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Taking Sides -- A BTVS / Underworld Tale

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Summary: A random act of bravery by Xander opens up a new front in the war to control the Darkness

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Movies > Underworld(Recent Donor)BHRamsayFR131121,20001924,66413 Jan 046 Mar 04No



Selene's body crashed to the floor. Kravan looked at her with pity. "Such power and grace and in the end, it's always a fight with her. She wants this I know she does. Her place in vampire society, her position, this is what gave her joy. why fight those things?"

"Because people see and comprehend only what they want. You and I can appreciate that". Amy Madison had darkened her hair or maybe it was her soul had darkened and it reflected itself in her hair. Her clothes were certainly dark even Kravan found it unnerving to stare into her eyes for longer then was necessary. It was as if light were being swallowed by something within Amy; something that hungered for more light. Something so dark and predatory that The Hunger that was the gift and curse of all the dark races from the lowliest Wolf to the oldest vampire seemed tame in comparison. Physically she was still human. But that hungering darkness inside was so very not. Kravan wondered at that but not for long. Thinking about what fueled this dark woman was distressing. Far better to think that in the end he could rid himself of her. It was easier to lie to himself that she was little more then cattle to be used and abused. If he told himself that, he didn’t have to look in her eyes. Didn't have to see the twisted hateful thing that looked out at him and yearned for his light, any light that it could feast on and fill its gaping darkness. .

"What about him" he looked at the huddled and shivering mass that used to be the Shin-Tali priest. "The deposit we put on his service clearly said that if we broke him we had to pay the remainder of the fee."

"So pay it, we have what we want." Amy stepped closer to him and the broken shell cringed away from her. "I suppose I could take his eyes. There are ceremonies I can do to confirm that he gave us everything he saw."

"What happened to him, was it Selene "

"Hardly she is under-trained, remember. No this was Willow. I sensed her presence in the connection the Priest forged with Selene's mind "


"Michael… Willow piggybacked her mind and shared Michael's visions of what Selene was seeing "

"What, are you crazed? that means they know our plans."

"Too late to do anything useful we will have the sword and you will have its secrets and power by the time they get here. Really Kravan I find it harder and harder to believe you successfully lied to anyone for longer then few minutes let alone six centuries, you fall apart at the slightest provocation."

Kravan calmed himself. "If I have caution it is because the hybrid has proven to be more troublesome then his worth "

"Then you you be pleased that his death is part of the plan. "

"What about the rest of them,

"They are all going to hurt and when it's over they will know exactly who is responsible for it. they will know its because of Willow." She turned and walked away.

"Where are you going?"

"To get my knives you don’t expect me to dig out the priests eyes with my bare hands do you? I might damage them."

"What about Selene?"

"She is unconscious, dazed and helpless if you are every bit the man I think you are, you'll know what to do." Amy left them alone. She didn’t need to see Kravan press his mouth to Selene's senseless lips to know he was doing it. After all Kravan was no Xander

That was the problem really Xander and Buffy and Giles, these were the kind of people she should have been with . Willow should have been cut off from all of them but that was not how it worked out Amy abused magic and became a rat. Willow abused and her friends embraced her, forgave her, forgot about that annoying Trying-To-Destroy-The-World thing. Where was the righteous justice, the karma, and the balancing out. Willow's puffy ass magic; Magic that she stole by the way, brings the world to the brink of apocalypse, destroys the town. Instead of the punishment, the threefold suffering that she had coming, the bitch gets to create a new class of supernatural being. Slayers were everywhere now. Had the vampires on the run, which was why Amy was doing this. Amy would set the balance to rights. She would make things the way they had to be. And in the process she would make Willow suffer three-fold like the system said she should.. Three-fold, that meant Buffy, Xander, and Giles. They would bare the cost of Willow's sins. Then there would be a balance, and equity., She had begun her plans and it was going well. Hurting Giles and Buffy would be easy. She decided she would save Xander for the last. Xander, Willow's oldest friend. The one who watched; the mundane whose reputation was respected in some strange places. She would save him for last. Give him the choice that Willow never could. To love him for who and what he was. His problem was that he saw only the good in his friends. Amy would fix that. Show him the darkness that Willow spread to anyone and everyone she touched. That most certainly included his beloved Slayer with her pseudo-sister. Imagine being willing to sacrifice the world to save an illusion, a figment, a dream. That was why Amy had every confidence in her plan. Kravan would never betray her because she was offering him the one thing he could not get on his own, The death of Michael Corvin. The beauty of her plan was that Buffy Summers would do it. Without a thought or a hesitation; and she would do it knowing that to do it would doom the world to a war it might not survive. She would do it willingly and she would do it knowing that she could save millions more if she let him live.

Losing Xander's respect and love would hurt Willow and Buffy far more then if Amy simply killed him. For contrary to Kravan's belief, Amy Madison hungered for more then revenge, much, much more. The hunger for it was growing so ravenous that just the thought of filling that craving gave quickness to her steps as she contemplated the dark magic she would need to finish her enterprise.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Taking Sides -- A BTVS / Underworld Tale" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Mar 04.

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