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Taking Sides -- A BTVS / Underworld Tale

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Summary: A random act of bravery by Xander opens up a new front in the war to control the Darkness

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A week after the events of chapter one


The band was playing my song. It was one of the side benefits of having saved their lives on more then one occasion. Dingoes Ate My Baby were making the jump from unknown club band to hip unknown club band. If you listened to the right college stations, you could catch a song here or there.

In the back, looking stoic as ever was my man Oz. In this mode, playing the bass, he looked like a man listening to the voice of a higher power. With the screw over the Powers That Be had give this boy in his life time it was ironic that they saw fit to pay him back by making him the conduit of bass-chords that were awesome to hear.

I was nursing my third drink grooving along quietly. I had been avoiding the occasional glances that came my way. Xander and women made for bad chemistry. The jokes about my tendencies to attract woman of the dangerous variety were funny to Willow and Buffy; to me, it was a sad and bitter truth. After a lifetime of attracting nothing but women who were either, demonic in nature, or disposition or both I had discovered that ordinary women no longer did it for me. If they weren't dangerous, I wasn't interested.

It was sad but I was bored making small talk about music, and current events and pop culture, I had become needy for the spark that came from knowing there was something dangerous about your partner for the evening. Even bad girls were no fun …pseudo-girls whose idea of bad was drinking lots and dressing sleazy, you talked to them and imagined how long they would last up against a real bad girl like Faith. The cougar action was a waste after you have dated a woman who was born in an entirely different century and been considered a minor goddess.

The set ended and Oz slid into our table and took a slug of tepid water that apparently re-energized him. .

"Awesome set Oz-Man you should bottle that cool and sell it on E-Bay."

The man was an iceberg "I think they liked it. We should do some of the new stuff next set. These guys look like they would be into it."

"In to it. Oz half the people in this room would tear you clothes off right this second if I wasn't sitting next to you."

"Thanks then, I’m not good with groupies."

Oz was a good liar but it was a lie. He loved a groupie, but that one girl was long gone and as the good friend I wish I had always been to him, I skated around the topic when the catching up portion of the evening came.

"So tell me more about this clinic incident." Oz leaned forward wanting details about my recent misadventure.

"Not much more to the story, they came, she slays them, we conquered

"And she was a Death Dealer?"

"Hadn’t heard the term before leaving Sunnydale."

"Sunnydale isn't the whole world. I've heard of death dealers since the band started touring couple showed up to a set we did in Boise once. The took off before the show was over and then I never saw them again."

"Flowing black leather and a bad ass attitude."

"That’s the ones' so, what was it like coming up against your first vampire warrior elite

"Are they that bad? I mean she was tough but I’ve seen slayers in action

"So have i. my advice is that you should keep out of this. Death dealers are bad news.

"You are supposed to be making me feel better. "

"Hey from what you say this Michael seems like a great guy. But Xander this person has become a werewolf and from what I hear he was infected with the curse by one of the old breed, some of the oldest and strongest lycans alive."

"Not a good thing?"

"You acquire some of your sires abilities when you are transformed. When he leans how to control them Michael will have some pretty formidable abilities, up to and including being somewhat immune to silver."

"A werewolf that can resist the effects of silver, that would make him danm near impossible to kill"

"You see my point, plus if you are right about Selene and Michael being a couple then they are breaking all sorts of taboos into he community

"How serious are we talking?"

"Serious, even the hint of a relation ship like that would be enough to get a werewolf hunted down and killed."

I nodded. " I shared some of what I found with the guys but, there just seems to be more then meets the eye to all of this.

"Too bad you can’t find them."

"I can't but Angel can."

Oz looked at me nodding in agreement "you better call LA I know it feels dishonorable and all but you are doing him a favour. If he is really as innocent as you say then the safest place for him is out of the cold where he will be safe."

"Safe being a relative term where Angel and Buffy are concerned. And, what about Selene? If Michael loves her then he will freak if Buffy pulls one of her slay first ask questions if it dawns on me routines."

"Good point thing is you can run interference and besides Selene is a Death Dealer and they are not that easy to kill…especially the good ones. Use the phone in the back and tell Angel to get the evil lawyers on the case."

Shortly after we urban renewed Sunnydale into a smoking hole in the side of the state. Angel and the evil lawyers had set up a way for all the Scoobies to stay in touch. We could in an emergency; dial a special number and be instantly connected to the vast entity that was Wolfram & Hart. This allowed Angel to keep an eye on us and for us to summon help when we needed it. I tried to convince myself that I was helping Michael and Selene. My mind works in strange ways sometimes.
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