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The Lost Scooby

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Summary: Adventure and Excitement go hand in hand for our favorite resident of Sunnydale. Luck true to form, Xander has just gotten into another world of trouble.

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Bonus Ending Two: A Bad End All Around

Jess sat, her arms wrapped around her knees, as she continued to mourn the loss of her father. It had happened so suddenly, so terribly, she’d had the chance to reconnect with him and perhaps start a new relationship with him in spite of her mother’s opinion of him.

And now it was all so cruelly ripped away from her by the crushing jaws of a creature that had been extinct for millions of years. Tears fell down her cheeks as she thought back over all the events of the past few days, everyone had died, everyone. It was impossible for her to just forget that or move on with her life, not and be happy.

She met a seemingly harmless woman, who in the end chose to save some meaningless little shaving cream can and wound up dieing. She met the cool and inspiring Doctor Sorkin, only for her to turn on them all and get eaten by a giant aquatic predator that had somehow been cloned. Her father would probably still like to know how they managed that.

Even the kind of handsome and pretty boy mercenary Billy Yoder turned out to be a real creep. Everyone she’d encountered that weekend and experienced a lot of harshness with betrayed and tried to leave her for dead. In some way. Now she was alone on a boat with another stranger, and the worst thing was Jess didn’t know if she could trust him. But he was all she had. At least he’d left her to her grieving, but now was the time to try and work this last bit of trouble into her favor. She was not going back to her mother, not now, no way in hell. But maybe Sarah could help her, like getting emancipated or something. All she had to do was reach the mainland and phone her step-sister, she would want to know about their father’s fate anyway.

“How you holding up?” the older teen asked.

“I’ve been better. Listen, if you’re going to turn on me can we at least get it over with?”

The guy frowned. “Turn on you? Why would I do something stupid like that?”

Jess shook her head. “I don’t know! Everyone else has this weekend.”

“Ouch, guess the people involved weren’t really doing their all to… Ah… Well make you feel like they could be trusted.”

“Yeah, well. Get it over with, try to kill me, or rape me, or whatever it is you’re going to do.” Jess stood determined to face her fate. And if what she hoped were true, then she could begin negotiating with the slightly older mercenary.

Xander shook his head in turn a disgusted look on his face. “Sorry, I don’t intend to murder anyone. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and now… Now I’m in enough trouble as it is with my kind of luck. I’m not about to add murder or that other thing on the number of problems that could lead me to a very messy end.”

Jess let out a relieved sigh. “In that case could you at least kidnap me, or pretend to at any rate? I really don’t want to have to go back to my mom right now, and my step-sister will want to hear about what happened to dad. She’s studying abroad right now, if we can re-supply at the mainland maybe you could just take me to her on your boat,” she suggested.

Xander frowned. “My boat? Well I suppose the law of salvage and all that works out, especially when the previous owner got eaten and put me through hell anyway. Still, I don’t know, your mom would start looking for you. And the Ingen people are bound to be watching the docks for any sign of the survivors they expected to be coming back… Someone needs to let them know to tell the other peoples’ families about what happened back there.”

Jess rushed up to Xander and spun him to face her. “Please!” she pleaded. “I’m desperate. My mom so doesn’t get me at all, she’s… A total witch, you’ve got to take me to Sarah. She’ll know what to do, I mean, I still love my mom and all, but she… Just doesn’t get me.”

Xander groaned, this was the part he hated, the part where he was forced to do one of two things. Let this slip of a girl walk all over him and get him to do what she asked, or deny her and then be hit with the silent treatment from here all the way back to the mainland. He’d go stark raving mad if he had to endure that. Xander was a whipped man when it came to caving in on female personages’ demands.

“We so got to help out Nima’s daughter too. It’s what my dad would have wanted.”

“Uh oh,” Xander muttered under his breath. “She’s got you by the short hairs, damn it.” Turning to shoot her a questioning look he couldn’t help thinking she’d be a real knock out once she hit the full blown teenage years. “She had a kid?”

Jess nodded. “Nima has a daughter… Had a daughter, named Atlanta. We can’t leave her for the creeps in Costa Rica to do anything they want with her, I don’t even know if her father is still around to take care of her. She could wind up worse off than me if I went back home to mom.”

Xander grit his teeth. “Alright! I know I’m going to regret this later, but for right now I can guarantee that we’ll at least help out this Atlanta kid. If nothing else than for Nima’s sake, I’m not sure how yet. After that though… After that I can’t promise anything, because I’m not sure what our reception is going to be like when we get back to the mainland.”

Jess sighed, but smiled and wrapped Xander in a partial hug. “Thanks a lot, it’s better than nothing. So… How’d you get involved in all this?”

Atlanta Cruz stood silently on the deck of a ship docked at one of the smaller ports of her country. During the night she’d received a very strange visitor, her hostess for the rest of the evening who’d talked funny and played games with her while she worried and waited for her mother.

The nice lady told her that everything would be alright. She’d even let her hold one of her dolls as she waited anxiously to hear from her mother. Who had promised to return by Sunday.

She’d emerged from below at the rising of the sun and now kept silent vigil for any sign.

Drusilla sat below decks, hiding away from the nasty sunlight and held a deck of tarot cards in one hand. Smiling she placed the first of the cards down and giggled quite madly. “We’re going to have a nice big family again, Miss Edith. A nice big family, with my special kitten and his new pretties. Of course we must punish our Kitten for not listening to our warning, Miss Edith, mustn’t we? Yes, we shall punish him by taking away his sparkly. I’m thirsty.” Drusilla carefully placed the deck down to return to it later as she slowly rose from the bed and went over to the former owner of the boat she’d taken.

She held the man’s gaze with her own, he was already under her thrall, he was also still alive. She hadn’t wanted to feast on the little girl, she was a present after all for her kitten who would soon be arriving. And then they could all play a special little game for the rest of the summer, it would be so much fun.

Her face morphing, her fangs enlarging, Drusilla bit into the vein of the former owner and started to drink. Yes, what fun they would have.

Death Tolls 5, Drusilla is in Costa Rica and Xander’s in big trouble. Jess Harding and Nima’s daughter Atlanta are also in for a rude awakening, Press A to Try Again… Or Continue and see what strangeness awaits by pressing X.

Author Post-Note:
I'm half debating continuing this bad ending along with the good ending, although multiple sequels can be confusing. Anyway, this concludes the Bonus Endings, stay tuned for the epilogue.
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