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Meet the Parents

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This story is No. 9 in the series "A divine family". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: *TS 16* Lorne was a little nervous to be officially meeting Buffy's parents. After all, how does one prepare for a dinner with the God of the Underworld, and his wife? Shepard hopes she leaves his Marines alone in the meantime and then it gets weird.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherhellbellsFR1559,64164013,52116 Aug 124 Aug 14Yes

and Faith makes an appearance!

Authors Note: This is for everyone who has reviewed and the one who asked for Faith to make an appearance. It struck musie more than most!
Beta: Huge thanks to ConstanceTruggle for being the speediest beta ever.

Faith was starting to seriously lose her cool. She had been cool with her lot in life, she'd been slayer, trainer and guide. She stayed close to the Scooby's even though she would have been much happier having her own gig on the Cleveland hellmouth, but today it was all just too much.

She needed to go to a place where she could take five and not even Red could follow. She let out a scream of frustration and knew exactly what to do - she invoked the best friend card. “Goddess of Warriors I summon thee to help me keep my goddamn sanity.”

Faith was really going to enjoy their faces when Buffy appeared. A moment later everyone took a step back and Buffy appeared in a full on Grecian dress. Faith snickered, she could put two and two together. Buffy was in the underworld with her parents, “You with dear ole ma and pa?”

Buffy could see the Scooby’s heads explode at the thought of Buffy being related to the God of the Underworld. It messed with their little black and white world. It might almost be fun to mess with them. Still she couldn’t, not currently at least, she had Evan with her Dad. So instead, she shrugged feigning boredom not much liking the company. “You’re welcome to come to the palace. Lorne will be glad for the back up.”

Faith smirked, “You’ve taken the mortal flyboy home?” She had given Buffy so much shit for falling in love with Evan, after all it was just a tad of a cliche.

Buffy rolled her eyes, you let out a small secret - like divinity and people take the mick. “Yeah but Dad is hogging Evan so you can come and gossip with me and Mom.”

Faith had never heard such a good plan. “Yep sounds like a plan.” She turned towards G, “Back in time for tea.”

Giles was spluttering, for one, it was the first time he’d seen Buffy since Sunnydale and then she hadn’t gone full out Goddess. Buffy just grinned, and Faith could definitely see her Daddy in her, “Look Giles love to stay and chat but I left my flyboy in the hands of my father. They were getting on but I really love Evan and need to make sure that he doesn’t end up as a chew toy for Vicious and Idol.”

Faith helpfully chimed in, “Their Hades pet hellhounds - They’re adorable.”

Giles put his glasses back on, and before he could gear up for a rant, Buffy flamed out. Willow frowned, she couldn’t trace the portal. She was put out, she should be able to do that but couldn’t. “I’m sorry Giles but I can’t help Faith will be back when Buffy brings her back.

He was non-plussed, “Buffy will respond to Faith’s calls?”

Willow nodded, “Yep, a slayer group told us remember, Faith invoked the Goddess and Buffy appeared.”

Giles could have smacked himself. Faith had reported back that a divine being had interceded but her human name was never once mentioned. It was smart of the dark slayer because no doubt if she had reported that back to the board. Well to put it mildly, it would have most assuredly put a cat amongst the pigeons.

In the underworld Faith took a look around the palace. It was a place often discussed but few mortals were ever given the chance to see. It was also kind of nice to know that she was only a day visitor. After all, there had been a time in her life where she had not been so sure.

Buffy smiled seeing her friends open curiosity, “Hey Ma’ we got us a visitor. Please tell me that Daddy hasn’t hurt Evan?”

A very glamorous woman dressed in a regal black dinner gown greeted Faith, “Hello. I believe that me and my husband have much to thank you for.”

Faith was startled, she didn’t ever expect to hear that from a goddess’ mouth about her. Buffy could see that her friend couldn’t believe it, “Persephone has a point. You stopped me from going nuts when I was topside. Now it’s only fair that I return the favour.”

Persephone snickered, “oh girls leave the men to their boring talk.” She slipped an arm around both of their shoulders, “Let us catch up, I feel that we are going to get along fabulously.”

They did. Mortals and Immortals everywhere rued the day, but by the end of it Persephone and Hades had two daughters, not one. This could not end well for any of their enemies.

When the girls got bored and decided to bring the men-folk back so they could have more conversations. (Read here that Faith wanted to tease Evan).

Evan was a little surprised to see Faith down in the underworld.
Faith smirked, “Don’t think that you’re special or the only mortal in the Underworld.”

Evan was too composed to snicker, and had spent too much time around Buffy, Cadman and Sheppard. “I don’t think I’m too special but you usually stick to monster slaying.”

Hades brightened realising that it was the Dark Slayer who was delivering him bright new treats everyday, “Oh I do thank you for the daily gifts. Vicious and Idol love the varied diet.”

