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The Lost Scooby

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Summary: Adventure and Excitement go hand in hand for our favorite resident of Sunnydale. Luck true to form, Xander has just gotten into another world of trouble.

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Episode Four: The North Docks

Stay still, stay still, don’t move a muscle. Maybe she won’t see me, yeah she won’t see me at all. Ah crap!” Xander lost his footing. The Rex bellowed loud and hungrily and the large box head lowered, with a snap of its jaws there was blood everywhere. Xander Harris was dead.

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Xander came back to his body feeling slightly disoriented. Did everything that just happened, happen? No, he’d just had a very vivid and horrible vision. The Rex was not bellowing in rage or hunger or anything else, he was not falling over or losing his balance. Although his legs were getting cramped.

It was however sniffing, he could tell it was sniffing because the air passing through its nostrils was so loud and obvious. What would his scent be like to the Rex? Ever since he’d experienced higher senses during the hyena incident he’d actually developed a large sense of curiosity over how other animals and possibly demons perceived him.

Xander just couldn’t fathom what was going to happen. He probably had a heavy fear scent to him at the moment and if he weren’t so used to being in these types of situations he might have peed himself, thus urine would have been a factor in the scent as well.

It was impossible for the human body to remain motionless too long, Xander was feeling tingles all the way down his legs and as was usual for him he had this irritating feeling in his sinus cavity, now he wanted to sneeze.

The Rex finished inhaling and made a soft rumbling sound. It stomped past Xander’s vision and resumed trekking down the road, it paused as it reached the remains of the blown up Velociraptor. Leaning down it pushed its snout against the gory carrion, either it wasn’t hungry or charred Raptor just didn’t smell appetizing enough, because it ignored the thing and stomped off towards the jungle.

Xander refused to allow his relief to cloud his judgment. He patiently waited until he was certain the creature had moved beyond the road way. Then he let out the breath he was holding, as well as a massive sneeze that made his entire chest ache with the force of the expulsion. “I don’t care if that did seem anticlimactic, after the night I’ve been having I prefer easy escapes from imminent death as opposed to running from my life and seeing if I can outrun a beast that size. Hell, anybody who can successfully outrun a T-Rex or dodge and weave away from those powerful jaws deserves my undying respect and awe.”

Straightening back up Xander turned towards the sounds of the ocean, which was a bit deafening as at last he was close enough to see it. He couldn’t see the docks, they were further down the road around the distant bend, at least according to Doc Harding. So all he really had to do was keep walking in this general direction and he’d return to the boat.

He was going to make sure it was in one piece and still worked, then he was going to sit there patiently and wait as long as was practical until he was sure the other survivors had escaped. It was just the right thing to do, besides he still had Nima to confront about her deal with that character who hired Rowena to steal… Whatever the hell it was.

“Ok, let’s see. Encountered Pteranodons, survived same. Encountered Velociraptors, also survived. Encountered Tyrannosaurus Rex, largest predator currently on the island according to our friendly tour guide from the explorer. Somehow managed to survive in spite of having horrible vision of own death, hooray. I know better than to ask what else could happen tonight, personally the only question I’d like to ask anybody watching out for me would be… On second thought I’d better not voice that question either. Might get me in trouble.” Shaking his head Xander started walking down the road. It would probably have been better to get out of the open, however he was tired, he’d lost all of his supplies and he would prefer to see the danger coming before it got too close.

Well almost all of his supplies, thinking back to when he’d stashed the canteen and leftovers in his pocket he grinned slightly. Strategizing and preparing, always a good idea on the off chance your plan fell through. Being a Scooby Xander knew this better than most. He sighed as he kept walking towards the docks. He’d taken care of food, water, some semblance of shelter for the most part of the day thanks to the explorer and he’d dealt with hungry predators. About the only thing he hadn’t been able to do since getting stuck in this situation was…His thoughts trailed off and he took a chance glancing around.

He had a feeling nobody would care anyway, he couldn’t bathe or anything like that to get rid of the sweat, dirt and blood on his body or change clothes, but he could at least move over to the side of the road and. “Ahhhhhhh!” Xander sighed contentedly as he emptied his bladder. He’d been holding that in for a bit too long as it was. “Seriously wish I hadn’t lost those tools though, there weren’t any spares in the shed on the walkway and I’m not sure if Rowena kept a decently stocked ship in case of emergencies.” Shaking himself out he zipped back up and continued on his route.

