second costume for Xander."

"He really might need it, have you seen some of the wear on his clothes?" Jenny asked candidly. "Besides do you really want your daughter to have a say in what costume you wear tonight?"

Joyce looked at the teacher thoughtfully. "Point made on both accounts. I've also seen some of the bruises. I don't care what anyone says accidentally walking into a door's handle or a car door does not give someone bruises that deep or in those shapes." Joyce agreed grimly. "I'm just glad that I'm not the only one who's noticed."

"Rupert is teaching them about some myths and legends but not the ones that everyone knows about. Mostly they help with some of his personal research in those areas. I do know that much. He's also taught them how to handle some of the antique weapons if they have to. I think that was mostly so that they wouldn't get hurt or break anything while handling them." Jenny obliquely admitted.

Dawn who had snuck up behind the two women as they continued their discussion jumped in startling both women, causing them to jump. "Buffy got Giles to start teaching her martial arts." Dawn declared. "I think Xander tried to ask for training to but Giles seems to think that training Buffy is really important." She admitted with a frown then brightened. "I found the perfect costume for Xander! I know he was planning to go as a soldier but I don't think he knew about this Riddick costume or would have managed to get it if he did. See its got the silver contacts and the goggles and clothes and everything! Xander can use the military issue boots from his soldier costume for this one instead." She told them brightly.

Ethan had wandered closer wanting to hear more and frowning. He hadn't realized that the goofy boy from earlier had been so bad off and could remember some of the more difficult beatings that his father had handed him in his much younger days with a wince. If what they said was true then he really needed to wake Ripper up because it sounded like he wasn't noticing the signs right in front of his eyes, after all he'd pulled Ethan himself out of one such situation back when they'd been running around raising hell together. Even if he had a rather loud and obnoxious slayer that was no excuse for not training the boy and getting him out of such an environment. Deciding that he'd lurked long enough he cleared his throat. "I'm sorry did you say Xander?" he asked politely.

Wary at the sudden intrusion of the weird British shop keeper Dawn said hesitantly. "Yes, Xander Harris. He came in and got a prop from you earlier when my sister got her costume, a gown of some kind?"

With a wince Ethan realized that they probably didn't know Buffy was the slayer and that he'd been a bit abrupt with the boy earlier. "I'm sorry. I remember him now. I was a bit abrupt with him and didn't realize quite how much I might have snapped at the boy. Any costume you chose for him, within reason, is free of charge or I'll just have to discount it. Actually I'm rather glad that you've given me the opportunity to correct my earlier mistake. Might I suggest one of the 'Hero' costumes? It should serve him well from the sound of it."

With some suspicion Dawn asked. "Just how much did you yell at him?"

"It has less to do with me snapping at him and more to do with the fact that when I was younger your Giles dragged me out of a similar situation. I'm merely trying to give him something nice for All Hallows Eve and snap Ripper out of his stupor that his father has clearly dumped him back into." Ethan admitted.

"How did you know Giles was here?" Jenny asked startled.

"The children mentioned it earlier. Just make certain to pick someone who is rather observant for him to go as will you? And it will be half priced for your entire purchase." And with that rather odd request Ethan waved the questions away and headed back toward the counter where someone was waiting impatiently to be rung up.

As the wave of chaos magic spread across Sunnydale that night destinies changed, prophecies were broken and remade, the war still raging in the heavens between the gods and the titans paused in witness, a madman in a box slumped across his bed in a bedroom that he rarely visited as his memory and DNA were drawn on for a time when he once posed as a simple human with a broken pocket watch full of power, a killer of killers who had unknowingly and unwillingly just become the leader of a people who worshiped death keeping what they killed settled deeper into slumber leaving his body behind; And a seer screamed.

Druscilla screamed and screamed and screamed. "The Mad Storm is coming! The Hunter is Coming! The Mad Storm is coming! The Hunter is Coming! Spike! We must run! One makes the stars burn! The other, the Hunter hunts all! The Mad Storm is coming! The Hunter is Coming!"

Spike stared at his mad seer of a lover in complete shock, then he firmed his resolve. Nothing had ever scared his Dru this badly that meant they had to get out of there now! "Right! Lets get into the car, luv, and we'll go now."

Dru stopped screaming and started to shiver rocking back and forth, back and forth muttering. "To late, its to late. To late, its to late. Stay still, hide, stay still, don't let them see. To late, its to late. To late to run."

Spike's stomach dropped out from under him and he sat down heavily on the bed next to her. They would just have to wait it out, whatever it was that was coming had arrived and now they would have to just stay put and hope that whatever it was wouldn't actually notice them and leave quickly.

The Library....

John Smith was looking around himself in complete bewilderment. He had just been in his quarters at the Farringham School for Boys talking to his servant Miss. Martha Jones and she had been trying to get him to open the old broken pocket watch that was still in his hand; Except his hand didn't look like his hand, and this almost felt like one of those strange dreams that he kept putting into his journal but different some how almost newer as if he was living it while at the same time it was also him being the man in the dreams, the Doctor. Deciding to shelve his examination of his feeling of dreaming and reality and memory all at once until later he looked around. He was in some sort of library with strangely harsh lighting even though he couldn't fathom why an oil lamp would be embedded in the ceiling he supposed that if this truly was a dream it didn't need to make sense. John could feel something or someone at the back of his head and it felt important to listen to this... voice as daft as it may seem so he decided to listen for a moment.


