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The Lost Scooby

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Summary: Adventure and Excitement go hand in hand for our favorite resident of Sunnydale. Luck true to form, Xander has just gotten into another world of trouble.

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Movies > Jurassic ParkSithicusFR15720,88424011,80117 Aug 1230 Aug 12Yes

Bonus Ending One: Nima's Sticky End

Xander was awoken by a girl’s voice screaming and the roar of the Tyrannosaur. Groggily he leapt from the chair in front of the table and rushed for the door without thinking, someone was in danger, a girl was in danger. And he was always rushing to go save someone from danger, by now it was second nature to him.

The Tyrannosaur was standing near the walkway its face inches from a girl who was dangling off one of the guardrails which had been damaged somehow. If Xander had to guess it was probably the same guardrail that had been supporting the Pteranodon yesterday, too much weight must have damaged it enough to break with the Rex here shaking things up with its bulk.

Nima stood near the entrance to the stairs coming up debating on what she should do, her gaze drifting down briefly to something on the ground Xander couldn’t see.

“Hey! Over here!” Doctor Harding cried out trying to lure the Rex away from the girl, who had to be his daughter.

“Boy what a wake up call,” Xander muttered. Turning to once again eye the contents of the shed he knew there wouldn’t be anything useful there anymore. But he couldn’t stop himself from looking.

“Nima! Help me,” the girl pleaded.

At last Nima made her decision, turning she raced back down the stairs and ran towards something on the ground. Xander stared in stunned silence, what could possibly be that important that she would abandon the girl?

“Nima!” Jess cried out.

The Rex bellowed.

Nima screamed.

Xander heard the distinctive sound of bones crunching and he averted his eyes, the woman hadn’t deserved that fate even if she was a mercenary.

“Jess! Get to the boat!” Doctor Harding shouted from below.

The Rex roared and turned around.

Scrambling up the loose guardrail Jess Harding managed to reach the walkway. With the Rex busy chasing after Doc Harding, she and Xander managed to get back down the stairs unnoticed and rush to the boat.

“This is bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad! Ok!” Xander hopped over the rail and rushed to the bridge. “Everything seems to be alright.”

“Start the boat!” Gerry cried as he stood perched on one of the transport crates. The Rex had cornered him and he was leaping and dodging as he rushed to get to the dock.

“I’ve got it, I’ve got it.” Jess pulled the starter cord, but nothing happened. “Come on.” She pulled it again, the motor roared to life and she leapt back with a smile. “Yes!”

“We have lift off.” Xander couldn’t think of anything wittier to say, so he pushed the throttle forward to speed up. Keeping his eyes on the horizon he missed Doctor Harding’s mad dash from the Rex down the length of the dock.

The boat rocked slightly. “Daddy!” Jess rushed to hug her father. “Nima!” she cried bursting into fresh tears.

“I know, sweetheart,” Gerry tried to calm her down.

Xander let out a sigh. “I couldn’t save her.” Shaking his head he adopted a smile and turned to the Hardings. “Thank you for choosing Xander’s Tours for all your boating needs, can I interest you in one get the hell out of dodge trip, free of charge?”

Gerry’s gaze narrowed and he adopted a hard expression. “You’d actually charge us for saving our lives?” he demanded.

“Whoa! Ok, bad time for humor. Sorry, it’s a defense mechanism when I’m faced with life or death situations.” Xander’s tone of apology was genuine and he relaxed a little when Gerry calmed down. “Seriously though, where am I taking this barge?”

“We have to help Atlanta!” Jess proclaimed.

“Who?” Xander shot the fourteen year old a confused look.

“It was the reason why Nima agreed to steal those Dinosaur Embryos for you!” Gerry spat. “Her daughter is living in the slums, and is almost of age, Nima was afraid one of the drug cartels might kidnap her off the street, or worse. She gave her life to do everything in her power to get her away from there. We’re going to find her, somehow, and you’re going to help.” Gerry shot Xander a disappointed look.

Xander stopped the boat and spun to shoot the man a glare. “Listen, I was never part of this! So don’t go taking it out on me. The bitch Nima was supposed to meet kidnapped me after I got carjacked and lost all of my possessions, if it hadn’t been for our little trip to Eat-Me-I’m-Dinner Park I’d probably be worse off. She had a thing for younger men.” Xander shuddered briefly. “So don’t take that kind of attitude with me, Mister Harding, I have had the worst possible three days you can imagine and I am not going to stand for being anyone else’s butt monkey.”

Jess stared at Xander in awe.

Gerry at least looked sheepish. “Sorry, I… I didn’t know.”

Xander broke into another smile and started the boat moving again. “Hey, no harm done. Besides all you had to do was ask, I’m all for helping young girls escape certain servitude to drug cartels. It’s all good with me, but you know, finding one young girl in the middle of Costa Rica isn’t going to be easy.”

Jess frowned. “He has a point, dad. We don’t even know what she looks like.” Dejectedly Jess sat down beside her father.

Gerry silently agreed as he began to think.

Xander’s eyes gleamed with the light of an idea. “Well… If you can get me to a phone and help me get back into America without a passport I might have an idea on how we can honor Nima’s sacrifice.”

“Really?” Jess asked eagerly. “How?”

“I know somebody with enough clout that he might be able to help us locate this girl, he’s no John Hammond, but he does belong to a prestigious organization who has years of experience handling searches for young girls.”

“Who is this person? And what will it cost us to ask his help?” Gerry wondered skeptically.

Xander laughed. “Won’t cost us a dime, he’s good people. His name is Rupert Giles and he belongs to a… A special branch of her majesties’ government.” Deliberately being vague about Giles’ connection to the Watcher’s Council Xander shot the Hardings a large grin.

Harding laughed. “I think I’m going to need to meet this Mister Giles.”

Jess shared her father’s amusement. “Does that mean you’re also a mercenary? Because that would be so cool.”

Xander shook his head. “Nope, just in the right place at the wrong time is all. So, will you help me if we can help you?”

Gerry nodded. “I’ll speak to Hammond, I’m certain he can convince the US Embassy to help you out. Provided you’ve been telling the truth about what happened to you.”

Xander let out a relieved sigh. “That’s not a problem. So… Uh, which way takes us back to the mainland anyway?”

Chuckling Gerry took over navigating and soon they were well on their way to Costa Rica, and to help brighten a little girl’s future. Before they reached port of course they stumbled across the one point five million Rowena had stashed on the boat to pay the mercs with. But that was something for another tale.

Nima made the wrong choice and you failed to get her off the island, but you helped Atlanta. You get the bad ending. Press A to Try Again.

The End
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