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The Lost Scooby

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Summary: Adventure and Excitement go hand in hand for our favorite resident of Sunnydale. Luck true to form, Xander has just gotten into another world of trouble.

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Episode Five: Jurassic Epilogue

Biosyn Headquarters, U.S.A.

It had cost them a lot of money, bribery and many other tricks to convince both the US and Costa Rican Militaries not to destroy Isla Nublar as Ingen had instructed. A lot of grease had switched hands. Millions of dollars had been spent and invested in this one project.

Lewis Dodgson had almost lost his job over what happened when the mercenaries he’d hired made off with the money and failed to deliver the embryos. Considering all of the information which had been gathered, or dug up, surrounding the incident at the park. Well it wasn’t a complete loss.

Dodgson stood before the current head of Biosyn with a nervous expression. The man was known for his ruthless business practices, but Biosyn’s CEO was much worse, some jokingly said he had shark DNA in his genetic background. If Lewis Dodgson was ruthless and amoral than his boss was more akin to Machiavellian levels of evil.

“Ingen must be eliminated!” The man was standing with his back turned staring out at the night sky.

Dodgson frowned slightly at this comment. Ingen was already on the verge of chapter eleven, ever since the incident on the island roughly three weeks ago.

“I will have control of Jurassic Park.” The CEO paced from the window to behind his desk and turned to stare at Dodgson. “As we speak, my men are on their way. Have your scientists ready to go immediately.”

Dodgson eyed his boss nervously. “Your… Um, your men, sir?” he repeated.

The CEO smirked. “Yes, Dodgson, my men. And they will be far better suited for the task of capturing the island’s inhabitants compared to your fallacy of a plan. Why steal embryos from the creatures of the island? When you can have, living, breathing specimens instead.”

Dodgson frowned. “But how can we be certain to trust these men?” he wondered.

The CEO broke into a wide, sinister grin. “They come highly recommended; our law firm assured me that they would work out better than your pitiful little group. Trusting Nedry was a mistake. Now do as I say, Dodgson, and this time we will be the ones with the most breathtaking attractions the world has ever seen. We will be as kings.”

Approaching Isla Nublar a small contingent of military helicopters prepared to drop off their cargo. Biosyn had hired the best of the best, mercenaries who were on retainer to a prestigious L.A law firm. They had been approached to handle the messy job of containment and preparation for study of the animals on the island, it would take at least five weeks to set up the infrastructure necessary to deal with this problem.

They were loaded for bear too, or in this case, T-Rex. Already reports had come in that some of the species were breeding, who knows how many of them were alive on the island. They had to be ready for anything, especially with such dangerous animals as the Troodon running around.

Biosyn was unwilling to take any chances, the Troodon were to be found and eliminated at all costs.

The little green light started blinking, the Merc in charge nodded when he noticed it. “Prepare for drop!”

Each of the helicopters pulled up over the jungle and one by one opened up the cargo doors.


Parachutes already ready for a quick low altitude drop the mercs emerged from the helicopters one by one. A large Huey also flew over to drop off the needed supplies. Just as rapidly as they arrived over the island’s air space the helicopters turned and flew away before any of the Pteranodons could move to attack them.

The glint off a pair of binoculars could be seen from the high peaks, if one were looking for it. Standing crouched nearby was a man with a thick head of dark brown hear wearing a Slouch Hat in dark gray coloring, along with thick dark black and silver upper body armor.

Turning he broke into a big grin. “Well boys, looks like Hammond was right. They sent in the heavy hitters this time to make off with our dinos.”

The muscled man wearing the open vest Ingen shirt with the name tag on his breast and the backwards baseball styled Jurassic Park logo cap broke into a broad grin. “Guess we owe that nephew of mine for relaying that funny message from his English sweetheart then, hey Jackson?”

“Oh shut up, Harrison.”

The man with the binoculars smirked. “Enough with the jokes, the Biosyn team of Mercs is in for a rude awakening. Or my name isn’t Sgt. Tyrone ‘T-Rex’ Turner. Let’s go, boys, we’ve got an island populace to help protect.” So saying Sgt. Turner, though he really wasn’t part of any military organization currently, hefted his small compound bow and the specially made arrows in their quiver, slipping it over his left shoulder. And started off into the jungle.