"What?! What do you mean your body? And stop shouting!" John asked the voice instantly silencing it.

[oh... so you can hear me?]

"Yes. Where are you any way?" John asked the voice.

[Well it isn't a matter of where I am but more a question of where you are] the voice said dryly causing John to go perfectly still.

"What do you mean, where I am?" John demanded.

[My name is Rupert Giles and you are currently in my Bloody BODY!] the voice finished practically shouting causing John to wince.

"I honestly don't know what you're talking about. I was in my rooms at the school and Martha my servant had been trying to get me to open this old broken pocket watch of mine which she seemed convinced that I had never actually opened." John admitted.

[... My bird got me a costume for the colonial's fall festival celebrated on All Hallows Eve. Everyone dress' up in costumes and runs around in them having fun and the kiddies go collecting candy. She thought it would be a lark to dress me in traditional academic robes and found them at a new costume shop. The pocket watch was left behind by a very powerful and very brave man who once helped one of my relatives I can't remember which one but he fought in the Great War in 1914. The man who left it behind came back for one of the funerals just before the watch was passed down to me. I don't know why he picked me, said something about me needing it one day....] As Giles trailed off they both contemplated what had happened and what was happening now. A moment later the doors to the library opened drawing both men's attention despite there being only one body present.

Jenny Calendar dressed as Wonder Woman stepped into the library. "I heard the shouting." She explained all while looking for any threats that might linger in the room. She could feel the evil beneath their feet of the sealed hellmouth and was not comforted by it.

"Yes, well...." John blushed.

[Jenny! That's right. She dressed as Wonder Woman, champion and princess of the Amazons. Tell her what I just told you. She'll understand and be able to help.] Giles urged.

"No. She'll think I'm mad!" John breathed under his breath, causing Jenny to look at him sharply.

[She also has better hearing than us mere mortals.] Giles told him dryly. [She just heard you perfectly. Now you have to tell her.]

With a sigh John in the body of one Rupert Giles explained what had happened to him and what the original occupant of the body was telling him. Jenny or rather Diana slowly nodded in understanding and listened carefully for any vital details.

"We must find the mage and stop him. Such magics are dangerous on untainted ground with willing, ready, and trained subjects much less on a gateway to Tartarus and on an unsuspecting normal populace." Jenny nee Diana declared. "Wait here. I will send any I can here as I search for the mage and try to end the spell."

"But magic..." Started John.

[IS REAL! If you don't believe me then look through my memories. Go on, look.] Giles prodded.

John started looking through Giles' memories and not only marveled but also started to worry. His examination came to a very abrupt halt when he came to a memory of not only his journal but of a television show with each of his dream faces from the journal and the blue box that was bigger on the inside than the outside. "So he's real then. The dreams are real."

"John, Rupert, I must go. This chaos must be stopped before more innocents are lost to us this night." Jenny nee Diana told them gently.

"Yes, of course you do. We'll just wait here." John jerked out of his state of stupefied realization and came back to the matter at hand. After one last look at them/him she left to try and end the night of chaos.

After she'd left John stuck his hand in his pocket and hit something hard and pulled it out to look at it. It was a small vehicle of some sort with a small red button on the undercarriage and It almost looked like something from one of his dreams. For some strange reason John had the urge to call it Betsy. Giles recognized John's train of thought and supplied the correct memories from his own memories of watching the show with some small amusement. It was interesting to see how John looked at the small toy like copy of Betsy with renewed interest after seeing exactly why it felt familiar. John reached out and pushed the small red button. Little Betsy immediately became Big Betsy or rather correctly sized Betsy.

[So, now that you've gotten it to grow how do we make it small again? As I very much doubt we will be able to just drive her out of the school. Walls and doors and all that standing in the way.] Giles pointed out in amusement.

"I'm not entirely sure." John admitted. They stared at it for a minute and then began starting to press buttons trying to make it shrink back to toy size.


Riddick was hunting. When he'd arrived he'd found the main occupant of the body fairly easy to overpower due in large part to the effects of the chaos possession magics that were at work. The resident Alpha Primal was a different matter and he had relished the fight, even if it was only for control of the boy and his body. Riddick didn't mind them being there all that much as long as they didn't interfere with his current hunt. At Xander's insistence he'd saved Willow's body and Lady useless Buffy and stuck them both in the Summers' basement. Xander wasn't particularly happy about how Riddick had managed to secure where they were stashed or the fact that they couldn't get out especially with Willow all ghost-like but he couldn't argue with the results. His girls were safe and that was the important part, once that was done Xander relinquished what he'd held back from both Riddick and the Hyena waiting to see which one he'd actually have to beat to get his body back, fully surrendering control to Riddick as the price for the safety of his girls. Riddick could both respect and understand that and he intended to have this boy in his pack one way or another, even if he had to drag the entire Necromonger army all the way to earth to retrieve him. Riddick looked through the boy's memories and found that he was loyal and fierce, those who should be his pack had tried to destroy him more than once. Riddick decided that now that he'd established dominance there wasn't any reason not to keep the boy, the Watcher also had potential. With a fierce grin spreading across Xander's features, Riddick continued his hunt.
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