Xander glanced at his watch as he walked, this was the first time he was actually curious to know what time it was. He was surprised to find that it was already nine forty-five, the night was almost done and soon it would be the early hours of Monday morning. Had it only been one day of this craziness? Saturday night had been the terrible storm, Sunday morning had been the Pteranodon incident and the trek across the island from the empty Stegosaur paddock. And it had been empty.

According to Doc Harding the Stegosaurs hadn’t been delivered yet and the paddock had been used as a temporary holding facility for a few Brachiosaurs before they could be introduced to the herd. There were only so many species on the island at the moment, Pteranodon, Velociraptor, Dilophosaurus, Tyrannosaurs, Brachiosaurus, Compsognathus or the little chicken-sized dinosaur he’d eaten, Parasaurolophus, Herrerasaurus and a species so dangerous it was meant to be euthanized, but the stupid geneticist responsible for them was too hippy and Earth first and all that crap to actually go through with it.

Harding warned Xander to avoid any glowing eyes, the Troodon were nasty buggers, built their nests out of poisoned brain-dead victims. Really not something Xander intended to become, nest for a brood of baby Troodon. Harding said most of them were in the tunnels anyway chasing his daughter, hopefully she was alright. Bring your daughter to work day typically didn’t mean get your daughter eaten by prehistoric carnivores.

Chuckling at his private joke Xander finally rounded the curve in the road and spotted the familiar sight of the crane and the walkway above the trees and large manmade structure that walled the docks in from the park.

And sitting nearby on the side you couldn’t see from the docks was a jeep, just parked waiting for someone to come along and drive off in it. A dark red and grey in color it was all closed in. Xander stared at it suspiciously, mostly because he couldn’t fathom why someone would leave a jeep just parked waiting by the docks. The thing was a bit beat up, honestly it looked like someone had rammed the thing into a tree.

“What the?” Xander frowned.


“Another survivor? That’s impossible.” Xander hastened his pace, if someone made off with the boat he’d be trapped on the island. Pushing his way through the entrance to the docks he made his way quickly towards where he’d heard the voice crying out.

“Stupid bitch where’d she go?”

Xander found a familiar form standing near the boat, it was the muscular looking creep who’d lost an arm, Tank. But Xander had seen that arm and the Pteranodons attacking him, hadn’t he? Confused the native Sunnydalian crept as noiselessly as possible towards the boat.

“I can smell you, you know.” Tank turned around revealing sharp teeth and, yep he was still missing an arm.

“Funny, I thought you were dino chow,” Xander quipped studying Tank carefully for any sign of sudden movement.

“I would have thought the same thing of you, boy. So what happened? You wuss out and take off to hide?” Tank snickered.

“Took an impromptu flight over the island is all, how’d you survive?”

Tank smirked revealing his sharp teeth yet again. “Funny thing about predators, take a bite out of them and they leave you alone. Problem is my species tend to slip into coma like regenerative states when we’re injured this badly, floated down river instead of out to sea. Hotwired that ride I left opposite the gate. Couldn’t find who we were supposed to meet with though.” Tank shrugged.

“Well I did, they’ll be here as soon as they can.” Xander had to stall for time until Harding and the others showed up. Tank however was a demon.

“Where’s Rowena?” he demanded.

Xander had certain faults, one was being too honest for his own good. “Probably somewhere in a pile of dino shit by now, not sure how long it takes for something that size to digest.” He shrugged and instantly tensed up.

Tank laughed. “Perfect, then I can get rid of the dead weight!” Lunging for Xander the demon charged teeth bared.

Xander was way too tired to be dealing with this crap now, but it had to be done. Ducking down he tried to flip Tank over his shoulder, using his momentum to drive him to the ground on his back. Tank was too slick for that, instead he slammed into Xander hard, he wasn’t wearing any shoes now and his toes elongated, large claws digging into the concrete to keep his balance.

Xander was knocked on his ass instead and rolled to avoid being stabbed by the now revealed claws. “Gee, and I thought you’d be happy to see me,” he quipped.

“I’m going to be happier to see you gutted like a fish, human!” Tank snapped his jaws clacking together in a painful sounding way.

“Yeah, sorry, but if I can survive carnivorous dinosaurs demons just don’t scare me as much as they used to,” Xander said with a shrug. Xander was fed up, he was fed up at being everyone and everything’s dinner or punching bag. So instead of doing the smart thing, like trying to stay out of arm’s reach, he lashed out and punched Tank across the face.

The hit didn’t do much and Tank barked out a laugh as he reached down with his lone arm grasping Xander around the neck. “Think you’re a hunter boy? Or a Slayer? You’re nothing but my…”

Xander kicked him in the balls, it was a cheap shot, but since the guy looked like a human he figured it couldn’t hurt.