Alexander ‘Harpoon’ Harrison, brother to Jessica Harrison, now Jessica Harris, hefted his large namesake weapon and joined his boss as they climbed down from the hill. “We’ve been set up for a week waiting for these bozos to show, already took care of those nasty little buggers for Hammond. Think he’ll pay us double if we get his park up and running again?”

Leonard ‘Jaws’ Jackson shook his head. “You haven’t been right, mate, since that Halloween incident.

Harrison smirked. “Remind me to introduce you to my nephew, Jackson, we Harrisons are survivors, mate.”

“Your nephew is a Harris, not a Harrison,” Jackson argued.

Alex shook his head. “Nah, mate, trust me. He might have been born a Harris, he might even suffer a bit of their cursed luck when it comes to women, but my nephew. He’s a survivor, or didn’t I tell you about him bein’ on this island during the park incident? Helped Harding get his daughter out of here, along with that local chick who turned us down about coming back here.”

“That’s enough you two.” Turner turned to his men and shot them both a withering glare. “We’ve got a job to finish for ‘ol Hammond.”

“Right, sorry, boss.” Harrison shut up and smirked as he continued trekking back down the mountain.

Jackson shook his head and resumed walking alongside his buddy. “Your nephew really survive this place?” he whispered.

Harrison nodded. “Guess that’s why Jess named him after me, she saw what I always knew he had in him when he was born. Let me tell you, Jackson, that kid o’ mine. He’s going to be a right bit of work one of these days.”

Jackson sighed and decided to ignore his buddy. Instead he simply shouldered past him and moved onwards intending to prepare a little welcome wagon for Biosyn’s ‘band of brothers’. Attached via a large harness on his back was an equally large industrial sized ‘bear’ trap, used for hunting mostly in Africa by poachers. Jackson had turned it into a useful tool, and he didn’t intend to kill any endangered animals by using it. Just the extinct ones.

To Be Continued in Jurassic Park, Part II: The Chaos Continues, coming soon to a Super Nintendo Entertainment System near you.

Author’s Info: Jurassic Park, Part II was a sequel for the original Jurassic Park video game produced by Ocean, unlike the game from Telltale it is a straight up shoot’em up involving two main protagonists against the hoard of dinos and Biosyn mercs/militia overrunning the island.

Alan Grant and some nameless guy of African descent. I decided to pay homage to it in this epilogue by hinting at the fact that Biosyn will now be overrunning Isla Nublar, and it wasn’t destroyed by carpet bombing as Yoder said it would be during the events of Jurassic Park the Game.

However I altered it somewhat to include different protagonists. The band of mercenaries, Sgt. T-Rex Turner, Harpoon Harrison and Jaws Jackson are the Dino Trackers, a group of characters introduced in Series 2 of the Kenner Brand Jurassic Park Toyline. I’ve always had a soft spot for them, figured they could use a bit more fleshing out and back-story. (As far as I know they never had true first names, in movie toyline fashion they just exist as extra means to earn cash for the company.)

This Epilogue hints at the possibility of a sequel, I may revisit the idea using this as a basis. Not sure if any Buffy characters would actually appear in the story though, as I find it hard to believe that Xander would return to Isla Nublar just because his Maternal Uncle is running around with his team of Mercs.

Yes, Biosyn is a client of Wolfram & Hart, one of the ordinary human ones without any demonic knowledge or activity. (They had to get capital from somewhere besides demons to maintain such a prestigious law firm, or evil politicians. LOL)

I hope you’ve enjoyed the story. Feel free to continue it on your own if you would like, and if you think I should go ahead with the sequel perhaps you’d have suggestions for including a Buffy character that is not part of the Scoobies or main supporting cast. If it isn’t too out of character or out of continuity to involve them.

Additional Author-Note: This epilogue could potentially take place after any of the bonus endings as well as the main ending, although dialogue would be slightly altered. Just a note though, I wrote this originally before doing the other endings, so the reference to Dru and Xander do not necessarily indicate a following on from the previous chapter. Enjoy folks, we're done here.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Lost Scooby". This story is complete.

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