Faith snickered and bent down to lavish the hell-hounds with attention, they were too cute not too. “Always the best for my friends.”

To anyone else the scene might be too weird. For Evan, he just looked to his lover, “And you were worried about what to get Faith for her Birthday.”

Buffy grinned liking the idea, after all, a hell-hound would make a good slaying partner. She looked to her Dad, she knew that her Step-mom would back her up, “Can Faith have one...Please?

Evan was not going to laugh, he wasn’t. No one would ever believe that the God of the Underworld was being bugged into giving his adoptive daughter a puppy. It was just so twisted as to be hysterical. It got even better, when Persephone added, “Hey hon, Faith needs a companion that won’t drive her nuts when topside.”

Hades was a smart god and knew when to give into the insanity. Also he was a god smart enough to not make war at home, especially when his wife had a streak of vindictiveness that made him proud, sighing, “Okay. I guess you can have a hell-hound - if you promise to feed it, and water it then it’s okay with us.”

It struck Faith in that moment that she was ninety-nine percent certain that she’d just been adopted. Life was good, she had a goddess for a best-friend/sister and slaying, and now the God and Goddess of the Underworld as adoptive parents. If Robin remained a jackass then she’d ask her adoptive family for advice or help getting her own back.

Buffy smiled and Evan just hugged her close. He couldn’t have hoped for a better introduction to the family. He couldn’t wait to tell Sheppard about how well he and Hades had gotten along. It had gone well, once Hades had escorted him to the ‘study.’ He had given Evan one particularly vivid threat, which Evan vowed to remember for his own use in the future against idiot Marines.

It was with a tinge of sadness that the three left the Underworld. Buffy listened to her ‘sister’ pleading that she be dropped her off first - with Evan in tow. Buffy seeing the mischief factor and happy to indulge Faith agreed. She took hold of Faith’s and Evan’s hand and flamed them back topside. Absent mindedly she wondered whether she should just be done with it and develop a cute now wriggle like that witch in Bewitched.

Back in England, Giles had decided that it was okay to call it a night now. His night was disturbed by a flaming appearance, but this time not a monster in sight. “Hey Giles I dropped Faith back just like I promised.” Buffy announced brightly as if it was the norm.

Giles was a little unsure what to say. After all what could he say? He took small comfort that Buffy seemed happy and had someone with her that she loved. He assumed that the man with Buffy was this mortal flyboy - Evan. His discomfort was only added to when Faith added looking at Buffy, “Hey, you were the one to promise Mom and Dad.”

Buffy shrugged, “I gotta give Evan a lift now.”

Faith smirked, “You’ll confuse your flyboy all this travelling without a plane.”

Buffy twirled, “Yep but you gotta admit I get you where you wanna go quickly.”

“I can’t argue with that sis. Have fun, and can I really threaten Robin with you flaming his ass?” Faith sounded disturbingly happy at the thought. Giles suspected this was not going to end well for the former school principal.

Buffy nodded, “Yep, and if mum and dad don’t get to him … I suspect that John will let me borrow a couple of marines for a hunting party.”

Evan chuckled, “Oh, I already have the team picked out.”

Faith was laughing, freer than Giles had heard in a long time. “You’re good people Evan.”

Evan just smiled, “Yeah but I have an image to maintain back on base.”

Faith had to bite back the snicker if only the soldiers knew the man that lay beneath the soldier they would be beyond shocked. “Yeah, Buffy best get you back before Ma and Pa have a fit.”

Buffy started laughing so hard, she was never going to shake the image now of Johnny and Laura as the Mom and Dad of Atlantis. Buffy could see Evan catch up with what Faith meant and sighed knowing his lover would run with it, bowing to the inevitable - he went in on the joke. “We best get me back to base before they think I’ve turned into pumpkin.

Buffy looked at the life that she could have led and somehow she wasn’t sad - why should she be? She was happy. “Bye Giles … Faith don’t be a stranger.”

On Atlantis when Buffy flamed in, John was pacing in the gateroom. Buffy could see that Laura Cadman was desperately trying to placate and soothe her lover while not laughing herself. Don’t worry, Buffy thought, as Buffy had a plan that would no doubt redirect his anger.

She let go of Evan and pulled him into a chaste kiss. She wasn’t shy, being a goddess and some of the accompanying rituals stripped a gal of any potential shyness pretty quickly. She had a wicked smirk, “Well Mom and Dad … I brought your boy home safe and sound. Now I’ve gotta jet.”

Buffy seeing that John was about to respond flamed out so he couldn’t have the last word. It wasn’t the best way to end an argument and had the downside of her not being able to see Johnny’s face but it would do for now. Anyway she needed to go and find Faith her new pup.

Life was never dull but it was coming nicely together for the young goddess.
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