Tank instantly dropped him like a sack of potatoes and brought his hand down protectively, he looked like he’d just had the wind knocked out of him. Fighting to recover his breath he stumbled back.

Xander blinked. “Huh. Odd place to keep your lungs, pal.” Smirking his trade-mark lopsided smirk Xander charged Tank to knock him down. Unfortunately the demon was still locked into the cement with his freaky long toe claws, Xander hit him full speed and then, in truly comical fashion, found himself flung back through the air like he’d hit one of those punching dummies in a cartoon. Xander groaned. “Note to self, don’t get cocky.”

“Why you little!” Tank growled prepared to finish off the human filth.

Both parties froze at an odd hooting sound.

Xander thought the explorer had followed him after remaining parked near the marine exhibit and expected to hear the tour guide’s voice again.

Tank glared past Xander towards the open entrance to the docks. “Give me a break! You ain’t nothin’ compared to me, shoo, piss off, go find some other mark.”

Xander chanced a glance behind him and once again found himself tensing up. “Did you guess Dilophosaurus,” he repeated in a soft whisper.

The dinosaur bounced into the dock area hooting happily, like a little lost puppy. Tank uncurled his toes and marched straight up to it. “You deaf or are you just plain stupid? I don’t care if you’re an animal you should recognize not to mess with my kind, get lost so I can finish off this piece of filth human and get off this damn island already.”

The dino hooted again happily ignoring the threatening tone of the demon.

Xander carefully climbed to his feet and made his way unseen back up the staircase leading to the walkway. He didn’t bother getting any last words in on his enemy, instead he simply approached the access panel and punched the code in again to let himself in.

Tank was still staring at the Dilophosaurus without fear. Suddenly a huge frill burst open around its neck and it started hissing angrily at him. Tank hissed right back, then the Dilo spat at him, the burning sensation in his eyes quickly made him cry out.

Xander heard the dinosaur tussling with the now fearful demon as the two rolled around on the ground, Tank had a disadvantage though, he was missing one arm. Tank let out a gargled cry as his neck was torn out and fell still. “One of the earliest carnivores, we now know Dilophosaurus is poisonous, blinding its prey. Blah, blah, blah.” Xander slammed the door to the shed shut and moved to sit down at the table. He decided he’d give himself a moment to rest before going back outside to check if the boat was seaworthy, and the Dilo was long gone.

Closing his eyes Xander lost all sense of the outside world and drifted off to sleep.

As Xander slept the remainder of Sunday night away, the other Survivors of the park dealt with even more surprises and unexpected developments. Dr. Sorkin, being obsessed with preserving the dinosaurs at all cost tried to force the issue with the Board over the phone, demanding that they cancel the air strike intended to wipe out the island.

When her plan failed she released her special project, a fully grown, cloned, Tylosaurus. In doing so she ultimately met a gruesome fate, as the prehistoric fish beast devoured her whole.

Nima’s plans and dealings with Billy Yoder, Ingen’s Merc, resulted in a falling out between the two. He tried to kill them all by drowning them under the northern lagoon, while he took off to catch the boat and use it to escape with Nedry’s stolen embryos. Which he’d been keeping safe ever since Nima was forced to reveal her true motives for being on the island.

Trapped in the marine exhibit facility the trio of survivors was forced into a daring underwater escape, narrowly avoiding Sorkin’s fate. Jess Harding had some experience with diving, one of many coincidental things which had allowed her to contribute in the long trek to survive the island and its inhabitants.

These events took some time, time enough to allow Billy Yoder to reach the docks only to discover no one on the boat. He would have taken off then and there, but Jess was a bit of a pickpocket, she’d grabbed the embryos from him while he wasn’t paying attention and without them he wouldn’t get the big payoff he’d wanted. So he waited and tried to figure out what he should do, considering that the access to the marine exhibit had been depressurized when it was blown to hell he couldn’t go back down to get it.

As dawn began once again on Isla Nublar Yoder discovered the escaped trio as they surfaced in a nearby cavern by the docks. Sneaking out of site he waited for his prey to reach the area intent on claiming his prize.

Xander was awoken by a girl’s voice screaming and the roar of the Tyrannosaur. Groggily he leapt from the chair in front of the table and rushed for the door without thinking, someone was in danger, a girl was in danger. And he was always rushing to go save someone from danger, by now it was second nature to him.

The Tyrannosaur was standing near the walkway its face inches from a girl who was dangling off one of the guardrails which had been damaged somehow. If Xander had to guess it was probably the same guardrail that had been supporting the Pteranodon yesterday, too much weight must have damaged it enough to break with the Rex here shaking things up with its bulk.

