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Meet the Parents

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This story is No. 9 in the series "A divine family". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: *TS 16* Lorne was a little nervous to be officially meeting Buffy's parents. After all, how does one prepare for a dinner with the God of the Underworld, and his wife? Shepard hopes she leaves his Marines alone in the meantime and then it gets weird.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherhellbellsFR1559,64164013,36216 Aug 124 Aug 14Yes

training and conversations

Faith was slowly starting to get more annoyed the longer she stayed with the Scooby’s. She didn’t hate them per say, she just had a differing world view. Like right this minute Giles was lecturing the group on their responsibilities. It wasn’t like Faith didn’t understand the duties or the role of the slayer. After all, the duties and role of the slayer had been pretty well defined since the prehistoric times. She was so close to praying for Buffy to come and rescue her, but figured that she should keep the practically-a-sister-goddess card for true emergencies and not just because she was bored to tears.

It turns out that she was growing up and who would have thought that kiddies? It had certainly snuck up on her.

However it seems that Buffy had learned to answer subconscious thoughts as well, as she flamed in causing everyone to take a step back. Faith took in her appearance which was the black leather look currently favoured by Atlantis. Atlantis made Faith smile, there were good people there - more importantly Kansas was conducting flight training there. Win-win.

Buffy completely ignored the others as she wasn’t interested in them. She looked only at Faith, “Hey Sis. Johnny had some new marines - fancy breaking them in?”

Faith grinned, “Thank Zeus for that. I’m in, be back later Giles.”

She put her hand in Buffy’s before any could object and flamed out really wanting to see her flyboy.

Back in the office, Xander looked flabbergasted “Did she just call Faith sister?”

Willow nodded, and Giles sighed, “They started the ritual last month. Faith has been formally adopted by Hades and Persephone.”

Just as they started to absorb that fact - the two people in discussion flamed back into existence. Just long enough for Faith to whistle and cause Sid, her pet hellhound to come to his mistress and then leave again.

“So that’s it?” Xander said not sure how he felt but would probably be a lot more angry if he didn’t have what happened to Robin running around his head.

Giles took off his glasses, “Yes and you will do nothing to interfere with her happiness Xander Harris. Am I clear?”

Xander was a little shook up as it had been years since ‘Ripper’ had been directed at the core group. In many ways, and as much as it burnt them they realised that Faith was finally getting what she’d wanted and been denied - happiness and family. Buffy had been pushed out long ago but they’d somehow frozen Faith out and Buffy had been there for her.

On Atlantis there was no angst, although the new guys were finding it weird to see three of the most senior offices. You see Col Sheppard, Lt Col Lorne and Colonel Mitchell, who was currently responsible for fighter training, were pacing the gate room seemingly waiting for something to happen.

It stopped when a presence flamed into the gate room causing the newbies to unleash their weapons. Buffy rolled her eyes, and said derisively, “Newbies.”
And then she turned their weapons to daisies causing them to stumble. No weapon? What could they do?

Lorne shook his head realising that they would need to do a lot of work with the new soldiers. Sheppard actually smirked, “Buffy give the soldiers back their guns they get lonely without them. You shatter their reason for existence cousin.”

Buffy pouted and Lorne really wished that they were not in the middle of the gate room. “Buffy stop being mean: you’re the Goddess of all warriors.”

She stuck her tongue out, “I hate when you go all reasonable.”

Evan shrugged, “You’re the one marrying the mortal flyboy.”

That caused a ripple through the newbies, as none of them believed that the XO knew what fun looked like. Buffy looked over at the new soldiers gathered, “So can I play with them?”

The soldiers were starting to look a little worried, most of them were veterans of the SGC but real gods and goddesses - that wasn’t in the playbook there. Sheppard rolled his eyes, “Don’t break them and we’ll put on a show for them. Now I will be a kind god and let the two mortal flyboys and have an hour with their goddesses.”

All four saluted crisply mainly because they it would annoy Sheppard than to observe military protocol. They were good like that. Sheppard rolled his eyes, “Go on get out of here.”

The first soldier to say something was Captain Walker, a marine, “Err Sir what just happened?”

Sheppard grinned, and was glad that none of his close friends were in the room, as they would tease him. “You know when your CO say think of him like a God?”

He saw the ones from the SGC agree; well they were half right as O’Neill was a Demi-god. “I’m not even blowing a little smoke up your ass; on the duty changeover you are to report to training room one for Atlantis 101 training.”

