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Trick Or Treat - A Kill Bill / BTVS Tale

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Summary: Being the tale of the very odd relationship between a seventeen yearold assassin and a white knight

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Movies > Kill Bill(Recent Donor)BHRamsayFR133998169,44913 Jan 047 Jun 04Yes

When Xander met Go-GO

I was having a slow day and this came to me
I hope the people who asked for a second chapter like it


Go-GO Yabari was waiting for a good excuse to kill the drunken pig. He had been trying to grab her since long before he had started drinking

She was all set to kill him at the table when a white man came up the table telling the pig that his over priced crap car had been damaged in the parking lot. He went racing out the door to see to his car.

the white boy passed her some money. "Look I don’t know you and I could be really misreading things but I think you should go home"

He gave her his name and left. Go-GO was amazed there were actually men like this still alive and later that night as she was killing the drunken pig she still was thinking about the innocent eyed youth. Yes she would remember him well, this Xander Harris.
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