Nima stood near the entrance to the stairs coming up debating on what she should do, her gaze drifting down briefly to something on the ground Xander couldn’t see.

“Hey! Over here!” Doctor Harding cried out trying to lure the Rex away from the girl, who had to be his daughter.

“Boy what a wake up call,” Xander muttered. Turning to once again eye the contents of the shed he knew there wouldn’t be anything useful there anymore. But he couldn’t stop himself from looking.

“Nima! Help me,” the girl pleaded.

At last Nima made her decision, rushing over to the girl she hauled her over the side and up on to the relative safety of the walkway.

“Jess! Nima! Get to the boat!” Harding shouted as the Rex bellowed and started giving chase.

“Is there another way down from here?” Nima asked as she and the girl approached Xander’s location.

Xander tried to think. “The crane!” He turned and rushed down to where the loading crane sat, scrambling into the cabin he quickly fished around in his pocket.

“Do you have the keys?” the girl asked.

“Thank you!” Xander cheered as he fished out the keys, which for some reason he hadn’t thought to get rid of even after all this time. He’d pocketed them after the fall at some point and had forgotten clean about them. Sticking them in the ignition he twisted and heard the rumbling of the crane coming to life.

“But won’t that attract the Rex?” Nima asked.

Xander sighed. “I don’t know, I don’t care. I’ll shut it off once I get the crane arm over the boat so we can scramble down the cable and get the damn thing started!” Gripping the stick-shift he pulled hard and glanced over to where the crane was.

It started to rotate slowly and with loud grinding noises. Xander pulled several times on the stick, but all he got for his troubles were more grinding noises. The crane would only move out enough to hang over the docks not directly over the boat.

“I think that’s as good as its going to get,” Nima said.

“Then what are you standing around here for! Climb, climb!” Xander shouted switching off the crane to cut the noise and yanking the keys out of habit.

“How?” the girl asked.

Xander rolled his eyes. “Oh come on! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out, like this!” So saying Xander leapt over the guardrail nearest the crane and snatched the line in midair, wrapping one leg around the line he started sliding down as fast as was possible without giving himself rope burn. When he was far enough down he let go and landed feet first on the docks, running for the ship he vaulted over the side and landed hard on the deck.

Stumbling slightly he made his way to the bridge to make sure the Pteranodons didn’t damage any of the steering mechanisms. Or that Tank hadn’t pulled something last night before he got there.

“Start the boat!” Nima said. The deck rocked slightly as she and Jess also landed onboard.

“I’ve got it!” Jess said rushing over to the motor.

“Is everything alright?” Nima asked joining Xander up near the bridge.

Xander nodded. “Nothing’s worse for wear.” He grinned and gunned the throttle as he took the seat. “We. Are. Out-a-here!”

“But my dad!” Jess reminded.

“Go, Go!” Doctor Harding was running the length of the dock being chased by the Rex.

Xander wanted to pull out from alongside the dock, but that wouldn’t be very practical. “Come on.” He watched steadily as Harding charged down the dock with the Rex hot on his heels, snapping and turning this way and that. “How the hell is he doing that?”

“Don’t know, don’t care,” Nima said.

“Daddy!” Jess urged her father on.

Doctor Harding reached the end of the dock and leapt for all he was worth just as the boat pulled away, managing to land on the deck with a roll he was breathing hard.

Jess rushed to envelope her father in a strong embrace.

Xander gunned the throttle and pushed the boat into a faster gear. “Now leaving Jurassic Park, please keep your hands and arms in the ride at all times and recommend us to all your friends. Our living attractions are so astounding you’ll be amazed, bring the friends and family and for the love of God somebody stop me already!”

“You are one weird kid,” Nima stated shooting him a curious look.

Xander sighed. “I fell asleep during the tour yesterday, my subconscious must have absorbed a lot of shit.”

“What now?” Doctor Harding asked as he and his daughter joined them up front. “Will you be turning on us too?”


Nima looked ashamed.

Xander slowly realized what they meant. “Ohhhh, uh, guess you found out what she was up to then huh?”

Harding nodded.

“Are you a mercenary too?” Jess asked suspiciously.

Xander laughed and slowly calmed down enough to get comfortable driving the boat. “Me, a merc? That’ll be the day. Nima’s contacts for that illicit deal she was hoping to cash in on got eaten, remember? I told you I was the only survivor, figured it was better to save all the arguing and revealing of secrets once we got away from the dinner table. So to speak. They just kind of dragged me along for the ride as part of some stupid cover story idea, young, attractive male with two surly looking older characters of questionable morality. Could pull off making it seem like a family thing.” Xander sighed in relief.