The couples moved toward the canteen, Faith was animatedly telling Cameron about the changes and how she couldn’t wait for the final parts of the adoption ceremony. He loved every bit about Faith and the fact that she was a whirlwind in leather. The veterans of Atlantis didn’t blink at seeing the two couples enter, after all they all knew and adored Buffy, and more recently Faith.

They certainly added colour to their lives and the battles and mischief that Buffy and Sheppard engaged in were legendary. However they were still a few new Marines eating at one of the mess tables. It was clear that there was something going on between the stunning women and the Colonels. Life just was plain unfair sometimes.

Mitchell listened as Faith happily explained how far the adoption rituals had progressed. It just goes to show what working at the SGC will do, as the fact that his lover’s new parents were the God and Goddess of the underworld didn’t faze him should probably worry him. It didn’t.

“Wow, why are they with the Colonel’s? We could show them a much better time!” The leer in Corporal Janson’s voice was plain for all to hear.

Stackhouse weighed up how fun it would be to watch Buffy and Colonel Lorne have their own fun with warning them. You see the last time that the Marines had been rude, leering and made a play for the slayers - Buffy hadn’t been engaged. To this day the Marines in question refused to state who they were more scared of Buffy for having beat them up and then set their asses on fire or whatever Lorne had done to them. The best bit was no one would say what Colonel Lorne had done, but all had seen how pale the soldiers were as they left his office to head down to the infirmary.

All had agreed upon hearing about the engagement that they were scary BAMF couple and no one should mess with them unless they had a death wish.

“You know Corporal this is your one warning. Don’t mess with the Slayers.”

The Corporal’s eyes lit up, “They sure have slayed my heart.”

Stackhouse rolled his eyes, “The blonde on is engaged to the XO and both of them can beat nearly every single man on this base.”

“Nearly every single man?” Stackhouse really hated marines that managed to reinforce every single negative stereotype about them.

“Yep Faith doesn’t have the firepower to take on Colonel Sheppard but come to room one and you can see why Buffy does. Also, ask Ramerez and Deakins why they will not say one sexual thing about another woman unless they are dating them?”

“I don’t understand.”

Stackhouse pinched his nose, he should have just left him to his fate, and “You’re an idiot. The last time, Deakins was new here and pinched Buffy’s ass saying that he could show her a real good time.”

“Yeah ...” It was clear that the soldier wasn’t seeing the point.

“So Buffy set his ass on fire and then dropped him in a heap at Colonel Lorne’s feet. No one knows what he did but they both dread crossing the door to his office if they even think they might be in trouble.”

Across the way Buffy snickered into Lorne’s shoulder. Faith smirked, “Your title as BAMF first couple of Atlantis is safe for now.”

Evan shrugged, “Well for now, who knows? You and Mitchell might steal our crown.”

Buffy looked at the clock at the front of the mess at clapped her hands in glee. “Let’s go have fun.”

Sheppard was standing in the middle of the training floor. “Today you get to see something even more otherworldly than on a normal day.”

“We have those?” Asked an innocent voice from the back, well, you’d suppose it was innocent unless you knew the apparent Californian Princess.

“Yeah Buffy now get up here so we can do this?”

Faith rolled her eyes, and smirked, “You know for the son of Zeus. You’re quite impatient.”

Sheppard snarked back, “Go to hell.”

Faith smirked, one that she’d learnt off the marines - no one was yet sure who the bad influence on whom in that situation. “Been there done that, they like me so much - I got a puppy.”

Buffy laughed raucously as it was so very true, “In fact cousin we adopted her. So shall we call Percy and start sparing?”

Rodney frowned, “Why do they need waterboy?”

Faith rolled her eyes, “Buffy and Johnny want to battle and don’t want to harm anyone.”
Percy came into the room forming from a column of water. You had to give the Gods and Goddesses one thing - they certainly knew how to make an entrance or exit. He looked a little nervous which the cousins understood, Buffy snickered, “Play shield for me and Johnny and then you can hide in my room in the Underworld.”

John agreed, “It’s the smartest thing for you to do. You know Uncle P won’t venture down to Uncle Hades place.”

Percy rolled his eyes, “Well let’s get on with it.”

Buffy and John must have agreed because in the next second their clothes shimmered from the day to day wear worn on Atlantis to their other world outfits. A few had been on Atlantis last time but for the newbies there was a fair amount of awe. John as the son of Zeus had gold armour inscribed in Ancient Greek with many protection spells and power. Buffy had something similar except her outfit was obsidian and moulded to protect her smaller form. If you somehow missed that they might be even a little bit otherworldly then the flaming sword and lightning sword would definitely clue you in.