“Then you’re not one of the people I was supposed to bring the Embryos to?” Nima wondered confused.

“Embryos?” Xander glanced in surprise at the older woman. “Like as the stuff babies are made from? You were stealing Embryos? Man no wonder everyone was so uptight about getting us here so fast, you could literally make a fortune with cloned dinosaurs.”

“Guess I’ll take that as a no.” Harding chuckled as he settled down himself.

Xander eyed him briefly. “Doc, how’d you outrun the Rex?”

Harding looked embarrassed. “Well, I was the chief veterinarian for the park. Had to keep my stamina up just incase the tranquilizers didn’t take, plus it wasn’t like there was enough space for it to reach top speeds on that little bit of dock.”

“Fair enough.”

“All this way, all this trouble and my daughter is still going to face the worst because I failed. No Embryos. No money. How will I get my little one back?” Nima asked rhetorically.

Harding shot the woman a determined look. “We’ll do everything we can to help you out, Nima, I promise.”

“Uh, guys!” Jess called out from the rear deck.

Turning, Nima and Doctor Harding saw her opening a small storage area on the deck, pulling out a large non-descript bag she held it open for them to see.

“They actually brought the money with them?” Gerry blurted in shock.

Xander frowned slightly. “Huh? Oh so that’s what that was, I kind of wondered what was so important they’d stash it there.” Smirking slightly he turned to Nima. “Well! Seein’ as the previous owners are dead, I’d say you deserve every penny of that.”

“But that’s stealing!” Gerry protested.

“There has to be over a million dollars in here,” Jess added as she fingered some of the bills.

“Jess, don’t even think of taking any of that.” Gerry shot his daughter a knowing look.

“Oh come on, dad! I’m not that stupid, this is for Nima.” Jess smiled and passed the bag to the mercenary.

“I don’t…” Nima trailed off unsure of what to do.

Xander let out a sigh. “Look, the woman who owed you that. She wasn’t a very nice person, trust me, it’s better to let someone who really needs it have it than just giving it to the Costa Rican authorities. But you can debate that all you want on our trip back to civilization. Right now, I just have to ask one thing.”

The trio of survivors turned to Xander each with an inquisitive look on their faces.

“Which way do I steer this thing to get to the nearest McDonalds?” he asked.

The group broke out laughing at the ordinary request and Doctor Harding took over steering with a promise that they’d reach the mainland in relatively quick time.

While the Hardings got to bonding Xander pulled Nima aside. “There is one thing I would also like to ask of you, since you’re the one taking the cash. Could you help a fellow ‘merc’ out?”

“What? Why?” Nima questioned suspiciously.

“Um… Would you believe I lost my passport?”

Nima’s eyes shone with mirth. “Si. I will help you out of my country if you make me a promise in return.”

“What kind of promise?”

“It is simple, I would just like to know how you got involved and perhaps why there is demon blood all over this deck.” Nima shot Xander a knowing look.

Xander really shouldn’t have been surprised, but he was just a bit. Still he laughed at the simple request and took a seat next to the Merc. “Sure that’s no problem. Just sit right back and I’ll tell you a tale, a tale of a daring trip, that started in this little burg way over on the East Coast…”

The End (?)

Author's Post-Note:
Surprised at the number of people who did not develop a dark desire to see the worst possible ending being the one in canon. I was debating on whether or not I should add an epilogue to this, but I think I'll save that little bit of fun for after the alternate endings. (Which do not repeat the vast majority of this chapter for obvious reasons.)

Fact #1: At no point in the previous chapters did I ever bring up the keys again, or mention Xander getting rid of them.

Fact #2: Tank's first 'death' really was just that, meant to be his end. But as I wrote this chapter I realized, all we ever saw was his arm, and Xander is, if nothing, one to get involved in a lot of different conflicts. So I brought him back for a bit of a fistfight that Xander could be involved with. (Similar to how Episode Four in the game features a final knock-down, drag-out fight between Nima and Billy.)

Fact #3: I chose not to rehash any scenarios from the game or spoil anything that happens, its all pretty much glossed over. I recommend playing it if you're a big JP fan, even if you just rent it from somewhere. Because the game is fairly short. Or you can just watch other's play it on Youtube and see all there is to see there.

Expect the alt endings by Sunday at the latest. I want to have both of them done before I start posting them, along with that epilogue I promised.
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