They fought back and forth down the training mat, thrusting and parrying. There was collective oohs and ahhs from the crowd when one of them landed a particularly nasty strike. Buffy was laughing and looking like she was having the time of her life. It didn’t take a genius for Evan to realise that Evan was going to have a fun filled night.

Faith’s absolute favourite part was where the loudmouth, Janson, from earlier was loudly heard saying, “I’m staying well away from trouble. The XO is scarier than her?”
If she noticed Lorne’s chest puff up a little Faith was kind enough not to say anything.

Stackhouse’s deadpan reply was, “Oh yeah!”

It was too bad that Atlantis called time on the sparring match reminding Sheppard that he had a meeting. It was quite amusing to see the sparring partners pout. Still the lesson wasn’t over; he looked each and every one of the new guys in the eye. “Atlantis is hard and mean and you will face far stronger foes. The smart ones amongst you will learn to cheat; the rest of you will end up back at the SGC or even dead. Learn off my cousins they can teach you a lot.”

He changed his uniform back to the regulation Atlantis one as he walked out. It was a casual display of power that showed just how far he’d come in terms of showing power.”

Buffy stood in the middle of the room still in armour, “Well what are you waiting for? Split and spar!”

It really was an effective of way of seeing who should be there and who shouldn’t. It really sucked when they said goodbye. Buffy’s goodbye was light, “Back soon.”

Mitchell and Faith were quite sweet, resting their foreheads together. Faith tried to stay light, “In a weeks’ time I will be able to travel under my own steam.”

Mitchell teased, “You’re already my little goddess. I can give you an answer then, right?”

Faith nodded, maybe she was being ridiculous but she felt that a decision on immortality should be given more than a seconds thought. And she was supposed to be the rash one?

Faith had yesterday taken the final step to becoming immortal by consuming Ambrosia and could now stay with her family forever. It was a nice feeling and sensation, and she couldn’t put into words how grateful she was that Buffy carried on talking to her once she’d returned to the Pantheon. Hades and Persephone managed to show affection without smothering her like the Scooby’s had done.

Buffy was surprised by a call from Evan, “We need to talk.”

Buffy frowned as she reclined on the posh divan in her room. “Hey Faith the guys want to talk.”

Faith tilted her head to the side as she contemplated what they could want to talks to them about. She shrugged, “Let’s go.”

Only this time Faith didn’t need a lift she could travel under her own steam. They flamed to their lover’s presences, “What’s wrong?”

Lorne already knew what this was about. He’d already proposed to Buffy and would take the ambrosia at the wedding reception but with Faith’s adoption it was a question that was now facing Cameron and Faith.

He had helped Cameron with his decision and been quite amused when after five minutes; Cameron had stood up and yelled, in the thickest accent, “What am I doing? There is no decision.”

Lorne shook his head in bemusement, as he had enough to deal with on a daily basis being Sheppard’s XO without giving love advice to Colonels. He grinned, “Great glad that is settled. Buffy we need to talk to you.”

It hadn’t taken even a few seconds for the Slayers to flame in, tellingly they had travelled separately. He knew that nothing would go wrong but really? He just wanted to spend a little extra time with his fiancée and pulled her away from Faith and Cameron giving the couple time to themselves.

Cameron smiled and Faith wanted to say something snarky about being a good old homeboy but couldn’t. The guy who she’d started to date when she’d needed cover from Robin had rapidly turned into someone special. No as sappy as it sounded, he was the one. The guys had a decision to make, whether or not they’d retain their mortality. Cameron took her to somewhere private as this wasn’t something that should be overhead.

Faith just sat down next to him; she was determined that he should not be pressured in any way as this was such a huge decision. She entwined her fingers with Mitchell, “Come on Kansas, talk to me.”

Cameron smiled and it was so wholesome that Faith couldn’t help but smile. She wasn’t sure that an adopted daughter of Hades should be with someone so sweet but he had picked her and chased her and now she couldn’t regret it. “I wanna do two things. First I want to marry you, and then I’ll eat anything you give me - Ambrosia included.”

Faith pushed him onto the bed, “You just say you want us to get hitched?”

Mitchell had a gleam in his eye, “Yep so what do you say?”

“Hell yea’! You do know though we gotta go see Dad?”

Huh? His fiancée had a point but it would be alright. After all he could go to Faith and Evan for tips. I mean Hades didn’t fry Lorne’s ass for wanting to marry Buffy and he’d met the god once before and it had gone okay. Why didn’t he sound convincing even in his own thoughts?

Authors NoteThis is for all the positive reviews and people who wanted to read more. If you don’t get a reply I can only apologise and say that I read and appreciate each and every review.
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